Alan Keyes
GOP quislings' treachery: who are the losers, really?
By Alan Keyes
March 9, 2015

This week, I read a WND article reporting Phyllis Schlafly's response to the latest in an almost unbroken line of betrayals by the GOP's quisling leaders in Congress. The headline reads "Schlafly's had it: We're tired of GOP's losers!"

But it's the conservative voters who are the real losers: the ones who made up the majorities that gave the GOP control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012, and that, in 2014, added control of the U.S. Senate as well. It's Phyllis Schlafly and other lifelong, dedicated conservative leaders like her who are unfortunately the losers, as they live to see the decent liberty they fought to conserve crushed by the juggernaut of advancing government control and domination.

Above all, it's America's Constitution, its liberty, and the unalienable rights of the people of the United States that are the losers, as Obama and his quisling collaborators in the GOP relentlessly push the elitist faction's campaign to overthrow America's constitutional republic, replacing it with a de facto dictatorship of, by, and for the powerful, elitist few.

From the perspective of their true agenda, the forces now dominant in the GOP haven't suffered a single defeat since the 1980 presidential election. Thanks to the conservative façade erected for them by the elder George Bush's patient willingness to play second fiddle during the Reagan era, they were able to exploit the conservative voter base of the GOP (which Reagan consolidated and expanded) so that the heirs of the leftist Rockefeller Republicans could win electoral victories they would otherwise never have been able to achieve.

Before the Reagan era, these leftist Republicans accepted the label of "moderates" in an unsuccessful effort to distinguish themselves from their more overtly socialist counterparts among the Democrats. But behind the false badge of conservatism George Bush senior obtained from his years as Reagan's understudy, they were able to identify themselves as conservatives. This gave them credibility with conservative voters whose views they actually despised, and the opportunity to raise up new voters for whom the conservative label was a hollow partisan identifier, used interchangeably with "Republican" or "GOP." Thus the GOP's leftist quislings dissolved the understanding that cemented the GOP to its Reagan-era conservative base.

While encouraging this dissolution, they also maneuvered to replace the GOP's dependence on conservatives (who were, in any case, being decimated by natural mortality) with a political process that exclusively depended on results fabricated by the money and media power of an elitist clique. As necessary, they deploy forces to staunch authentically conservative grassroots tides that rise against their agenda for tyranny (especially on issues of essential republican principle like the unalienable right to life, the defense of the authority and unalienable rights of the God-endowed family, and the integrity of our territorial, political and economic sovereignty).

Openly fraudulent repression of the electorate's will (such as Thad Cochran's victory in the 2014 Mississippi primary), is the closest thing to failure the elitist faction has suffered in what has otherwise been its spectacularly successful move to hijack America's electoral process. What is the key to their success? They have pre-empted real outcomes in the general elections, based on votes cast, with prospective outcomes in the phony candidate selection process that precedes the real elections.

Buzzwords like "viability" are used to screen candidates out of that pre-selection process based on criteria heavily weighted with factors (in particular, media coverage and fundraising) that the elitist faction almost entirely controls. So-called news coverage of the candidate selection process develops story lines that focus on extraneous issues of personality and/or horse-race style campaign tactics. That coverage emphasizes the good-sounding but hollow rhetoric, and carefully crafted false personas, of candidates who have "made their bones" with the elitist faction powers-that-be (usually by betraying their conservative constituents on at least one matter of vital importance). People who authentically represent views the elitist clique rejects are either never mentioned, or are viciously undermined and attacked.

When it works, this elitist faction "virtual reality" pre-selection process assures that, by the day of the general election, the choices voters perceive to be effectively available for their support are two candidates owned and operated by the elitist faction clique. This is not yet true in every election at every level (as it was, for example, in the Communist countries of the old Soviet Bloc). But it's true enough in critical elections (for the presidency and the U.S. Congress, for example) that it will do until complete dependence on electronic means make the imposition of universally rigged "virtual reality" "elections" feasible at every level.

In light of all this, Phyllis Schlafly's reference to GOP losers reminds me of a scene from "Silverado." A sheriff's posse is chasing three of the movie's quartet of heroes. It looks as if their capture is inevitable when shots ring out. One zings close by the shoulder of one of the pursuers, taking a chip out of a cactus leaf. Another bites the dust, causing a pursuer's horse to rear up. Another rips the sheriff's incongruous bowler hat from his head. At that point, the sheriff gives the word to halt the pursuit. One of the posse demurs, saying, "Why are we stopping? There's only one of them, and he can't hit the side of a barn." To which the sheriff replies: "You fool. He's hit everything he's aimed at."

The quislings in charge of the GOP have hit everything they've aimed at. They're not the losers. Principled conservatives blind and foolish enough to keep playing their rigged game are the losers. If it were just a matter of wins and losses in the political horse race, I frankly wouldn't care. But the things Phyllis Schlafly and others like her have battled for all their lives are vital to the survival and perpetuation of our constitution of liberty. They are vital to the hopes of decent people throughout the world. Such people want just, decent self-government, secure from the might-makes-right depredations of elitist gangsters, whatever religious or ideological pose they use to beatify their crimes.

The exceptional success of our country's experiment in republican, democratic, constitutional self-government is, as Abraham Lincoln famously suggested, vital to the world's hopes. God knows whether we are the last such hope. And our sins must cause us to doubt that we are the best. But for now, one thing is certainly clear: as we falter and fail in our conviction, so does the present hope the exceptional longevity and progress of our liberty has, until recently, offered to all humanity. (How Washington handled early losses to the British offers lessons for conservatives today. In my latest blog post I reflect on his example.)

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