Pete Riehm
LGBTQ+ – where's the 'P'?
By Pete Riehm
July 5, 2021

Sex is surely not new, but sexualizing our culture is relatively new. About the past half century, education has been saturated and entertainment obsessed with sex. Founded way back in 1953, Playboy glamorized nude women, but it also made it somewhat acceptable to indulge soft pornography. In the 1960s, the sexual revolution exploded, shattering perceptions about sexuality. It demanded society not only publicly explore sexuality, but redefine sexual norms and roles. Baring sexuality in the public square was corrosive to society, but perhaps worse, it was an excuse for acute selfishness. Instead of sex being viewed as a special relationship, it shifted almost solely to individual self-satisfaction, with license to experiment with whoever and whatever feels good.

The primary objective of sex slipped from procreation to a self-absorbed quest for pleasure. Starting families and raising healthy, well-adjusted children requires a loving relationship between a father and mother, but that has become passé or old fashioned. The primary question became were you physically satisfied? Have you fulfilled your fantasies? Sex became an incredibly narcissistic endeavor. The immediate result was skyrocketing divorces as the desires of the individual superseded the dreams of the family.

By the 1980s, it seemed the sexual revolution had run its course. It made divorce acceptable and broken families common, but homosexuality was still not mainstream. Then in the 1990s, likable, sympathetic gay characters started showing up in movies and on TV. It still took decades, but gay characters and couples are now ubiquitous in entertainment. Only 30 years ago, gay affection on-screen would have been scandalous; now it seems inescapable.

Homosexuality has been with us throughout history, but by the 2010s, the boundaries of society expanded to make homosexuality mainstream. With the limits of morality moved, transgender perverts were knocking on the door and fairly quickly kicked it in. Almost overnight, a genuine mental illness – gender dysphoria – became mainstream. Drag queens have been performing in seedy clubs for decades, but now they are performing on military bases and even reading to children in public libraries and schools.

Therein lies the slippery slope of immorality. Every time society adjusts the boundaries to include the next perversion, an even more despicable deviant is looking over the fence of decency, clamoring to come in. The problem, then, is that perversion knows no bounds or depths, so at some point, nothing is unacceptable and everything is tolerated, if not endorsed.

Where does it stop? It doesn't! So where is this heading? Actress Kirstie Alley recently dropped a truth bomb: she warned that Hollywood is actively and consciously "putting society on a path to accept pedophilia!" That's exactly right! All of this normalizing all manner of perversion is ultimately targeting our children.

Hollywood has been sexualizing little girls for decades; Netflix hit bottom in 2020 with the movie "Cuties," about prepubescent girls twerking like strippers. Disney, Nickelodeon, and others all produce shows not about kids beings kids, but rather about kids being adults. The concept is if kids can be adults, they can handle adult issues.

This is where the pernicious evil of the transgender movement is exposed. Men wearing heels and lipstick or women donning crew cuts to be boyish is not sufficient. We are told we must offer such extremely adult choices to children: preschool children who sometimes want to be dogs should be allowed to choose their gender. Then they should be allowed dangerous hormone treatments and even irreversible surgical mutilation. Beyond insanity, this is absolutely child abuse!

If men can be nurses and hairdressers, or women can be firefighters and soldiers, why is this necessary? Because it is simply about sexuality! Children can dream about being a nurse or firefighter, but they are not equipped to deal with sexuality! And quite frankly, if they are not exposed to sexuality, they don't think about it. And should not! This is all a perverse crusade to sexualize our children and make it acceptable for them to be considered sexual beings. Then the next disgusting step is for them to engage in the sexuality they are indoctrinated to contemplate.

Folks, Hollywood is grooming our children for pedophilia! Don't believe it? Then review our precipitous slide into societal perversion. It won't stop; pedophilia is the logical destination. Our enlightened elite will call such notions prudish and silly. They will insist this all merely about letting people love who they want to love. It's not about love; it's about wanton lust at best and abject perversion at worst. These are wicked people preying on our children, and they have succeeded in putting our society on a perilous descent into the unknown depths of depravity.

Protect your children! Abandon Hollywood now! Call out the perverts and reject sexual deviancy in our schools. Save your children – and we can save our society, culture, and country. Lord, deliver us from evil!

"It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin" (Luke 17:2).

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8 pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at Email him at or on Parler @PeteRiehm or read all his columns at

© Pete Riehm

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Pete Riehm

Born to German immigrants, Pete Riehm grew up in Texas as a first generation American. Working his way through college, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After graduating from the University of Houston, Pete was commissioned into the United States Navy through Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He also earned a Master's Degree in National Security from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas... (more)


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