Pete Riehm
An American Gestapo?
By Pete Riehm
September 30, 2022

The foundation for our “domestic tranquility” is based in the public trust of our law enforcement and judicial system. The United States is a nation of laws; therefore, citizens have traditionally had confidence that generally police enforce the law uniformly and judges administer justice equally according to the laws of the land. The law is objective, unemotional, and particularly NOT partisan, so the people consent to be governed by legislated and instituted laws because they do NOT expect to be judged by the ill intent and mendacious whims of self-serving unscrupulous men. So, that makes the weaponization of the Department Of Justice (DOJ) for purely political purposes all the more disturbing.

Americans are bewildered the past few years by the increasingly blatant double standards by the DOJ. Through the summer of 2020, ANTIFA and BLM coordinated burning, looting, and rioting across the country with seeming impunity; if any were arrested, they were promptly released. ANTIFA and BLM actually attacked federal institutions and property, like DHS offices and Federal Courthouses, but the DOJ has not prosecuted those crimes and really never investigated those groups – they still don’t know who planned and funded those organized assaults on the government. Is that because they were attacking a Republican Administration?

When masses of average Americans showed up in Washington, DC 6 January 2021 to insist the Congress ensure we had a fair election, they captured the undivided attention of the DOJ. When a tiny fraction of radicals infiltrated by known leftist agitators and an unsettling presence of FBI operatives got out of hand with some vandalism and violence that doesn’t even register on the ANTIFA scale, the DOJ wasted no time in rounding up everyone anywhere near the Capitol and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. Many are still held without prosecution while the DOJ still searches for charges.

The DOJ is obsessed with identifying anyone they can associate with 6 January and making a public spectacle of their alleged crimes. Contrast 6 January and with the summer of 2020 and there is no comparison of the scale of vandalism and violence, so why is DOJ indifferent to ANTIFA and BLM and fixated on 6 January? Or, why is the DOJ not pursuing both? Sadly, the aggravating answer is politics! The DOJ is being misused to demonize average Americans and opponents of Biden’s leftist agenda to smear them politically, to make them irrelevant, to silence their voices.

When parents across the nation became alarmed at draconian COVID restrictions and progressive policies foisting transgender lunacy and questionable Critical Race Theory on their children, they showed up at school boards in almost every state with tough questions. They were unsurprisingly forceful and passionate about the education of their children. Leftist school boards resented the challenges, so they enlisted the DOJ to quash parental dissent. Again, the DOJ obliged the leftist political agenda and labeled parents “domestic terrorists;” and shockingly surveilled average Americans for being concerned parents.

The Biden Administration is determined to force extremist transgender policies in every state, so when Alabama passed a law earlier this year to prohibit radical hormone therapies and mutilating transgender surgeries on children, the Biden DOJ sued Alabama. This is a political dispute not a legal issue, but Biden’s DOJ is happy to wield their power for politics. DOJ subpoenaed Eagle Forum for all their correspondence lobbying for the Alabama law. Ponder that. Conservative women participated in the political process and now they are being intimidated by the DOJ for exercising their Constitutional right to express their opinions! That abject abuse of federal power should frighten every American.

This past week, DOJ sent the FBI to apprehend a peaceful anti-abortion activist in Pennsylvania for obstructing access to abortions. Mark Houck had actually agreed to surrender to the FBI and answer their questions, but the FBI decided to rather conduct a dawn raid on his home with a large SWAT team pointing guns at this father and his seven children for the alleged crime of protesting infanticide. Did the FBI use overwhelming force to apprehend any ANTIFA or BLM activists?

There was NO reason for this ridiculous show of force against a cooperative suspect, but DOJ and the FBI had another goal. It’s totally political! They want to portray conservatives as criminals and dangerous. Not unlike a banana republic, the Biden Administration is not only demonizing their political opponents, they are trying to criminalize any political opposition. This cynical approach is unethical and utterly un-American! But this is Biden’s America. We now live in a police state where the government employs its law enforcement powers to win elections.

Americans have the power to reject these gross abuses of power. Democrats must be driven from power not just for political purposes but to preserve our First Amendment rights!

“You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally” (Ezekiel 34:4).

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8 pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at Email him at or on MEWE @PeteRiehm or read all his columns at

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Pete Riehm

Born to German immigrants, Pete Riehm grew up in Texas as a first generation American. Working his way through college, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After graduating from the University of Houston, Pete was commissioned into the United States Navy through Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He also earned a Master's Degree in National Security from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas... (more)


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