Ellis Washington
Welcome to the Progressive Revolution, Byron!
By Ellis Washington
March 4, 2015

...Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Jew / Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

~ Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984), Holocaust survivor

Prologue to a typical uninformed Black Democrat Socialist

Byron Allen, a Black media mogul and popular TV talk show host is battling MSNBC host, Al Sharpton, President Obama, and Comcast Cable, in a fight to highlight the predicament at the center of American race relations. It's a terrifying undertaking. Nonetheless Byron isn't afraid... yet. Allen told The Daily Caller that "top media interests are actively freezing out and in some cases destroying black-owned media companies – and they're paying Reverend-turned-MSNBC host Al Sharpton to give them racial cover to do it."

What Byron Allen doesn't understand but now may increasingly become painfully aware of is that even Washington politicians including Obama are cheap and their allegiance is duplicitous; willing to sell out to MSNBC or any other socialist media entities: whoever is the highest bidder. It's all one giant, corrupt collusion of political power and media monopolies all controlled by the Democrat Socialist Party. (That last idea Allen will never understand because it would deconstruct his entire servile worldview and send him spiraling down into a catatonic state). Allen, 53, is the chairman and CEO of the production company Entertainment Studios, which joined with the National Association of African-American Owned Media to file a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit this week against Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Sharpton's National Action Network, the NAACP, the Urban League, and former FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker. Allen and his fellow plaintiff also filed a $10 billion suit against AT&T and DirectTV. "It's cheaper to give Al Sharpton money than it is to do business with real African-American owned media," Allen told The DailyCaller. "What Comcast does is they give Al Sharpton money so he doesn't call them racist. That is the issue here."

Welcome to the Progressive Revolution, Byron!

After reading this article published in the DailyCaller, I was prompted to write the following rebuttal on my Facebook page earlier this week: "Welcome to the Progressive Revolution, Byron!" I continued: We Black conservatives are glad you finally woke up (250 years after the fact). The Democrat Socialist Party, dating back to the Loyalists who treasonously fought on the side of King George III and the British against their fellow colonists during the American Revolution (1775-83), continued to promote slavery (which most of the American colonists hated), and even to this country's earliest history, through the Civil War, the Civil Rights Era, right up to modern times, are only hellbent on destroying the hopes and dreams of Black people... Didn't you get the memo, Byron?

Byron, I didn't hear you open your mouth when Obama and his IRS Gestapo was targeting Christians, conservatives, pro-Israel Jews, Tea Party and Republicans. I didn't hear your TV corporation do a show on your fellow Black conservatives like my friend Justice Clarence Thomas and others who for decades was blackballed, having their careers and organizations ruined by Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party. For over 30 years conservative Blacks like me told the Black media that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Congressional Black [Caucasian] Caucus, the NAACP ("National Association for the [Abortion] of Colored People") and other so-called "Black civil rights groups" were essentially Poverty Pimps making money off rich White Socialists and Progressives like Nazi employee George Soros to pimp their own people, ruining the hopes and dreams of generations of Black Americans; keeping tens of millions of Black folks enslaved to the Democrat Party Plantation into perpetuity. But now that your ox is gored, Byron we hear you squeal like a stuck pig. Good Luck with that.

First they came ...

Although I don't expect either Byron, his corporation, Entertainment Studios, nor the vast millions of his largely Black audience, all Democrat Socialist Party voters to understand the irony that just as Black America ignored, mocked and helped destroy the careers of their fellow conservative Blacks in America because their White slavemasters told them to do so (likewise over the past 50 years destroying the Black family to Socialism slavery), yet a short history lesson is in order here. During the ascendancy of the Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party (i.e., the Nazi Party) from 1925-45 many courageous Germans and other non-Jewish Europeans suffered greatly and many died tortuous deaths by helping the Jews in Germany and throughout Europe evade the gas chambers, the death camps, and other sadistic tortures of the Nazis. One man, a famous German Pastor who was a friend and mentor of another famous German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who later give his life trying to kill Hitler (Operation Valkyrie). I am speaking about Pastor Martin Niemöller who for his opposition to the Nazis' state control of the churches, Niemöller was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentrations camps from 1937 to 1945.

