Bryan Fischer
Reagan shows the way: no "government endorsement of homosexuality"
By Bryan Fischer
September 23, 2010

If the current crop of GOP leadership wants to pick up the mantle of Ronald Reagan, here is a simple way to do it: oppose every single attempt of the federal government to promote and legitimize homosexual behavior.

Said Ronaldus Magnus, "Society has always regarded marital love as a sacred expression of the bond between a man and a woman. It is the means by which families are created and society itself is extended into the future. ... We will resist the efforts of some to obtain government endorsement of homosexuality" (emphasis added).

If we apply Reagan's determined counsel to critical contemporary issues, complete clarity emerges regarding the position that Reagan Republicans ought to take:

  • Homosexuals in the military: Nope. Allowing open homosexuals to serve in the military — and running people out of the military who don't approve — is an extremely powerful "government endorsement of homosexuality."

  • Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA): Nope. Giving homosexuals special privileges and protections in the workplace, based exclusively on the kind of aberrant sex in which they indulge, is a powerful "government endorsement of homosexuality."

  • Same-sex marriage: Nope. For the government to declare that couplings based on deviant sexual expression are the moral and legal equivalent of heterosexual marriage is a powerful "government endorsement of homosexuality."

  • Hate crimes laws: Nope. Giving greater legal protections to certain victims of crime just because they practice unusual and unacceptable sexual behaviors is a powerful "government endorsement of homosexuality." Plus, this violates the classic American standard of full equality under the law. Under hate crimes laws, practitioners of unnatural sexual conduct are more equal than people who are sexually normal.

Ann Coulter's latest column — perhaps written to do some advance damage control as she gives her "goddess of gayness" speech to HomoCon 2010 on Saturday — makes the point that comparisons between Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan are inapt for the simple reason that Goldwater was not a cultural conservative — on either abortion or marriage — and Reagan was.

Goldwater lost in a landslide in 1964; Reagan won back-to-back landslide victories in 1980 and 1984. Ann's point is that cultural conservatism works every time it is tried, and is fatal to Republicans every time it's not.

Says Coulter:

Yes, the man who called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire," who wrote a book against abortion as a sitting president, and who said that our government's founding documents "speak of man being created, of a creator, that we are a nation under God" — that's the one Borger calls "the most secular president we've known in our lifetime."

By "most secular," I gather she means "most deeply religious."

Establishment Republicans are always telling Christian conservatives to put our issues aside because they're not popular — and then moderate Republicans go on to lose elections, while conservative Republicans win in landslides. (It's almost as if the voters couldn't care less who David Brooks thinks they should vote for!)

Bottom line: if there was ever an issue on which we needed Reagan Republicans, the homosexual agenda is it. And if there ever was a time when we needed Reagan Republicans, that time is now.

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