Frank Louis
How can anyone support Hillary?
By Frank Louis
July 29, 2016

Funny, I heard Michelle's Slave Comments. I heard that she (not "him" has "slave blood") Does anyone know that In the eastern slave trade, enslaved Africans were taken from the east coast of Africa (the modern countries of Kenya? Sold to Europeans by their African captors? Doesn't Barack claim his family is some royalty family from Kenya?

Hey, maybe his great, great, great, great grandfather sold Michelle's great, great, great, great grandfather and built the White House. Possible! Has anyone looked this stuff up?

This election is being clouded by so many disingenuous statements. For example, the media and libs are after Trump for saying that if the Russians have the emails they should make them available. Hey, they should. Wasn't it the the Dems who brought the Russians into the conversation in the first place? Wasn't it President Obama who (off mike) said that "Vladimir" should wait until after the election when he would have "more flexibility?"

How stupid is the voting public? I can answer this for you: "Very!" I teach at a college. My students do not "pay attention!" I tell them that Bernie may pay for their tuition (and now Hillary I guess) but, they can not "pay" their attention.

The Dems are counting on these idiots not paying attention to win.

I am sorry, but President Obama has said (with no uncertainty) that he has "a pen and a phone." And he complains that Trump is... a "savior"? Obama was the "savior" as far as I recall.

So, Trump filed Bankruptcy. Politicians don't. People who work in government don't. In fact, if anything, they are rewarded for their economic failures and given bigger budgets the next year. I know this, I worked in a state agency.

I could go on and on and on. But I know your time is probably more important to you than mine is to me. So, Get out there!

Folks, get out there and talk this BS up and expose it all for what it is! We must win this year... We must!

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Frank Louis

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