Alan Keyes
I'm with Dobson -- donate to Todd Akin
By Alan Keyes
September 24, 2012

This week, Dr. James Dobson deplored the way the leadership of the GOP wing of the elitist faction is seeking to torpedo the campaign of Missouri's Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Todd Akin.

"I regret to say that Congressman Akin has been subjected to disgraceful treatment at the hands of the GOP political bosses," Dobson said. "They have withheld funds for his campaign, even though he won the GOP primary for the Senate seat. Karl Rove and Haley Barbour have said things about his character that are untrue. Their vicious opposition could get his Democratic opponent elected in his stead. That is curious since an Akin win could give the Senate majority to the Republicans."

Dobson went on to "implore Americans to give generously to the Akin campaign because he will get no help from the GOP establishment."

In an article I posted a month ago on my blog, I discussed "What really drives the GOP's anti-Akin lynch mob?" I observed in the article that the Romney/Ryan campaign's statement about the situation didn't focus on Akin's poor choice of words. Instead, it "focused on making it clear the Romney/Ryan team disagreed with Akin's position that the victimization of the mother by rape does not warrant the victimization of the child by abortion." After issuing the statement, Romney "added his voice to the chorus calling on Todd Akin to withdraw" from the U.S. Senate race.

Whatever it says in the GOP platform (which agrees with Akin on this point), the GOP's elitist-faction leaders are determined to make it plain that they mean to tag principled pro-life politicians like Todd Akin as "far right" extremists. To pander to those who push the oxymoronic notion of "abortion rights," they will purge from the GOP's leadership ranks anyone who adheres consistently to the doctrine of God-endowed unalienable rights (including first of all, the right to life) on which America's constitutional republic is founded.

Akin's support among voters appeared to waver in the first flush of the public's reaction to the elitist-faction media's anti-Akin propaganda blitz. The GOP's elitist-faction leadership could pretend that they sought to destroy his candidacy to preserve the GOP's chance to replace Democrat Claire McCaskill in the U.S. Senate. But Missouri's sincerely pro-life, conservative electorate has realized what is actually fueling the drive against Akin. Conservative grassroots voters are rallying around Akin. Even so, the GOP's elitist Politburo persists in the Stalinesque determination to starve and slander his campaign to death, even if that means surrendering the GOP's chances to win a majority in the U.S. Senate.

Do you believe that maintaining a strong, principled American conservative movement is vital to the survival of liberty? If so, you need to think through the implications of what the Romney/Ryan/Rove wing of the elitist faction want to do to Todd Akin. They are sending a simple message to everyone running for office, or who may think about doing so during the Romney era: No one who actually follows through on the GOP platform's lip-service to the principles of American liberty will be tolerated in the party's leadership ranks. Anyone who dares actually to represent grassroots voters committed to preserving God-endowed right will be hounded to political death, no matter what it costs in terms of the party's short-term political fortunes.

When it comes to supporting specious "conservatives" like Mitt Romney, the Romney/Karl Rove so-called Republicans pretend that nothing is more important than defeating the Democrats. But they would rather leave their Democrat elitist-faction fellow travelers in power than allow a principled "Platform Republican" to succeed.

Conservatives who are buying into the "lesser of evils" mantra to justify their support for a proven liberal/leftist/socialist like Romney need to think long and hard about the Todd Akin lesson. So do the self-professed Christian voters who are doing so. Their sacrifice of good conscience may or may not defeat Obama. But it guarantees, during what may be a decisive crisis for our liberty, the ascendancy of the socialist minded, elitist clique that aims to erase political leaders or campaigns that stand with true integrity for the moral premises of America's liberty.

For years, people like James Dobson have prayed for leaders with such integrity. At the end of my first meeting with him, in 1995, he looked at me, his eyes glistening with the spirit of his sincere conviction, as he said: "Alan, don't change, don't ever change." In the years since then, I have often thought of his words. During those years, I've experienced the steep cost of standing firmly and consistently for the things both of us then professed to believe. I have long labored in the gulag wilderness to which the elitist faction strives to consign anyone who works to assure that Americans never give up the key self-evident truth in America's Declaration of Independence — the one that acknowledges the authority of the Creator, God.

But behind the mask of undeserved credibility the "lesser of evils" approach creates for them, the elitist-faction leaders of the Romney/Rove GOP have for years used their power to undermine, discredit, starve, and drive into the political wilderness anyone who refuses to exchange America's God-acknowledging principles for a seat at their table of power. The blatant, open assault against Todd Akin simply lets the general public in on the stealthy purges of principled GOP activists that the party's arrogant elitist bosses have, for years, been orchestrating behind the scenes. Romney's success has emboldened its elitist-faction perpetrators. "Our time has come," they think, "the time when an open demonstration of our irresistible power will break, once and for all, the political will to stand with integrity for the God-acknowledging principles that still embolden people to stand in our way."

Do you want to prove them wrong? Then I would say do as James Dobson asks. Send whatever dollars you can, given the elitist faction's economic assault on our national income, to Todd Akin and others like him. Then give some thought to the "Platform Republican" approach to the 2012 election. With no more effort or expense than showing up at the polls, this voting strategy allows authentic, grassroots conservatives to send the world a message of our own (assuming of course that enough conservatives consider and adopt it in time).

Donate to Todd Akin for Senate.

Sign the petition demanding GOP candidate Mitt Romney 'dump' Karl Rove for the duration of the campaign.

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