Alan Keyes
Trump's 'reality TV' won't save America
By Alan Keyes
August 3, 2015

Donald Trump is conservative Un-cola. Nonetheless, he has from early on sought to promote himself as the new Ronald Reagan. Not long ago, I published a column ("Sorry folks, Demagogue Donald is no Ronald Reagan") relevant to this ploy. It's a patently false comparison. Ronald Reagan's victory in the 1980 election cycle was the culmination of an authentic grassroots conservative movement for which he had been a focal point for at least 20 years.

Though he had a good career as an actor, Ronald Reagan did not win the presidency wearing a recently fabricated political persona. He was a man of proven character who had for many years labored to strengthen America's appreciation of the blessings of liberty, and our resistance to the leftist political doggerel that was already well advanced in its long march to conquer the mind and will of America's elites. Reagan preached against the socialist delusion, whether it involved the iron fisted evils of Soviet-style communism, or the velveteen promises of massive egalitarianism that masked the perpetuation of elitist rule in the European countries of the "free world."

By simply taking account of events over the past few months, it's obvious the outward appearance of Donald Trump's foray into GOP presidential politics resembles Reagan's political saga – the way the characters and events in a made-for-TV docudrama resemble those in real life. But the Trump campaign isn't docudrama; it's reality TV. The attacks from elitist faction quislings in the GOP, and Trump's once and future buddies in the elitist faction media, are improvisational theatre. Donald Trump is a character playing himself in real life, but he's also a skilled manipulator, playing the audience for effect.

If, in 1980, you looked into Ronald Reagan's background, everything you found, going back for 20 years and more, would correspond to the person who was running for office during the 1980 election cycle. If today you look into Donald Trump's background, the rhetoric he has deployed as a GOP contender has no counterpart in his previous life as a citizen. Donald Trump mainly labored in the cause of his own self-aggrandizement. He took little or no interest in the issues that confronted the body politic, except to serve the same cause. When he did use his money for political purposes, his actions reflected the predilections of the leftist wing of the elitist faction, in whose social and business circles he mainly moved.

The fact that he brazenly flaunts this fact doesn't change it. For most of his life, there was nothing about Donald Trump that even faintly reflected the lives, hearts, and real concerns of the grassroots conservatives he is presently exciting with his spoken lines. On his way to amassing a sizeable fortune, ordinary folks mainly played the role of the grass being trampled, or the ground disturbed and exploited, as his various projects rose toward the fulfillment of his personal ambitions. How exactly does this resemble the life in service to liberty Ronald Reagan lived for several decades, many years of which were spent erecting monuments to America's principles, spirit, and hope in the hearts of ordinary people, who could reward him with little more than their applause and their investment of hope and good will?

If he is, in fact, really committed to the goal of becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump seeks that result as a man of ambition, aspiring quite literally to set the White House on his life's mantelpiece, next to his trophy office buildings, casinos, and wives. It's more likely, however, that he is acting, as he has mostly done in his business life, as the agent of a consortium of powerful interests, to whom he must and will inevitably give heed, whatever mock fights they stage to the contrary.

All in all, Donald Trump is the ideal candidate for conservative voters desperate enough to think that the façade towns constructed as backdrops for the movies would actually be great places to live. I think that they are sadly, tragically mistaken. I believe that Donald Trump's candidacy serves the elitist faction's anti-American strategic purposes: First, to gull conservatives into keeping their heads in the rigged elitist faction political game. Second, in that context, to gather them together in one place, from whence their own votes will be deployed to a) overthrow their hopes for their country; and b) elect the individual intended to be the focal point for the elitist faction dictatorship poised to replace, once and for all, the constitutional republic that is our nation's birthright heritage. Whether that person is Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, or some leftist Democrat, the end result will be the same.

I don't expect Trump enthusiasts to agree with me at the moment. To paraphrase, they are like the mother of Coriolanus in Shakespeare's play: "Anger's their meat, they sup upon themselves."

At some point, however, the self-consumed reality of Trump's offered repast will become painfully clear to most of them. For some, that process may already have begun on the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants. On Trump's socialist approach to healthcare and his indifference to the issue of unalienable right with respect to marriage, it will continue.

I hope that as anger against the GOP quislings ceases to blind them, patriotic conservatives will also open their eyes to what I have been trying to get them to see since 2008: If the only hope the GOP process now feigns to offer them turns out to be false, it is because the GOP is now inalterably controlled by anti-American forces determined to make sure no true conservatism ever again prevails in America's political process.

No GOP candidate will ever emerge to "save America." True Americans are not, in any case, looking for such a savior. America's true hope can only be restored by an initiative of the voters themselves. The answer is not to look for some candidate savior, but to act with the courage of the Savior God provides. Abandon the sham political process that will never again be true to Him.

Instead of wasting time on anger or despair, rouse the energy of righteous indignation and goodwill. America's true conservative patriots must then do what they should already be doing now: Gather all our good faith, spirit, and political strength in the task of building a politics fit to implement the U.S. Constitution, and restore respect for the principles of God-endowed right, including liberty, without which its life will never be renewed

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