Niemoller, very regretful that he tried to compromise with Hitler and the Nazis in the early years, only to be betrayed by the Nazis where ironically he spent eight years inside the Nazi's death camps with the same Jews he betrayed, rather than standing on the Bible and on moral principle (just like you, Byron). Nevertheless, after the war in the 1950s he would write his famous poem, First they came ..., which in my opinion is the singular, defining statement from the Holocaust era warning people for generations up to our present times against being smug in their own conceit; that horrific acts done by fascist powers to minority groups won't affect me. Evil unchecked will eventually find you as Niemöller's classic poem, First they came ... profoundly demonstrates:
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –

    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –

    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –

    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Byron, I didn't hear you or your media empire, Entertainment Studios speak out for over 6 years on the treachery of President Barack Obama and how he set back Black America 50 years; how Obama has essentially ruled over America like a lunatic Communist dictator – ignoring the voters in the 2014 election who rejected his policies in numbers not seen for almost 100 years: ignoring Congress, ignoring the Courts, repeatedly stabbing the Jews and the Nation of Israel in the back. Therefore, going to Obama's Courts will not bring you any justice, Byron. Here's the scenario: You'll pay a bunch of lawyers millions in legal fees over a 2, 4, or even a 10 year period or longer and in the end you'll have nothing to show for your labors except for mounting legal bills that you can no longer afford, increasing marginalization by the White Socialist media whom you foolishly thought were your allies, an annual audit by Obama's IRS, a perpetual 'investigation' by Herr Eric Holder's Justice Department and your company, Entertainment Studios, that you spent years of your life building, along with the companies of your co-plaintiffs will all be dwelling in the abyss of Chapter 11 bankruptcy... ruined.

Treachery 1912: How Black people first started voting Democrat

This is the lesson of Martin Niemoller's poem. This is the lesson of Black America who was sold out over 100 years ago by Harvard graduate, Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, President of the NAACP who in 1912 made a secret deal with Democrat candidate Woodrow Wilson to bring a portion of the Black vote to the Democrat Party in exchange for a political patronage position which he never received. 100 years ago President Woodrow Wilson's evil and duplicitous acts against Black America even after Black people first started voting for Democrats could only be identified as delighted hatred (same as with Barack Obama's view of Black America from 2009-15):
    Woodrow Wilson's administration was openly hostile to black people. Wilson was an outspoken white supremacist who believed that black people were inferior. During his campaign for the presidency, Wilson promised to press for civil rights. But once in office he forgot his promises. Instead, Wilson ordered that white and black workers in federal government jobs be segregated from one another. This was the first time such segregation had existed since Reconstruction! When black federal employees in Southern cities protested the order, Wilson had the protesters fired. In November, 1914, a black delegation asked the President to reverse his policies. Wilson was rude and hostile and refused their demands.
Welcome to the Progressive Revolution, Byron. This is just some of the real history you would have learned had you taken the time to read my 2-volume book, The Progressive Revolution (2013), but you've spend your entire life enslaving your own people to the Democrat Socialist Party plantation, until 'Masser' turned his hatred against you and your Entertainment Studios corporation. Now that your ox has been gored so to speak, you want revenge. However, you won't get revenge because all of the institutions you will seek for justice are controlled by the same lunatic, communist Democrat Socialist Party who hates you, who hates your media empire, and who hates Black America every bit as much as President Woodrow Wilson did 100 years earlier.

I leave you with this thought, Byron: There is no such thing as "Black Media" or "White Media." There are only two types of media in 2015 – Truth Media and Slave Media. I leave it to your intelligence and to your conscience to decide which media you dedicated your entire life to promote and which media you will promote for the remainder of your life?

Welcome to the Progressive Revolution, Byron!

Book Notice

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Invitation for manuscripts

I am starting a new a program on my blog dedicated to giving young conservatives (ages 14-35) a regular place to display and publish their ideas called Socrates Corner. If you know of any young person who wants to publish their ideas on any subject, have them send their essay manuscripts to my email at ewashington@wnd.com.

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