Dennis M. Howard
What's the most important economic issue in this election?
By Dennis M. Howard
November 11, 2015

Dear Friends:

The biggest and most important issue in the current presidential election cycle is the economic impact of 59 million abortions. However, the success of the politically correct left in preventing serious discussion of this topic is a major tragedy. Even prolifers don't talk much about it in spite of the fact that people vote more on economics than almost anything else.

I've been alone in writing about this for 20 years, and I estimate the loss in terms of cumulative GDP impact at $50 trillion and climbing. This year alone, the impact amounts to 18% of our total economy.

Not only that, but there is a generational "echo effect." Those 59 million aborted babies will never have children and grandchildren or their own. Abortion leaves a permanent hole in the economy. No wonder the founding fathers made such a point of "securing the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity."

There is a reason China just stopped its 1-child policy: it has already cost them 400 million people and if they do nothing else by 2050, their population will be down by 28% and they have no way of recovering from that.

History confirms how hard it is to recover from demographic disasters. it took Europe 250 years to recover from the Black Death in 1347 after losing 50 million people in a few short years. And it took still another 200 years to reach the industrial revolution.

I spent 15 years in journalism and another 25 years in marketing and the equation for success was always people x money. We're literally destroying our future, and yet few are willing to talk about it. I hope Fox Business has the courage to at least raise the question in tonight's debate.

Read my full-length article, "No Kids No Future" on the Movement for a Better America website at

You can help by forwarding this to your friends and by joining our campaign on Twitter, using the hashtags #nokidsnofuture and #GOPdebate, together with the link to my full length article on the MBSA website.

If we can't make this a public issue, the risk of ending up with still another pro-abortion president is extremely high.

Yours for life,

Dennis Howard

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Dennis M. Howard

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