Alan Keyes
Candidates part of the GOP political mafia
Trump, Carson, Fiorina are 'faux' outsiders
By Alan Keyes
October 26, 2015

Are true conservatives doomed to be without representation in U.S. politics?

When Soviet citizens voted in elections under the Communist Party dictatorship, even if every vote was counted, all the votes counted for nothing. This was so because the only choices available were those dictated by the Communist Party.

Thus, when it comes to achieving representative government – the goal of America's founders – ritualistic engagement in the voting process is worse than insufficient. Citizenship is about working to make sure the electoral process involves real choices, lifted up by citizens themselves, not party dictators. Many Americans today feel that the present so-called two-party system is a sham. An elitist clique is using its money and media power to make sure that voters are prevented from rallying behind people who actually represent them, i.e., people who sincerely articulate and have actually worked side by side with them to stand for and do what those voters conscientiously conclude is right, just, and for the common good of the nation.

I first experienced the reality of this intended exclusion during the GOP primary season in 1996 when I was not only excluded from a Republican debate in Atlanta, Georgia, I was arrested and shunted about the city in a police vehicle, without charge or due process of any kind, then released into the night after the debate concluded. This treatment caused considerable outrage among grass-roots people of goodwill. I think that was why, during the 2000 election cycle, I was allowed to participate in all the GOP debates. As I recall, there is evidence to show that I won a number of them, according to viewer polls and focus groups. Yet that fact was pretty thoroughly suppressed by the elitist faction media. When I came in third in the Iowa caucuses, that fact was also suppressed.

By the time I sought to participate in the 2008 GOP primary elections, this pattern of suppression had become more overt. It included exclusion from most GOP events around the country, as well as reliable reports of instances (during the Iowa caucuses, for example) where voters who cast their vote for me were surprised to see tallies from the caucus meetings or precincts reporting no votes cast in my favor.

These things came to my mind in 2012 as I considered the way in which Mitt Romney came to be perceived as the GOP's "presumptive nominee," even though primary elections in many critical states had not yet taken place. For weeks after the Iowa caucuses were concluded, the elitist faction media gave people the impression that Mitt Romney had won the caucuses. After he successfully exploited the momentum created by this impression in New Hampshire, the truth came out. Rick Santorum had actually won the caucus vote. But by the time that was admitted, Romney was already being dubbed the GOP's "presumptive" nominee. This struck me as further evidence, consistent with my own experience, of the corrupt nature of the sham the elitist clique has made of the present so-called two party system.

However, I don't believe patriotic Americans must simply surrender to this destruction of the representative, constitutional self-government our founders intended for the American people. As I pointed out in this column not long ago, elitist faction tools like Jimmy Carter may be willing to pronounce "democracy" dead, but I will not give up on the founders' true vision of a republic (not simply a democracy) in which our God-endowed liberty is respected and its fruits enjoyed.

However, if we go on casting ritual votes for deceitfully fabricated candidates who do not represent us, based on specious party labels and equally specious demagogic blather, we should not pretend to be surprised when this results in the entrenchment of abusive policies that do not represent us. I'm not just talking about people who ignored the facts of his life and political career in order to pretend that Obama was just another mildly left-wing liberal. I'm talking about people who have been, and are being taken in by Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, or any of the other politicians who have "made their bones" in the GOP political mafia.

I confidently predict that, among the people being seduced by these GOP "wise guys," those who truly do mean to conserve the principles, provisions, and aims of America's constitutional republic will soon endure days of outrage and demoralizing disappointment. Because they, too, are choosing to ignore the facts. They, too, are choosing to disregard the "wardrobe malfunctions" (as it were) that even now expose the chintzy fabric of the "conservative," "anti-establishment," "outsider" costumes these faux saviors wear. These purblind American patriots will have to live with the fact that they have wasted their hope and resources on people who are, all of them, actors in an elitist faction farce. That fare leaves true conservatives without representation in the nation's politics – but not without complicity in the death of its constitutional liberty.

In neither the Democratic nor the Republican Party are the controlling elitist faction leaders willing to acknowledge, and in practice respect, the God-endowed liberty Americans are supposed to enjoy. Both parties are therefore to be rejected. But we must not simply forswear our duty as citizens. We must not simply surrender the field to their anti-republican, anti-constitutional corruption. We must not doom our nation to be ruled by elitist faction dictatorship (which Obama has already begun). We must do as Americans did in the past (when for instance the Republican Party replaced the Whig Party). We must think anew, act anew, and build a new constitutional way of doing politics. We can start by taking seriously the actual words of the Constitution's provisions for our electoral process.

This constitutional way of doing politics is what I am spending most of my time, and such knowledge and ability as I have, to encourage. People who care about this nation should not retreat from their duty as citizens, and they should not continue to co-operate in a sham that blatantly masks the reality of rising elitist faction dictatorship. They should take the initiative to reclaim the understanding of self-government our founders intended, and sought to implement, in elections that put in office people to represent us – not help to advance the tyrannical abuses of elitists bent on imposing their rule without regard for our duties to God, and in violation of the unalienable rights we derive from carrying out those duties.

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