Pete Riehm
America doesn’t need another Reagan, We need Trump!
By Pete Riehm
January 23, 2024

As Donald Trump inevitably clenches the Republican nomination for president again, some still long for a more genteel, kinder, and magnanimous champion to save America from its current precipitous decline. They complain Trump is belligerent, crass, and just plain mean. Why can’t we find another President Ronald Reagan who resurrected America from the catastrophic Carter years? Reagan truly was one of our greatest presidents. The “great communicator” was firm in his Christian conservative convictions, but he was also charming, humble, and witty. Acutely affable, even his political foes could not help but like him, but that was a different time and a different world.

Reagan was undoubtedly the right man for his time, but this is not 1980. Back then, boys were boys and girls were girls. Schools still taught the Constitution, genuine American history, and patriotism. Then only some Democrats thought socialism was a good idea, most Democrats and Republicans agreed communism must be contained and the Soviet Union defeated. Democrats and Republicans argued and struggled for the gavel, but they all still loved America and wanted only the best for Americans albeit by different methods.

Forty years ago, the parties were separated by a mere aisle. Now, the chasm between the parties dwarfs the Grand Canyon. Establishment and so-called moderate Republicans are enchanted and enamored with the power of big government pretty much like Democrats, but beyond that there is little common ground. The modern Democrat Party has been hijacked by Marxists. Capitalists like President John F. Kennedy would be shunned by today’s Democrats.

Liberals and left leaning folks have always been more comfortable in the Democrat Party, but four decades ago most Democrats had integrity. They cherished the Constitution and respected the law, and they still loved the America of our founding. Everyone in Washington was generally committed to doing what is best for the American people. The famous words of Republican Senator Arthur Vandenburg still rang true for both parties: “Politics stops at the water's edge.” But that is a far cry from the daily bitter partisan fracas in Washington now.

Today, everything is hyper partisan. From the border to foreign policy to spending to lunch, each party must prevail and penalize the other. Generally lacking courage and conviction, Republicans are no model of virtue, but Democrats have become power mad obsessed with establishing totalitarian rule. They covet irresistible and unquestionable dictatorial power, so any means justify the ends. They have convinced themselves they care more and know better, so they should have absolute power over everyone else.

Today, we are beset by a Democrat Party like Mark Levin’s so titled latest book that “hates America!” They hide behind a Constitution they despise and yearn to dissolve. They shriek about misinformation to deny free speech to any Americans that dissent. Then, they giddily spread disinformation to malign their opponents and mislead the people. While crime spirals out of control because leftist prosecutors refuse to enforce the law, Democrats are determined to abolish the right to bear arms for law abiding citizens. They refuse to defend the nation by securing the border but insist millions of illegal immigrants should receive the benefits and rights of American citizens with American tax dollars. Democrats’ ultimate goal is to abolish the Electoral College and elect the president solely by the popular vote, thereby disenfranchising smaller, typically red states. When millions of illegal aliens vote illegally, the large blue cities will hold all the power and Democrats will never lose the White House again.

Beyond the collusion to dismantle our Constitutional Republic, government bureaucracy has become hopelessly corrupt. Public education indoctrinates our children with Marxist hatred of capitalism and confuses them about their sexuality with all manner of perversion and pronoun nonsense. The CIA openly interferes in elections and with the FBI covertly works to undermine any president they don’t like. The FBI spies on Americans and investigates those with religious convictions or traditional values. The CIA and FBI also manipulate the press and big tech to spread disinformation, like the 51 Intelligence Officers that declared Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian Disinformation” – that was a lie, and no one was held accountable!

The leftists in both parties are at war with the American people. Very close to attaining absolute power, the federal government has become the enemy of freedom and will stop at nothing to cement their indisputable dominance. Unlike the 1980s, there is no common ground and no room for compromise. Democrats want socialism and no capitalism. They want collective rights to override individual rights. They intensely desire dictatorial power, so we cannot compromise with them or negotiate with them—they must be defeated!

In bizarre irony, the press and pundits breathlessly relentlessly warn us that Trump is “undemocratic” and “a unique danger,” but that is only a brazen cynical deflection. The Democrats literally drove Robert Kennedy, Jr., out of the Democrat Party so Joe Biden would have no challenger, but Biden is not up for another election. He will probably step aside, but too late for the voters, Democrat power brokers will select the Democrat nominee. So, the Democrat Party won’t let Democrats vote either.

Democrats colluding with Department of Justice (DOJ) and various rogue prosecutors are trying to use partisan lawfare to indict Trump on any spurious charges—anything to impede or maybe remove him from the ballot. Various blue states are trying to keep him off the ballot. Again, anything to deprive Americans of even having an opportunity to vote because our ruling elite do not trust the average voter. It’s obvious Democrats are anything but democratic.

Perhaps Democrat howls that Trump is out for vengeance belies Democrats real fear. Trump won’t exact retribution; he will uphold the law and seek justice. Accountability and justice scare maniacal leftists and corrupt bureaucrats because they know their deeds.

America needs Trump because we are at war for the soul of the nation. This is an existential struggle for capitalism and the Constitution, and only Trump can face down these dark forces and withstand the unimaginable pressure. We are facing the last opportunity to save America by peaceful means before we slip into who knows how many years of servitude. Trump is a warrior for America first! If Trump cannot restore the Republic, America as we know it is lost.

"He shall say: ‘Hear, Israel: Today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not panic or be terrified by them. For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory’” (Deuteronomy 20:3-4).

Pete Riehm is a conservative activist and columnist in south Alabama. Email him at or read all his columns at

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Pete Riehm

Born to German immigrants, Pete Riehm grew up in Texas as a first generation American. Working his way through college, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After graduating from the University of Houston, Pete was commissioned into the United States Navy through Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He also earned a Master's Degree in National Security from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas... (more)


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