Bryan Fischer
Religion of peace: Libya celebrates anniversary of Lockerbie bomber's release
By Bryan Fischer
August 21, 2010

August 21 was the first anniversary of the release of the Lockerbie bomber's return to Libya. This is the man responsible for the deaths of 270 innocent civilians, almost 200 of them Americans.

He was released on compassionate grounds, as we were assured — by politicians, mind you, not true medical experts — that he had just months to live. Well, here we are a year later, and he's pumping right along as Libya's newest and brightest national hero.

Never, ever forget the tumultuous welcome he received when he deplaned in Tripoli. Gaddafi's son personally escorted him down the steps leading to the tarmac, and thousands of the faithful followers of the religion of peace gave this mass murderer their version of a wild ticker tape parade.

That's all you need to know about the true nature of Islam. Don't fall for the line that only a small percentage of Muslims hunger for the death of the infidels. An entire nation of Muslims publicly exulted in this wanton carnage and has enshrined its perpretrator in the Libyan Hall of Fame.

Can you imagine a Charles Manson, or a John Wayne Gacy, or a Jeffrey Dahmer serving as a parade grand marshal in a Christian nation like the U.S.? It is unthinkable to a bizarre extreme. Yet here is a man responsible for the cold-blooded murders of almost 300 men, women and children being welcomed by a Muslim nation as if he'd just won the World Cup. He now belongs for all time to the pantheon of Islamic heroes.

Now the U.K. had warned Libya not to make a big deal out of the one year anniversary — largely, in my mind, because this entire incident makes them look like utter dopes — and that's pretty much all we've heard in the American press.

But here's something I bet you're not going to read in any out-of-the-mainstream American outlet. This from the Telegraph in London:

The fact of the matter is that Megrahi, according to what we were told at the time, should not be alive, and certainly not the subject of the sickening spectacle that has been arranged today by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator's son and political heir. This will see 500 teenagers, flown in from around the world at vast expense, acting as guests of honour at a ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of Megrahi's return home from his Scottish prison cell.

"Saif al-Islam," by the way, means "Sword of Islam." Religion of peace, indeed.

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