Frank Louis
Are there more people out there, who are tired of the lies than need safe-spaces?
By Frank Louis
October 30, 2016

Can This Really Be Happening? Hillary is at it again. We were 11-days out from the election when the FBI announced they are reopening the investigation on Hillary's email dilemma. (At least they didn't wait until after 5 PM on Friday to announce it.) I just don't know folks, I just don't know.

Actually, I take that back, I do know. I know that Hillary is not the right person to be president of anything other than a maybe cookie baking group in a high security prison somewhere. If you do not get the jest of my joke ... recall Hillary's 1992 statement: "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas..." Well, she may well finally get her chance!

I do not know how our country could have become so dumbed down. Well, actually, I lie, I know how it happened. I have written about this often in the past. Our modern-day culture of climate control and digital conveniences, safe-spaces, university courses on how to "de-man" and "un-white" yourself and growing concerns over Halloween Costumes being hurtful has surely provided a life lesson in becoming "dumb" and easily offended.

There is no in-depth investigation of anything by almost anyone any longer short of people researching which credit card gives the best perks perhaps or how to save time (and gas) booking concert tickets. The folks on social media seem to believe whatever progressive garbage they are fed. And they are fed a constant diet.

I wonder if Steve Martin could even propose making the "Three Amigos" movie today much less even produce it. So politically incorrect, such insensitive "cultural appropriation." Really folks, get a grip and "pay attention." But the guy votes Liberal I hear. How dumb is that? How is it that these beautiful people all think they are somehow inoculated and exempt from the repercussions of the politics they support and endorse?

Shortly after the FBI announced this reopened email investigation, Hillary and her crew are yelling "make them public, show us what you have..." 'Show us the details of these emails." Well, Hillary, many are your(or your staff's emails... if anyone knows what they say, you do. Really? Funny thing, out of all of these emails we have seen, there has not been even one that I have heard of that discussed either yoga or Chelsea's wedding. None! Hum...!

Even Biden is on "News Shows" agreeing with Hilary "They should release all of the emails for us to see." Joey, they are hers and her staff's. So, we will be splitting hairs over who is responsible for what here? What part of this are you missing? Or, are you just full of it and a big fat lier? Truth distorter? And, while we are talking, Joe, why can you threaten Donald Trump with a fist fight and get away with it? Sarah Palin gets dragged through the flames for saying she is "targeting" political races but you can threaten someone with your fists? Joe...?

Speaking of Joe Biden, remember his advice that people commit felonies by unloading a shotgun in the city limits of Washington DC. Not only that, but on Federal Property. From the balcony no less. Why isn't this guy held responsible for gun violence in DC? The media claims that the "violent rhetoric" at Trump events scares them when in fact it is their very own Democrat Party that pays people to create the violence at these events.

Yes, I think we have been underestimated folks. There are more of us out there who are sick and tired of being fed these lies and twisted information than are people who have been convinced they need to run into a safe-space. We just might win this!

And one other question I would like asked or Ms. Clinton, before this case is, again, perhaps dismissed (as the cynical side of my brain suspects may well happen), is this: "Did you or anyone else, in addition to the President and, of course Chelsea, have pseudonyms (fake "code-names") on their email addresses? Just wondering. There could be another layer or two or three of emailed documents being hidden from us that we have no idea of. Think about it.

Here are three scenarios that I believe could play out in this final week-long home-stretch.

A: This investigation may be something that is important and the facts finally come out... Hillary is charged, becomes ineligible for office. Donald Trump becomes President.

B: The FBI, a few days before the election, announces: "Gee, we looked at all of this and Hillary is surely innocent." If this happens, the democrats, should she lose, would be the ones not accepting the election results. What a disaster we will have in front of us.

C: In either scenario, Obama could, "for the good of the country," perhaps declare Marshall Law, postpone or cancel the election, decide to stay on as President... the Lord only knows. But I don't like either option B or C (Not to be confused with "classified" Ms. Clinton).

Of course there are those in the liberal camp (politicians and media types) who are making an argument in Hillary's defense comparing Caspar Weinberger, the Reagan Administration's Defense Secretary – a factor in George Bush the elder not being reelected – and the current Clinton felonies. They make comparisons to his eventual pardon, etc. Without going into a ten-page detailed review of the situation but still comparing and contrasting these two events with, I could attempt a couple more points:

Yes, the charges, in both cases have to do with National Security and lying to Congress. These events did/could potentially affect the Presidential Election outcome. Both instances have to do with clandestine arms sales. However, where the analogy breaks down is in good ol' Benghazi! Yes, Our Ambassador and three others were killed in a violent attack during which Ms. Clinton hid under the bed then lied to everyone about what happened.

I for one really hope and pray that, somewhere buried in these emails is the conversation that went down that fateful night. Please Lord, please! Does nobody else find it unsettling that the events of that night (actually daytime here) are suppressed? We have these idiotic photos of the "situation room" with everyone focused on the TV screen during the UBL Mission but not one recorded image, phone or radio call from Benghazi? Not one text message? Tired of being fed the lies? I thought so.

We have to keep our eyes on the prize and remain focused. These final few days will be grilling folks, lets try and not get burned again. There is too much at stake!

© Frank Louis


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