Ellis Washington
The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger's proto-Nazism
By Ellis Washington
December 2, 2015

"We prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is immediately prohibited to the feeble-minded."

~ Margaret Sanger, The Pivot of Civilization (1922)

"The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is the most human act of mankind."

~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (1925)

Prologue: Margaret Sanger's Negro Project (= Black Genocide)

My friend and new author, Bruce Fleury, has written his first book which I will review in this essay. Fleury is a long-time and faithful supporter of the radio show I co-host called Joshua's Trial. And each week without fail Bruce will call into our radio show and express his zealous support of what we have been doing on radio for the past 11 years – Offering America passionate and intelligent commentary from a Black Conservative, Judeo-Christian perspective. I think of Bruce as a go-to guy, a Man of Action in the community whose gift is to galvanize others to join him in action to defend America and her sacred Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions against the existential menace of The Socialist-Progressive Revolution.

Besides being my neighbor in Grosse Pointe Farms (a small city just east of Detroit), Bruce is a man of dualism – a ideological Conservative who worked for over 20 years at a Ford Plant dominated by UAW unionism and Democrat Socialist Party politics; a man born in small town Glen Ridge, NJ, yet works in big-city Detroit; a White man and patriot, yet has the vision, the intelligence, and love for Black America to write this outstanding volume on Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood in 1916 – an utterly unredeemable woman whose diabolical ideas and evil intents are responsible for the murder of tens of millions of Black babies for 100 years now... and counting.

You would have thought over the last 100 years since the advent of the Black Holocaust and Proto-Nazi organization euphemistically called Planned Parenthood, that some of America's great Black intellectuals and civil rights leaders would have written a book (or at least an essay, or newspaper article, even a Tweet!) against Planned Parenthood. People like Dr. Martin Luther King (who won the Margaret Sanger Award on May 5th 1966!), Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, Mary McLeod Bethune, A. Phillip Randolph, Julian Bond, Harry Belafonte, Vernon Jordan, or some of the so-called great Black ministers like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bishop Charles E. Blake (Presiding Bishop of COGIC), Bishop Charles H. Ellis III of Detroit, or even my former pastor – Dr. Charles G. Adams of Detroit's Hartford Memorial Baptist Church; a "Progressive Church" where I worshiped for 25 years (1987 – until Obama's 2nd election, Nov. 6, 2012, where I couldn't take it anymore) – or his best friend and colleague and the "former" pastor to Oprah, President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jeremiah Wright Pastor Emeritus at Trinity United Methodist Church in Chicago? Why didn't any of these credentialed, Ivy-League educated, celebrated Black leaders have the vision to inform their Black followers of the Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood's Modern Holocaust against Black Children?

The short answer is because their White, racist, Progressive-Socialist Slavemasters of the Democrat-Socialist Party have for over 100 years – since President Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ made a Faustian deal with other so-called "Black leaders" beginning with Harvard-educated Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, but also including untold millions, tens of millions of pastors (and their Black Christian congregations), professors, teachers, federal/state workers, Union members, Black businesses, doctors, lawyers, Black media, Black sports/entertainment figures, etc. which goes something like this – We (the White power structure of the Democrat Socialist Party) will allow you to have access to education, career, power, notoriety, and wealth if you promise to do these two things: 1) Give your undying allegiance to the Democrat Socialist Party and their Holocaust agenda – especially support of abortion on demand; 2) Express hatred of everything the Republican Party does to help Black America and use your power to fight against Conservatives on every front.

Bruce Fleury, a White man who loves America and loves all people including Blacks, wrote this book for the specific purpose that for the 100 years Planned Parenthood has committed genocide funded by Congress, legitimized by the Supreme Court, ignored by the general public, that no one else took the time to research and write this work. As far as I am aware there is not a single volume on Margaret Sanger's Proto-Nazism from a Christian conservative worldview in the literature until now – therefore Fleury's essential opus fills this tragic void in the literature and thus places us all on notice regarding Planned Parenthood's ignominious history.

Malcolm X's Iconic 1963 Speech: Message to the Grassroots

Below is the Table of Contents to Fleury's book:



    1. A Short Biography of Margaret Sanger

    2. A Brief History of Eugenics

    3. Margaret Sanger's Nazi Connection

    4. The Useful Idiots of Margaret Sanger's Negro Project

    5. The Horrifying Agenda of Planned Parenthood and the "Pro-Choice Movement

    6. Crime, Illiteracy, Drug Abuse, Unemployment, and Abortion in the Black Community: An Extinction-Level Event

    7. Population Control, Abortion, and the U.N.'s Agenda 21

    8. Heroes of the Pro-Life Movement

    9. Fighting Back: Learning and Acting on the Lessons of the Negro Project

What Sanger's Negro Project Teaches us?

