Alan Keyes
President Trump's Declaration of Emergency, Part 1
Alan Keyes says border issue has 'implications for our survival as a free people'
By Alan Keyes
February 26, 2019

Opening Statement for the Defense

People in Congress and the media are snarling like rabid dogs at President Trump's brave declaration that he intends to use his powers as commander in chief of our nation's defense forces to re-establish firm control of the U.S. border with Mexico. For years, while previous administrations dithered ineffectively with half-measures or no measures at all, they treated this evidence of our nation's deteriorating sovereignty as if it had no serious implications for our survival as a free people. Meanwhile, powerful drug cartels and other criminal gangs exploited our weakness to aggravate epidemics of drug abuse, human trafficking, and violence, including terrorist threats, against us.

In the last several years, it has become clear that anti-American forces (funded by globalist would-be tyrants like George Soros, among others) have conceived and are implementing a strategy to subvert our sovereignty as a people, first at our borders and then at the ballot box – which latter is the only venue at which we periodically appear in our capacity as the sovereign ruler of our country.

These hostile forces are maneuvering us into a position in which the enforcement of our borders involves a choice between surrender and atrocity. They mean to leave us with no choice but to allow massive contingents, eventually amounting to millions, to enter our territory against our will; or use lethal force to intimidate and dissuade them. There is a kind of diabolical brilliance to this strategy.

It depends on the fact that we are, contrary to the lies of our detractors, a people of conscience, reluctant to commit or tolerate atrocious behavior, even in the midst of potentially fatal threats. The crisis of conscience is likely to confuse and paralyze the will to stem the flow of foreigners into our country. Meanwhile, Americans committed to overthrowing our constitutional sovereignty from within will continue efforts, already underway, to turn the migrant masses into voters, disregarding their lack of citizenship.

In tragic fact, the people entering our country illegally come from countries where, when the façade of electoral politics exists, it serves to mask the domination of ideological, military, or economic factions who govern by force and intimidation, without regard for the actual will of the people they govern. In the course of my lifetime, politics in the United States has become more and more infected by this species of tyranny. Both political parties are tainted by it.

The battle over the entry into our territory is probably the crisis intended to complete our transformation from a people struggling to restore and maintain our self-government to a people returned to the shadow of oligarchic tyranny that pretty uniformly oppressed humankind everywhere before the exceptional success of America's experiment in republican self-government.

The leadership of both major-party factions in the U.S. Congress appears to be dominated by forces committed to the global return of oligarchic tyranny. They have quietly cooperated, in recent years, to promote:
  • the destruction of the moral foundations of the United States – by neglecting, discouraging, and now abandoning and even criminalizing the Christian ethos that uniquely equipped our nation's spirit for self-government;

  • the dissolution of our federal union – by suppressing the residual sovereignty of our states' governments;

  • the disintegration of our sense of common identity as a people – by undermining our common language; encouraging the whimsical proliferation of incompatible religious, sexual, or subjectively individual identities; degrading the existence and importance of the natural family; and inflaming old wounds so that vengeful passion reignites conflict among our multifarious racial and ethnic groups, until the common sense of right, justice, and human worth has been utterly abandoned, on which the good people of the United States united, time and again, to win battles against slavery, ruthless economic exploitation, and the violent denial of human worth to people from motives of hatred, roused and exploited by coldly calculated, selfish interests, bent on securing absolute power.
In the context of this determined effort to regress our people toward oligarchic oppression, the battle to regain control of our southern border comes into focus as the critical threat to our continued existence as a free (i.e., constitutionally self-governed) people.

This is the national emergency President Trump has, in fact, declared. He has declared it with his stand against the abandonment of the God-endowed rights of powerless, innocent human offspring in the womb. He has declared it in his warning against the menace of socialist dictatorship and immiseration. He has declared it by his reiteration of the rightness of our nationhood – asserting the right of every people peacefully to preserve its distinct identity, even as it develops and contributes to the whole of humanity the good fruits borne of its unique perspective on the world of God's creation.

God knows how the people of the United States will respond to President Trump's brave determination to respond to this emergency by all means appropriate to the executive office he holds. Among the three branches of our national government, he has the unique responsibility, on the whole, of being, the first responder. He rightly perceives that we now face an existential threat to our sovereign liberty. He recognizes that his job it is to stave off the demise of all that we commonly hold dear until the present Congress comes to its senses, or the people of the United States recompose it with people disposed to do what present derelict leaders will not.

These leaders' behavior suggests that they are more concerned that government workers should be paid than that they meet the challenge of preserving the Constitution they are all of them sworn to uphold, and the nation whose good people they are supposed to serve and represent. Far from attacking the Constitution, President Trump appears to be the best model of what should be their public service – putting the survival of the nation and its Constitution of liberty above any preoccupation with the pursuit of political or bureaucratic power.

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