Frank Louis
Donald, it's just one sentence, say it: "From this moment on, Veterans..."
By Frank Louis
April 17, 2017

So far, I have been pretty content with President Trump.

I know that he cannot, single-handedly correct healthcare, lower taxes, get a wall built (look at these environmentalists coming out of the woodwork), or even make good on a much needed travel ban due to these warm-fuzzes; "blinded by the light," liberals who surely do not live in the real world. No, PBS is developing curriculum materials for young red-blooded American children (like 7-year old kids) on how to be a good Muslim while attacking Christianity almost daily in the public arena, MIT has a children's' book on why communism is the better choice, and Dove soap is featuring transexual "moms," (Biologically impossible I might point out), while a blind eye is turned to the crash of civilization. Wow.

In Italy, they are going to begin providing "menstrual-cycle leave" I heard. Sounds simple enough (whether or not you agree with it). Well, the LGBTQs are upset. What about transgender women (men dressed like women). Will they get these days off? They don't have periods. What about transgendered men (women dressed like men). They do have periods. Do they get the days off too? So, everyone gets a week off from work every month except for.... Yep, you guessed it. Straight men. What a planet.

I don't know about you, but I do not want my 9 and 10 year grand children, regardless of their "assigned at birth gender identity," being traumatized in the bathroom at school, at the gym, at the park or at the beach. anywhere... I'm nuts? Really? I'm the problem? God Help us!!!

But, Donald, there is one promise you have made you could keep in one simple sentence and an Executive Order. Want to know what that is? Simple: " From this moment on, veterans with disabilities can use any doctor or healthcare facility or provider they want. The Veteran Medical Card will be treated exactly like a Blue Cross, United Health, or other insurance policy." OOPS, I LIED, TWO SENTENCES. OH WELL. Get it done!!!!! I do not want to live in "imminent danger." Been there, done that already!

Yes, this month I am set to retire, therefore giving up my health coverage of several decades for myself and my family and, as a 100% disabled combat veteran, I will turn us all over to the frightening "healthcare" we all read about in the news. Yes, just today, every 10 minutes, the news cited the Washington DC VA Hospital and its many problems with cleanliness, lack of supplies and needed items for surgery and things as basic as life support. This in the wake of the scandals in Phoenix and other VA Hospital facilities across this nation.

I guess if we didn't die when they gave us our first chance, the government is giving us a second chance to achieve the final objective: death.

On Fox and Friends this week, a WWII Veteran was being interviewed in a cafe in PA while having breakfast. He was given the obligatory (and rather meaningless) "thank you for your service," BS and then was asked "to what do you owe your longevity?" "Stay away from the VA." was his answer. Donald, President Trump, get this done. NOW.

Donald, what is up with this? You can lose the support of veterans just that fast.... we will all be dead and, as a result, we will no longer support you. Wake up! Do not segregate us any longer!

By the way... Happy Easter, God Bless America.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

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