Alan Keyes
What ails GOP? It's not the dying white race
By Alan Keyes
June 24, 2013

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham says that his party is "in a demographic death spiral...and the only way we can get back in good graces with the Hispanic community, in my view, is pass comprehensive immigration reform." Pat Buchanan recently made the same point in more explicitly racialist terms: "[T]he existential crisis of the demography.... 'White Numbers Shrink,' was the headline on the lead story in USA Today. 'More Whites Dying than being born,' blared the Wall Street Journal.... The demographic winter of white America is at hand."

The Graham/Buchanan explanation for the GOP's imminent demise seems to confirm the notion that the GOP's political strength depends on a racial imperative. Of course, uncharitable people (like their putative opponents among the Democrats) will surely put this in a more derogatory way. They will say that it proves what they have been saying all along: The GOP is the political vehicle of white racists, desperately trying to preserve white supremacy.

However that may be, if the GOP's future depends on racial demographics, many people will agree with Ann Coulter. She says that it's stupid for pro-amnesty sellouts like Graham to devote "all their energy to slightly increasing their share of the Hispanic vote while alienating everyone else in America." The elitist faction's immigration scheme will put millions of illegally imported Hispanics on a conveyor belt to citizenship. Won't this speed up the day when non-white Americans constitute a majority of the American electorate?

But here's where the shoe pinches. Are Hispanics non-whites? Last time I checked the map, Spain is a part of Europe. In South Africa, in the heyday of the apartheid system, "European" and "white" were interchangeable terms. So why does the fact that someone in the Western Hemisphere speaks a dialect of the Spanish language nullify their "white" racial heritage?

Could the use (or is it abuse?) of "Hispanic" as a racial designation be a linguistic camouflage? For social and political purposes, doesn't it allow many Hispanics who are actually whites to pass for non-whites? In terms of "demographic" politics, this would make for a fifth column of white influence among the non-white population. If they think that demographics rule over all, this might explain why some people in both wings of the elitist faction are pushing for a system that subsidizes the rapid expansion of the Hispanic population in the U.S.

While you're thinking about this, it would be wise to remember that in Latin and South America, as in Southern Africa, politics is a mixed drink, laced with racial ingredients and generously spiced with explicit racism. Doesn't the experience of countries like Mexico and Argentina justify the conclusion that powerful European interests may dominate the resultant flavor profile of that political cocktail, as the food critics would say? Aren't some Latin and South American countries examples of elitist-manipulated herd democracy, in which different wings of a racially tinged elitist faction alternate in control of a more or less dictatorial government administration?

These days it's fairly obvious that both the Democrats and the Republicans include a powerful contingent working to force America down such a path. Some might say that their agenda is "racist," but this misses the point. Whether we see it in terms of race, ethnicity, language, or economic status, their agenda aims to divide and subdue the people. It aims to substitute the rule of a self-selecting elitist faction for government of, by, and for the people. It aims fraudulently to elect figureheads who serve that faction, in place of officials chosen because they are dedicated to serving the common good of the American people.

The Republican Party was founded at a time when the shared identity of the American people was being tested against the moral ideas of God-endowed equality and right on which our country was founded. Because they reflect a true moral vision of our common humanity, these ideas transcend the material divisions of race, ethnicity, language, and wealth. They allow people to measure themselves in terms of their commitment to God-endowed right and justice, not only for themselves but for all those who put that commitment into action.

It's bitterly tragic that agents of the elitist faction are now incontestably in control of both entrenched political parties. It's especially lamentable that the Republican Party is now dominated by forces blinded by scientific materialism; unwilling or unable to combat the deadly advance of irrational moral relativism; and incompetent to articulate, or reluctant to apply, the moral principles and ideas of America's founding. Those principles and ideas convey a prudent wisdom exactly suited to repel the grave threats and seize the great opportunities that challenge America's vigorous spirit in our times. But instead of speaking for Americans who share that spirit, the GOP's quisling leadership is hell-bent on negotiating terms of surrender.

They are negotiating the surrender of our economic strength, abetting wild spending, massive indebtedness, and the government bid to take over our health sector. On the specious excuse of insuring our national security, they are abetting the NSA's attack on our liberty, an attack that stupidly, dangerously, undermines the public trust our national security requires. Yet these GOP quislings are not adamant to defend our right to keep and bear arms. They will not propose policies based on the Second Amendment's recognition of our commitment, as individual members of a well-regulated militia, to hold ourselves in readiness to defend our communities and our country.

The GOP's quisling leadership will not fight for a fair tax system, one that isn't predicated on the abrogation of our constitutional immunity from self-incrimination. Instead, they effectually do nothing while the IRS attacks our freedom of speech and of the press, as well as the right peaceably to assemble, rights essential for us as we organize to fulfill our moral and constitutional duties as citizens. Now the GOP quislings are maneuvering to join the Democrats in subverting our national identity, by means of a foreign invasion (illegal immigration) administered and financed by the government that is supposed to serve and represent that identity.

The GOP isn't headed for destruction because it represents a dwindling number of white people. It's because too many Republicans refuse to see and represent the swelling ranks of all kinds of people in America fervently committed to our nation's successful implementation of decent liberty. We feel deeply connected to those in previous generations who lived, or gave their lives, to vindicate the premises of God-endowed right and responsible self- government. We are filled with grief, resentment, and righteous anger against the treacherous false partisans, Democrat or Republican, who are determined to abandon and betray those premises. Whatever our race, whatever our linguistic or ethnic heritage, whatever the differences that seem to divide us from one another, we stand on the common ground of our determination to live as decent, free Americans and to pass on that way of life to our posterity. We need, and should only support, a party that represents this determination. If parties that refuse to do so fade away, good riddance.

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