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By Bryan Fischer
February 17, 2011

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Twitter gives me on opportunity to comment on news on the fly. To give you a flavor, here are the Tweets I've sent since Tuesday. My Tweets will usually include a salient fact, often a link to a story where the fact can be substantiated, and a brief commentary about it's significance.

Money's worth? 14 of 15 biggest recipients of US aid voted against US more than 50% of the time at UN. #tcot

Wisconsin teachers shutting down schools to protest trim to ed budget. What happened to "It's all about the children?" #tcot

Heads of Germany, England, France all say, based on experience, multiculturalism is a dismal failure. What are we waiting for?

HHS budget alone bigger than LBJ's entire 1965 budget w/ war on poverty and Vietnam. Govt too big, ya think? #tcot

Leftists disturbed only 13% of Wikipedia contributors are female, want to know why. How about this? Men and women are different. #tcot

Another Marine to prison for killing Iraqi. When's the last time you heard soldiers praised for killing bad guys? #tcot

Panel writing new Egyptian constitution includes Muslim Brotherhood but no Christians or women. What could go wrong? #tcot

Wingers on left calling Lara Logan attack "horrific." It is by Christian standards, but not by Muslim standards. #tcot

No one should be surprised at sexual assault of Lara Logan by Muslim men: a woman and an infidel in a Muslim country. #tcot

Rich Lowry says Mitch Daniels not a "panderer." Wrong. He pandered shamelessly to the ruling class on social issues. #tcot

GOP message got to be: we've presented a plan. If Dems and Obama want to shut down govt it's all on them. Can GOP do it? #tcot

Q: Will Obama get out in front of Iranian protectors, cheer them on, or throw them under bus like 2009? Bet on the bus. #tcot

GOProud is out at CPAC! IF they want to put the "C" back in there, Ron Paul has to be the next to go. Otherwise: LPAC. #tcot

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