Pete Riehm
Nuclear weapons are for adults
By Pete Riehm
October 10, 2022

Silly Joe Biden, nuclear weapons are for adults, or at least competent, prudent adults. In the 1970s Trix cereal ads, a reckless rabbit was always trying to get some Trix by deception, but always failed mostly for his over-the-top antics. Every time Biden goes off script, his silly antics are irresponsible, if not downright nonsensical. It’s sometimes amusing, but nuclear weapons and war are no laughing matter. Biden’s inclination to respond forcefully to nuclear threats is not wrong, but an American president’s words carry great weight. So, a president’s words must be measured and exact.

Since the rogue Russian invasion of Ukraine has gone off the rails, Putin has made not so veiled threats that he might employ tactical nuclear weapons if the West interferes or just continues to provide aid to Ukraine. As the war in Ukraine drags on and goes badly for Russia, Putin is coming under increasing pressure for results, so we cannot dismiss his threats, as he may become desperate – and like a cornered animal, dangerous and unpredictable.

Putin’s intimidations are surely irresponsible and manipulative, so it’s critical that he be taken seriously and handled prudently. Responding to threats of nuclear annihilation must be concise, firm, and nuanced. Only a crazy person or maniacal despot would brandish nuclear weapons, so it's vitally imperative that those responding to such a mad man are clear-eyed, with cool heads.

Further, such extreme saber rattling should be met forcefully with steadfast resolve, so Biden is not wrong conceptually to warn Putin that any toying with nuclear weapons would have grave consequences. However, such a serious threat should not be the subject of casual musings at a cocktail party. Everything a president utters can be construed as policy. The White House communications team knows this all too well as they spend an inordinate amount of time walking back Biden’s prolific gaffes.

Biden carelessly mentioned we haven’t faced “Armageddon since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962” at a Democrat fundraiser, implying we are on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. Since Biden has no international credibility, his quip probably only amused Putin, but it set our European allies on edge. They are on the frontlines of any nuclear slip-ups, while Biden monkeys with the nuclear buttons. His comments were so destabilizing, the leftist French President Macron was compelled to publicly rebuke Biden for his recklessness. No one is following Biden on the international stage; the world is cringing.

Putin is using his nuclear threats to deter Western actions or aid. The West should be implementing effective policies and sternly admonishing Putin, to deter him from pursuing such a reckless approach, but any warnings of a nuclear response from the West should be made in private. As Theodore Roosevelt said “Talk softly, but carry a big stick.” Biden shouts like an old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn while he is whittling down the stick.

As war rages in Ukraine and Russia threatens the West, the world is looking for American leadership and a steady hand, but American leadership is absent as a decrepit old man irrationally wags his tongue. If there is anyone at the helm at all, the sad fact is we have at best a shaky hand on the ship of state, so the U.S. and the world must navigate these treacherous international waters without a clear captain for the next two years.

That’s simply dangerous and unsettling, so any hope for international stability the next two years can only come by reigning in this renegade administration and restoring some modicum of adult supervision to Washington. Republicans are certainly not perfect, but we must pray they win both the House and Senate in November – and we must VOTE!

“The prudent keep their knowledge to themselves, but a fool’s heart blurts out folly” (Proverbs 12:23).

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8 pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at Email him at or on MEWE @PeteRiehm or read all his columns at

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Pete Riehm

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