Pete Riehm
Gasps of a selfish, wicked generation
By Pete Riehm
June 28, 2022

As foreshadowed by a historic shocking leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling about two months ago, the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe versus Wade. Although the Democrat Media Complex has been breathlessly warning Americans this new ruling bans abortions, endangers freedom, and sets the stage for a theocratic government to invade privacy and impede perversion, it does not! Leftists across the board are misrepresenting this long overdue correction and courageous stand by the Supreme Court because some are simply trying to deceive the public, but most just don’t understand the Constitution or the Court and they highly resent basic morality or God forbid any notion of religion.

Constitutional scholars including liberal academics have known since Roe versus Wade was decided, that it was on very shaky judicial ground and simply bad law. The abortion lobby has been holding their breath for 49 years hoping the disastrous 1973 ruling would never face real judicial review. It has nothing to do with “conservatives” on the high Court and everything to do with the fact there is NO such thing as a right to abortion – it’s NOT in the Constitution.

A simple thumb rule that persistently evades leftists is that if anything costs money, it’s not a Constitutional right. In other words, if someone has to pay for your supposed right, it’s not a right; it may be a benefit, charity, or a privilege, but not a right. A right has to be free because it must be available to anyone and everyone without depending on anyone else. You have a right to your life, to liberty to do as you please or pursue happiness. Speech, self-defense, or privacy are all rights because each individual can exercise them independently. Perhaps the real rub for leftists is that a “right” is priceless, but it’s free; and can only be bestowed by God. They are jealous of God and resent His grace.

The other inescapable reality of abortion is that it’s murder. Democrats and liberals avoid the facts at all costs, but thanks to a steady drumbeat by the pro-life movement most Americans are painfully aware of the grisly nature of abortion. In the first trimester, the abortionist callously vacuums out the tiny baby and its beating heart; and in the second or third trimester, the abortionist cruelly chases the baby around the womb hacking it to pieces. Abortion is vile and extremely violent, but since it’s hard to see, leftists happily ignore it. However, technology is also working against abortion with new very graphic ultrasounds that clearly show the tiny hands and feet, and reveal the face of a human being. To deny an unborn baby is a person is to simply dismiss the obvious truth.

While leftist agitators, politicians, and press are apoplectic over this reversal, most Americans are jubilant over this victory for the sanctity of life and traditional American values, but as usual they are ignored by the media. The Democrat Media Complex is working overtime to fan the flames of discontent and encourage protests and even outright defiance of the Supreme Court, but they are surprised the pro-abortion backlash is modest and even muted. They were hoping to replay the 2020 summer riots, but the demonstrations are struggling to make it past a week.

The incredible irony is that most of the pro-abortion protests are in blue states where abortions remain available and legal. The SCOTUS ruling merely returned the issue of abortion to states where it has always belonged, so each state can exercise its sovereignty and regulate abortion according to the demands of its citizens. Why are blue states not content to just allow the slaughter of innocent life for their citizens? Why do leftists insist red states that find abortion morally reprehensible must also facilitate infanticide?

The short answer is control. Like every front in the culture wars, leftists covet irresistible power and total control, but they know a moral people will never submit to tyrannical rule. So, they know they must foster an immoral society if they ever hope to subjugate the masses. Liberals claim they want “Choice” until someone chooses other than they demand. Then they throw a tantrum and spout nonsense about the illegitimacy of the Supreme Court because they disagree with a ruling. Once again, they literally reject the institutions of our Constitutional Republic because quite frankly they prefer anarchy or tyranny.

Most Americans are happy with this new ruling and shrugging off the illogical and immature demonstrations and it appears the pro-abortion protests are fading faster than anyone expected, but there remains a disturbing trend among our younger generations. Thousands of young people hit the streets with vulgar displays and vile threats of intimidation simply because they demand the right to indulge whatever sexual proclivities and then avoid any consequences by snuffing out the inconvenient life that was conceived in their abject carelessness. They moan about their right to control their bodies when with all our available resources and technology they obviously cannot control their reproductive systems.

Killing an innocent life to avoid your responsibility is the epitome of evil. These people demand the right to murder another life so they can have what they want. This is essentially on par with human sacrifices like the ancients who sacrificed babies to Moloch for perceived blessing from a demon god. However, abortion is really more like the African slavers who indiscriminately slaughtered the old and young that they deemed inadequate to their slave trade and then enslaved only the healthy candidates. They murdered countless innocent lives, so they could have what they want. Abortionists are no different.

A selfish and wicked generation is gasping at the loss of an erroneous federal right to kill inconvenient innocent lives, but they are not giving up. In their hysteria, they talk about making federal properties a sanctuary for murder. We still have a problem. Pray for these lost souls that they learn the value of life and fear of a just God. Our continued freedom depends on a moral people prevailing, so we must still teach them the truth.

“And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel” (Judges 2:10).

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Pete Riehm

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