Eric Giunta
Todd Akin "rape" controversy: just so much leftist muddlement
By Eric Giunta
August 24, 2012

By now we've all heard the story: A candidate for major federal office has put his foot in his mouth, making a comment that exploited centuries of hateful prejudices against an historically oppressed class of citizens, and which made light of their sufferings.

Todd Akin? No, think Joe Biden: At a campaign stop in Danville, Va., the Vice-President told the crowd, "[Romney] said in the first 100 days [of his presidency], he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules," 'Unchain Wall Street!'" Biden told his audience. Then he pointed to the crowd and said, "They're gonna put y'all back in chains!"

Does Joe Biden hate black people? Probably not. Was his lame attempt at humor racially motivated? Hard to tell. Danville was the last capital of the Confederate States of America, but the city is pretty evenly split between whites and blacks, and it isn't clear whether his audience was predominantly black.

But if not malicious, Biden's remarks were certainly buffoonish and insensitive. But to this writer's knowledge, the only leftstream media outlet to offer any public criticism of the remarks was the Boston Globe, which went so far as to urge the Vice-President to make an apology. Naturally, none has been forthcoming.

And yet, barely a week later the same press that gave Biden a pass is in a fake uproar over comments by Rep. Todd Akin, Republican U.S. Senate nominee for the state of Missouri. Akin, we are told, believes some rapes are "legitimate," and that women who are raped can never get pregnant.

But that's not what Akin said at all.

Catch the rest of the story at Sunshine State News.

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