Lloyd Marcus
Obama's first 100 days from a black's perspective
By Lloyd Marcus
May 2, 2009

Remember the Soup Nazi on the Seinfeld sitcom? If you annoyed the chef, he would yell, "No soup for you!" When I hear the mindless reasoning of Obama supporters, I want to scream, "NO VOTE FOR YOU!"

All of our spending as a nation up until this point in time is dwarfed by Obama's spending in only 100 days. And yet, he promises fiscal responsibility. Our great grand kids will be paying his debt. Various areas of private sector freedoms are being infringed upon as Obama boldly goes where government has never trespassed before. My goodness, he fired the CEO of a private company, GM, and nobody cares. Such government overreaching should scare the 'bee-gee-bas' out of you.

And yet, I realize those embittered with 'class envy' love Obama's power grab and redistribution plans. Manipulative politicians have suckered you into believing that you have little because others have too much. What a tragic, dis-empowering and repulsive mindset. Losers. Losers. Losers. Winners think completely the opposite. America is the greatest nation on the planet with opportunity for ALL who are willing to GO FOR IT!

Now, let's talk national defense. In a nutshell, Obama wants to make 'nice-nice' with those who want us dead. Believing his own fawning press, Obama thinks the power of his charisma will transform evil megalomaniacs and religious zealots into allies. How arrogant, narcissistic, and scary is that? Mr President, what part of "we will kill ALL (infidels) who do not embrace our religion" do you not understand?

And another thing, despite my flaws, my wonderful wife thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread. Is it too much to ask that our president feel such pride and affection for his country? Obama is constantly trashing our way of life and referencing policies abroad as the lead we should follow.

I realize this is after the fact, but what the heck were you Christians thinking? You voted for a guy who voted to let babies die that survive abortions. Sadly, I believe it all comes down to two mindless emotional things. Obama is black and his speeches make you feel good.

While I am ranting, if one more conservative congratulates me because we have our first black president, I am going to slap them. Well, not physically, but in my brain. In essence, they're saying, "Obama is wrecking our country, but you should be proud, Lloyd, because he is black like you." Lord, help us!

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Lloyd Marcus

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