After a short Forward by radio host Ron Edwards, Fleury begins his timely and revelatory book with a brief Acknowledgement and Introduction followed by Chapter 1: A Short Biography of Margaret Sanger which has this infamous, Hitlerian quote Sanger wrote in a Dec. 10, 1939 letter to her close friend, Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, the famous mogul of the Proctor and Gamble pharmaceutical drug empire, just two months after Hitler and the Nazis unleashed World War II:
    We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.

    We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.
This traitorous admission regarding the real intent of abortion – which has always been about Black Genocide not birth control or women's health, is laid bare before all who are willing to be enlightened on what Justice Harry Blackmun, author of the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion majority opinion later called, "the machinery of death." Fleury's book is fully referenced with detailed endnotes at the end of each chapter and a full, informative bibliography at the end of the book. A statistical leitmotiv Fleury cites throughout the book is on p. 21: "Abortion is the leading cause of death in Black America, eclipsing all others by a substantial margin. Abortion wipes out the lives of unborn black children to the tune of nearly 500,000 ever year. Moreover, most of Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics are located in the Black inner city, a fact that can hardly be called a coincidence."

In Chapter 2: A Brief History of Eugenics, Fleury quotes Webster's Dictionary regarding Eugenics – "The movement to improve the human species by controlling heredity." Did you know that Eugenics was invented by the father of Evolution Atheism, Charles Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton (1822-1911), and was used since the advent of Evolution Atheism by Socialists, Progressives, race demagogues, and scientific racialists from – Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Weber to Harry Laughlin, Lothrop Stoddard, Margaret Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, W.E.B. Du Bois, Herbert Croly, Walter Lippmann, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and the modern Democrat Socialist Party, to commit the most venal, racial discriminatory practices against Blacks and other minorities in America and throughout the world... even to this day? Chapter 3: Margaret Sanger's Nazi Connection, I believe is the most historically relevant yet least understood part of Fleury's book, therefore I will deal with this chapter in detail at the conclusion of the book review.

In Chapter 4: The Useful Idiots of Margaret Sanger's Negro Project, Fleury quotes a May 18, 1943 letter from J.T. Braun, Editor-in-Chief, of the National Baptist Convention Sunday School Publishing Board to Margaret Sanger: "At first glance I had a horrible shock to that proposition (birth control) because it seemed to me to be allied with abortion, but after careful thought and prayer, I have concluded that especially among many women, it is necessary to save both the lives of mothers and children." Since Blacks first started voting for Democrats with the election of racist, former president of Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson (President: 1913-21), the Black church has been complicit with Margaret Sanger and the Democrat Socialist Party to commit Black genocide against their own race in exchange for political power, prestige, careerism, and money. (See Malcolm X emoji).

In Chapter 5: The Horrifying Agenda of Planned Parenthood and the Pro-Choice Movement, Fleury quotes a Sanger's vile 1922 book, The Pivot of Civilization, her Proto-Nazi, racialist memoir that tremendously influenced Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, where Sanger called Black people "Human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning human beings who should never have been born." Thus Sanger's Holocaust Democrat worldview would be used as a model for Adolph Hitler and the Nazis to apply that same irrational, insane Nazi Holocaust worldview against the Jews and other Untermensch (subhumans) to create the Holocaust.

Chapter 6: Crime, Illiteracy, Drug Abuse, Unemployment, and Abortion in the Black Community: An Extinction-Level Event, Fleury quotes a definition of an Extinction-level Event: "An event where all species on the planet can become extinct." This chapter has overtones to the Socialist-Progressive Left hero, the Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834), father of "Malthusianism" – the now discredited overpopulation theory first chronicled in his famous writing – An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798), which theorized that unchecked population growth (ironically due to Christian charity) can lead to the "Malthusian catastrophe" which is demonstrative of moral and societal destruction (due to lack of food, water, tillable land, and other natural resources), therefore causing rampant death, disease, mass starvation, and eventually global war.

