Bryan Fischer
If you want to murder somebody in America, be sure to convert to Islam first
By Bryan Fischer
February 21, 2010

Political correctness is now so out of control in America that the one sure way to beat the death penalty for cold-blooded murder is to convert to Islam.

Faleh al-Maleki ran over his own daughter with the family car in Arizona last fall, in a brutal "honor killing." His daughter had become "too Westernized," and in the Religion of Peace this is a capital offense all over the world.

The public defender pressured the prosecutor's office to abandon pursuit of the death penalty for this heinous crime just to make sure "that there is no appearance that a Christian is seeking to execute a Muslim for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs."

The prosecutor's office meekly complied.

Bizarrely, this means that, in a Christian nation, those who are infidels according to the Koran can face the ultimate penalty for their crimes but followers of Mohammed won't.

To make matters even worse, prosecutors say he has confessed to the crime. (He still faces life in prison, and, showing their boldness and courage, prosecutors still plan to go after him for leaving the scene of an accident. That'll show him!)

You'll note here that the defense attorney first says we must keep religion out of this trial, and then turns right around and says his client's religion should be the determining factor in punishment.

This special protected legal status for those of the Muslim faith is not only blatant Christo-phobia and anti-Christian bigotry, it is an offense against the foundational principle of American jurisprudence that we are all equal under the law.

In Arizona, at least, we are not equal under the law. Muslims are now more equal than Christians, and have special legal protections afforded to them now that don't apply to the poor saps who didn't convert to Islam before deciding to satisfy their blood-lust by committing a primitive, tribal, savage and thoroughly non-Western crime.

So, Dads, here's the takeaway: If you want to run your daughter down with the family car, or cut her head off, or bury her alive, or stone her to death, or just shoot her to get it over with, don't forget to pray to Mecca first. In America, Allah will protect you from the ultimate penalty.

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