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If either Newt or Mitt wins, Ron Paul will give us four more years of Obama
By Bryan Fischer
December 15, 2011

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If the GOP wants four more years of Barack Obama, the best way to do it is for Newt or Mitt to win the nomination.

The reason is simple: in that scenario, Ron Paul's third party run would siphon enough votes from either Newt or Mitt to let Obama slide into the Oval Office with less than 50% of the percent, just as Bill Clinton did twice.

The only way this outcome can be averted is if a genuine conservative takes the GOP mantle — Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, or Rick Santorum. Given the failure of Bachmann and Santorum to gain any traction or raise any significant funds, the only realistic alternative is Perry. (Perry is out today with an effective ad tying both Romney and Gingrich to the individual mandate and hanging that albatross about both their necks.)

If Perry manages to win the nomination, Paul is still likely to run third party. But he will be a far less attractive alternative to frustrated conservatives if Perry is on the ballot.

No conservative thinks Romney represents them. If Romney wins the nomination, conservatives will desert him in droves, hold their noses, and vote for Paul.

As far as Newt is concerned, Paul has already produced two devastating ads exposing his "serial hypocrisy," and those ads will be particularly effective in a general campaign, appealing to conservatives who have had it up to here with business as usual in D.C.

As a consummate Washington insider, Newt will represent more of the same, as evidenced by that fact that he stuffed $2 million of Freddie Mac money in his wallet while the housing industry was imploding, and his think tank took $37 million from the health care industry to flack for the individual mandate, which he was defending as recently as this spring.

To paraphrase Michele Bachmann, Paul will campaign against "Newt Obama" or "Barack Gingrich" by tying them together at the hip. His whole campaign will be, "What's the difference?"

Not only will Paul have definite appeal to conservatives frustrated with the unconstitutional size of government, he will peel away Obama's support among twenty-somethings, who will love having a president in the White House who thinks government ought to leave them free to smoke pot and visit prostitutes as much as they want.

One other thing: why is the GOP letting Ron Paul continue to participate in the GOP debates? Donald Trump got forced out of his role as debate moderator because he's openly contemplating a third party run if the GOP doesn't nominate the "right candidate," whoever that is. Well, Ron Paul is saying exactly the same thing. This is just bizarre, that it's apparently okay with Republican poobahs to have potential renegades participate in their debates as long as they don't moderate them.

Bottom line: the path to the White House runs through Newt or Mitt. If either of them wins the nomination, say hello to a destructive third party bid from Ron Paul and four more years of Barack the Benevolent. Then you can say goodbye to America.

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