Today's global Socialist Slavemasters renamed this failed, discredited phenomenon Malthusianism – Global Warming, now Climate Change. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a strong Christian leader who stands on principle, seems to be the only world leader honest enough to call the 2015 Global Climate Change Conference in France "a Western climate scare ... fraud, designed to restrain industrial development in countries like Russia."

Chapter 7: Population Control, Abortion, and the U.N.'s Agenda 21, Fleury quotes Obama's lead Science Advisor, "Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently sever to endanger the society." This idea is reminiscent of a 2011 essay I wrote titled, The Ten Commandments of the Antichrist:
    In his 2008 documentary "Endgame: Elite's Blueprint for Global Enslavement," conspiracy theorist Alex Jones states his belief that the Georgia Guidestones were built by representatives of a secret society called the Rosicrucian Order or Rosicrucians, which call for a global religion, world courts and for population levels to be maintained at around 500 million, over a 6.5 billion reduction from projected levels in 2011.
In this essay I mentioned the Socialist-Progressive Left's obsession with radically reducing the world population by 90%. The only way to achieve these numbers in the time frame they want achieve them (2050) is by Democide which political scientist R. J. Rummel (1932–2014) defined as "the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder."

Chapter 8: Heroes of the Pro-Life Movement, Fleury cites Rev. Johnny L. Hunter's 1999 Columbus Day speech, "Civil rights doesn't mean a thing without a right to life." Here Fleury focuses on several courageous Black Americans who witnessed "firsthand how devastatingly sterilization and abortion have ravaged their community, far more than the evil and disgusting practice of slavery could ever have done."

Chapter 9: Fighting Back: Learning and Acting on the Lessons of the Negro Project, Fleury quotes the legenday18th century English statesman Edmund Burke (1729-97), the Father of modern Conservatism, who warned his generation of the excesses and evils of the French Revolution (1789-99) which occurred during his era. Burke declared: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

In this chapter Fleury strongly proclaims on p. 266 – "We learned that black Americans, in particular, were deliberately targeted for extinction by Margaret Sanger and those who bought into her warped utopian vision of creating a race of "perfect" people through the discredited practice of eugenics, first through sterilization... and later on through the cruel and barbaric act of abortion."

Epilogue: Darwin's Unholy Trinity – Sanger-Hitler-Obama

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fleury's entire book on Sanger and learned much from this literary offering, it is Chapter 3:Margaret Sanger's Nazi Connection, where I want to devote the most of my analysis which is why I used the subtitle of my book review essay "... Margaret Sanger's Proto-Nazism." If you look at the opening epigram quotes of this essay it is quite evident that in 1924 while Hitler was in the Landsberg prison serving a mere 8 months (264 days) of his original 5-year sentence for treason were his Nazi Party tried but failed to overthrow the Bavarian government in the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, that his writing – both in style and substance demonstrates conclusively that Hitler had access to Sanger's book – The Pivot of Civilization written two years before.

It is evident that Hitler relied heavily upon Sanger's Socialist-Progressive Weltanschauung (Nazi worldview) including her virulent brand of Social Darwinism, racialist eugenics, and State-sponsored genocide against Blacks, Jews and other so-called Untermensch (e.g., subhumans, inferior people). Hitler and the Nazis even created a comprehensive and vast medical/policy institution called the Aktion T4 Eugenics and forced Euthanasia program where the Hitler-Himmler-Heydrich diabolical program of Lebensunwertes Leben (life unworthy of life) was enacted into Nazi law and policy – demonic ideas and policy directives first contemplated by Hitler in writing his memoirs Mein Kampf (Vol. I-1925, Vol. II-1926), and even reveals ideas mentioned in some of Hitler's psychotic political speeches from the early 1920s.

An ironic note: At the end of World War II (1945) Germany rightly banned the publication of Hitler' evil book for contributing to the destruction of a once great country and people, but on Jan. 1, 2016 the German government of Angel Merkel will remove this ban and start publishing Hitler's memoirs in Germany after 70 years of the work being illegal in that country. I wonder will this action cause the rise of Neo-Nazism once again in Germany and throughout Europe? Time will tell.

On p. 57, Fleury cites Sangers' article in the April 1932 issue of The Birth Control Review, to demonstrate her heartlessness in refusing to allow even one Jew to emigrate to America to escape the then growing Nazi menace that would quickly metastasize into a homicidal monster once Hitler and his Nazi Party won election and he was appointed Chancellor of Germany on Jan. 30, 1933 – an expectant triumph where also several of Hitler's ranking henchmen won political appointments as political leaders in strategic military districts throughout Germany.

