Frank Louis
Watch Out For Lip Service: The fight is not over folks... And it's Veterans' Day!
By Frank Louis
November 10, 2016

Well, well, well! Quite a day, quite a night. Then, there was the infamous "day after." Yesterday afternoon, while discussing the election results with several elated friends, I said I felt a bit uneasy in the election aftermath. They were surprised when I said it just did not seem right to me that everyone on the Left is being so conciliatory in the hours after Trump's victory. A victory, I truly hope is actually our victory as we believed. But if felt it was, as they say, "quiet... too quiet."

Watch out for these carpetbaggers. There are snakes in the grass and I am sure Mr. (President Elect) Trump is aware of this. He seems pretty savvy. We, in many ways, elected him based on that assumption. I worry though when all of these snakes and jackals line up to make peace offerings. Passing out that proverbial "olive branch." Even Elizabeth Warren (Princess Lieawatha as she is lovingly known as in her region of the country) is asking for a truce. Really? Something was not feeling right to me... then, sure enough.

Yep, last night the "protests" began. The media is all over the "thousands" of protesters, burning American Flags, burning effigies of President Elect Trump; calling these protesters names like "citizens." Yep, "citizens" protesting this election. Hillary, after all won the popular vote they say. Hey, this is a country on over 300 million people and her PLURALITY, not a majority... (Lets use language correctly you people in the media) is less than 200,000 people. A neighborhood essentially. Oh yeah, what about the Hillary Treason issue? is this going away too? Let's hope not. Let's hope not!

Look at the electoral map. The country is "red" with some "blue" blemishes. I do not know about you, but I do not feel that the city-folks have any business telling the rest of the country what to do. This plurality of voters who supported Hillary are notated on these maps in an area that makes up about 10% or less of the nation's land-mass. Maybe we can, in addition to the Wall, fence these places off and they can have their liberal government and the rest of us can have ours. Freedom. These people cannot and should not have the power to tell the more rural folks how to live. They have no clue.

If these protesters are "citizens" (and are they, actually... I guess... maybe?) who are we? Are these people really "citizens?" did anyone check their IDs? I doubt it? Were they paid just like the protesters at Trump Rallies? And I still wonder... do they get 1099s? Why isn't the media talking about the 300 million plus folks who are not protesting. We are happy!

This reminds me of the days in Wisconsin when protesters were bussed in to cause problems and make scenes during the Scott Walker days. Remember that? I recall some liberal broadcasters actually went there to broadcast live. Incite? Some media person asked Walker if he was paying attention to these thousands of protesters. His response, which I still recall, was great. He said he was more concerned for the millions of Wisconsin residents (citizens) who were not out there "protesting." Good point Scott.

So, what about the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to the Clintons on the bet that Hillary was going to be the President Elect today? These payments are just ... what? Written off by those who paid them? "Oh well" they say just like you or I would say after dropping a quarter into one of those "diggers" full of teddy bears in restaurant lobbies? I doubt it. These people and countries made big purchases, advanced payments. Hundreds of millions in good ol' hard currency. They are not going away. Believe me, this is not over!

So, we need to be even more vigilant in this time period. We need to hold Donald's feet to the fire. He made a bunch of promises. Sure, some may have been off the cuff. But, I like to think most were not. We want a Wall." Just imagine the EPA battles we will face building this. Saving migratory paths of some bugs and frogs perhaps. Natural water drainage, etc. What an uphill battle this will become. Permits. The Bill that initiated the nation's Interstate Highway System was, I recall, 59 pages. It took over a decade just to rebuild the Trade Towers. Look at the pipeline. Don't stay up for this. It may be much more difficult than we can even imagine. Let's pray that Trump can cut to the chase on this one... the other ones too!

And let's not forget Veterans' Day. As a combat veteran myself let me say to everyone of us "welcome home." We will also pray that The Donald keeps his promises to us as well! We are citizens too. Patriots in the truest fashion! Let's not forget this fact.

Donald, do not let us down. Thanks in advance!

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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