Frank Louis
God put us here now: Ever wonder why?
By Frank Louis
October 29, 2020

These recent months have been hectic to say the least. The left has gone off the deep end. Now, even threatening to immediately impeach Justice Amy Coney Barrett should she do her job. They wish to destroy the Supreme Court, and destroy this Republic. Our nation is on fire (literally). Look at Philadelphia this very day. So much craziness every day that I am and have been overwhelmed as I am sure you all are. It has literally become near to impossible for me to even filter out any one issue to write about on any given day. Given the overwhelming amount of “overload” hitting us daily, I asked myself: “why should I add to the information clutter with my two-cents worth?” You all already have too much to digest as it is.

But now, as this election season comes to an end, in these closing moments I want to ask my readers, the Renew America readers, my fellow Americans a simple question. “Why are we here now?” God put us here for this.

Seriously, Has it occurred to you that God does what he does on purpose? He knows every sparrow. (Matthew 10:29-30) every hair on our head. He put us here, now. For a reason people. So, I ask you. Did God put us here to allow for the end of religious freedom, to sanctify full term abortion, to affirm the end of two God created genders? Are we the ones who will allow God’s Word to be discarded? Are we here to usher in this left wing, godless, socialist, immoral agenda? Are we the ones who will allow this to happen? I pray not. I hope you pray not also.

Did the Lord put us here now, at this point in time, so we could be the ones to let the American Experiment die? To dishonor those who, for centuries fought and died for their faith, for God, for this country? For the world? We have a great responsibility. Please take seriously what is at stake today and consider just why we (you, me, everyone of us) have been chosen, by God, to be here... now. We hold the weight that will tip the scales. We must not be “found wanting.”

God placed us here now. It is our turn to shoulder this responsibility.

Never has the choice been so urgent and…. Believe me, God put us here now. We are not here by accident or some oversight on the part of our creator. God Bless America.

© Frank Louis


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Frank Louis

Frank Louis is a print and on-air commentator who offers opinions and solutions on and for the economy, social issues, and the future of this nation. In the Old Testament, Nehemiah 4: 14 instructs us to fight for our houses; something we need to be doing now. Our future generations depend on it!... (more)


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