Quoting The Birth Control Review, Fleury writes: "In this piece, Sanger left no doubt as to her position on this [Jewish immigration] question. Sanger was quite blunt, writing that America should "keep the doors of immigration closed to the entrance of certain aliens whose condition is known to be detrimental to the stamina of the race, such as feebleminded, idiots, morons, insane, syphilitic, epileptic, criminal, professional prostitutes, and others in this class barred by immigration laws of 1924."

Later Fleury quotes Hitler's Mein Kampf again in regards to how Nazis viewed Black people: "In Mein Kampf, Hitler took dead aim at Black Germans (which Germany had only a miniscule number in the 1930s), referring to them as "half-apes" (a Darwinian epithet) and charging that "the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization of the country's 'pure' Aryan blood." Fleury continued, "As a result, when the Nazis took over, German's black population was subjected to the same oppression and persecution as its Jewish citizens were forced to endure."

In conclusion, Fleury declared that while Sanger and other Progressives after first championing Hitler and Nazism as "Progressive" and Nazi eugenic and euthanasia programs as "Scientific," "Modern" and "necessary" – had to recant once Hitler invaided Poland on September 1, 1939, launching World War II, and his Nazi Party grotesqueries become public domain and indefensible, therefore Sanger and the Holocaust Democrats and Progressives in America (with the help of the Progressive Propaganda press), covered themselves by paying feigning lipservice against Nazism and its attendant genocide, nevertheless Fleury states that "American eugenicists like Margaret Sanger, Harry Laughlin, Lothrop Stoddard, Madison Grant, and Paul Popenoe... severed as models for the Nazis' own policies; and they both [Hitter and the Nazis] admired even envied them (recall Joseph DeJarnett's lament that 'the Germans are beating us at our [the Socialist-Progressive] own game')..."

Fleury closes with this profound statement followed by a series of Socratic dialectical questions: "While Sanger and the rest may not have been Nazis, they have much for which to answer at the bar of history. It is up to us to hold them to account. Justice demands we do no less. If not us, whom? If not now, when?

Planned Parenthood's Baby Parts and Smithsonian Bust Scandals

I strongly urge all people of Good Will to purchase Fleury's book. It will enlighten you more comprehensively of the historical synthesis between the irrational Black genocide of Margaret Sanger in 1916 through the 1920s and early 1930s leading directly to the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis genocide against the Jews and others, leading directly to America's existential multi-billion dollar Infant Holocaust, an existential American Tragedy that continues to this day. Atrocities worse than those performed by the infamous Nazi Dr. Joseph "Angel of Death" Mengele of the Auschwitz Death camp.

Also recall Planned Parenthood's role in the recent rediscovery of the baby body parts selling scandal we euphemistically call "Family Planning." And now as if the Nazi Holocaust wasn't evil enough, Holocaust Democrats in modern times have used the Smithsonian, America's most visible and iconic museum of Americana located in Washington, D.C., for their exhibit titled the "Struggle for Justice" – where they placed a bust of the Proto-Nazi and Founding Mother of Black Genocide, Margaret Sanger – which was aggressively defended that it not be removed by Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, and many Democrat members of Congress.

"There is no ambiguity in what Margaret Sanger's bust represents: hatred, racism, and the destruction of unborn life," declared Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a statement. "Not only should we continue efforts to redirect funds from Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by Sanger that is currently under criminal investigation, we must also work to ensure that her inhumane life's work is in no way promoted."

Book Notice

Please purchase my latest opus dedicated to that Conservative Colossus, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Here are the latest two new volumes from my ongoing historical series – THE PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION: History of Liberal Fascism through the Ages (University Press of America, 2015):
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Please circulate this flyer to all your email contacts & Facebook/Twitter followers who may be interested in purchasing this opus which will serve as a ready apologetic against the rampant Marxist-Progressive propaganda taught in America's public schools, colleges, universities, graduate schools, and law schools. Thanks in advance to all my friends, associates and colleagues for your invaluable support! Law and History Blog: www.EllisWashingtonReport.com

Invitation for manuscripts

I am starting a new a program on my blog dedicated to giving young conservatives (ages 14-35) a regular place to display and publish their ideas called Socrates Corner. If you know of any young person who wants to publish their ideas on any subject, have them send their essay manuscripts to my email at ewashington@wnd.com.

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