Alan Keyes
The party of atrocity – alias 'Democratic Socialism'
Alan Keyes names Barack Obama as 'harbinger of this death of freedom'
By Alan Keyes
March 12, 2019

"The Democrat Party has apparently abandoned the modicum of respect for innocent, helpless, human life that led many Democrats in Congress to support the BAIPA [Born Alive Infant Protection Act] in 2002. Anti-life Democrat ideologues, prevalent among them now, have surrendered that shred of decency. Despite their loud denunciations of that surrender, GOP members of Congress and Trump administration officials will be suspect if they do not ask President Trump to end the long, bipartisan failure to see that the BAIPA is faithfully executed." ("U.S. law already protects infants who survive abortion")

I made the suggestion quoted above in an article I wrote before beginning work on this one. I thought it worthwhile to point out the equal protection of the laws that should already safeguard the lives of babies who survive an abortion. In light of that fact, politicians who pretend to care about these infant's fate can be held accountable for their failure to do or demand action that the Supreme Law of the Land already requires.

The BAIPA of 2002 passed both Houses of Congress by large majorities that included most of the Democrats. But only three Democrats voted to support the similarly intended bill defeated in the U.S. Senate last week. Apparently, the party of pre-natal abortion has decided to "hoist the Jolly Roger." They openly flaunt their intention to impose the death penalty on innocent newborn persons who have the effrontery to evade that unjust sentence. So, the party of abortion now confesses the truth many of us have always told: They are the party of infanticide as well.

Tragically, some of the people who profess to deplore what they point to as a shocking change may themselves be acting disingenuously. After all, when the Democrats chose Barack Obama as their nominee for president in 2008, they anointed a bold advocate of infanticide as their party's standard bearer. Everyone who supported or failed to oppose Obama had no excuse for not being aware of this fact.

Though I was not the first or only one to do so, as his opponent in the 2004 Illinois election for the U.S. Senate, I repeatedly pointed out Obama's shocking embrace of infanticide. Along with other dutiful proponents of the God-endowed, unalienable right to life, I also decried the travesty of the ungodly honor the University of Notre Dame bestowed upon him in 2009, falsely proclaiming him a "Doctor of Laws" despite his adamant rejection of the "laws of nature and of nature's God" in light of which the People of the United States first declared their existence as a free people, and entitled to govern themselves as such.

The Democratic Party abandoned the premises of America's self-government when they chose Obama as their standard bearer. It's now obvious that they never intend to look back at those premises again. Along with the flag of their allegiance to the atrocity of infant murder, they are elevating the profile of leaders dedicated to so-called democratic socialism. Though it pretends to avenge the downtrodden, in practice it elevates by force the prerogatives of an elitist few. They style themselves the "vanguard" of a workers' paradise – but it is a work that never matures beyond the cunning rhetoric that uses it to abuse the trust of people who hunger and thirst for a just state that never comes to pass.

What has come instead – in every case where socialists succeed in using arms or ruthless deceit to force their way into power – is a regime of atrocity. On that account, nothing is more empirically certain than that democratic socialists, once endowed with the totalitarian power they claim as the prerequisite of progress, have used that power to devour millions of souls, killing not just their bodies but their spiritual hearts and lives (as the great literary chronicler of their depredations, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, so well depicted in his scathing exposure of that great and decades-long crime against humanity – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

The Democratic Party's now proud and open profession of disregard for infant human persons illustrates the seed of atrocity planted at the heart of the socialist ideology. Its "dialectical materialism" was clad in the clothes of oppressed workers, only to hide the body of its specious "truth" – the worship of power – naked, arrogant, jealously licentious power.

All the democratic socialists are addicted to this species of power, as to a drug. It's why their worship centers on rituals of sexual self-indulgence. Bereft of its natural purpose, sexual hedonism involves surrendering to the child – perpetually immature – who revels in the heedless moment when self-control surrenders to the iron grip of some external will, which comes, inevitably, to nothing (except for those who count the lack of responsible freedom as a thing to be desired).

Responsible freedom is the unalienable birthright of humanity. The first Americans called it by the Christian name of "liberty." They understood that it cannot subsist except in the successful assertion of self-conscious self-control. In this respect, democratic socialism acts as a gateway drug. It deserves the name of "slave religion," by which the madman Nietzsche defamed the true liberty of body and soul achieved only in Christ. This is why the socialist power-mongers harp incessantly against Christianity, seeking, by all means, to enchain or else eradicate it.

Christian liberty is not a child of "power" idolized by deadly abuse. Rather, it is the offspring of love, readily fore-given (1 John 4:19). In accordance with this heritage, good use can be made of it. Like fruitful procreation, liberty's pleasures give rise to life. Its rituals of citizenship and governance countenance and preserve life, rather than seek its destruction. How can any who still profess to uphold such liberty mistake the Party of Infanticide for any choice but death and curses? Any freedom that slakes itself by murdering children in the name of right has already put an end to liberty – for it openly proclaims that the freedom it proffers is death. Barack Obama was the harbinger of this death of freedom. Now his party openly prepares to bring it on. America faces a stark choice between life and death. Why is it in doubt?

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