Ellis Washington
Trump exposes "conservative" apparatchiks
By Ellis Washington
January 31, 2016

Purists vs. Pragmatists: Adapt or Die... You can't win a general election with a purist philosophy.

~ Dr. Michael Savage, Radio Host (Jan. 28, 2016)

One of the problems when you become successful is that jealousy and envy inevitably follow. There are people – I categorize them as life's losers – who get their sense of accomplishment and achievement from trying to stop others.

~ Donald Trump, The Art of the Deal (1987)

Prologue to American Prometheus

Breitbart writer John Nolte wrote a compelling column on Jan. 28th, Beware Hypocritical Conservatives defending the sins of Fox News over Trump, where he compliments GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for correctly exposing the rampant hypocrisy and self-righteousness of who I call the 'conservative apparatchiks' – Neocons and Establishment Conservative types who are seething with envy and jealously at Trump for deconstructing their 40-50 year stranglehold as the sole arbiters of Reagan Conservatism... without their permission.

Radio legend Dr. Michael Savage has said repeatedly on his radio show, "Ronald Reagan is dead. Bill Buckley is dead. Their skeletons are buried deep in the ground. Move on!" Nolte writes that, "On top of a long overdue challenge to a DC Media Cabal that has become entirely too powerful, Trump has done us another favor by exposing many on our own side for who they really are." One Breitbart commentator named "Wild Bill" succinctly summarized the sentiments American conservatives like me have been praying for decades – "The cabal of political puppetmasters have been undressed by Trump."

To demonstrate the servile hypocrisy of America's conservative apparatchiks, we discovered through Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, there exists at Fox News a huge conflict of interest in the Republican presidential elections. Fox News Vice President Bill Sammon, who is also the Fox News Debate Chief, has a daughter who is the press secretary for the Rubio campaign. Even the Fox News TV Townhall poll last Thursday, the night of the seventh GOP debate, had the overwhelming majority of participants as self-described supporters of Rubio and affirmed that Rubio won the debate causing him to rise in the polls. Fox News contrived actions here amounts to outrageous propaganda and duplicity for Rubio Rising.

The list of Trump enemies at Fox News with the long knives out to kill his political career in the cradle seems to grow by the day – First Lady Macbeth Megyn Kelly and CEO Roger Ailes, then George Will, Stephen Henderson, Charles Krauthammer, Shepard Smith, and now Bill Sammon, Greg Gutfeld, and Bill O'Reilly (even though the latter always feigns like he is 'fair and balanced' – he is an insufferable narcissist and a phony conservative and journalist).

*N.B.: Putting on my Sigmund Freud hat, I would surmise that the majority of Fox News haters of Trump (an Alpha Male) are either effeminate, effete men – men who probably grew up with fathers who were absent in their lives, weak, or abusive. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a very confident Man's Man who hates Political Correctness cowardice. Thus Trump intimidates these kind of PC men all over America. I hear their servile rhetoric daily on TV and radio, but strong Fox News women (Tarantos, Guilfoyle, Judge Jeannie, Stacey Dash, Dr. Monica Crowley) and 25% of America's minorities like me are drawn to Trump's virile masculinity, his animal magnetism, and his tell-it-like-it is philosophy, as the Messiah/Prometheus figure America needs today to change the Socialist-Progressive paradigm to an America First paradigm.

Nolte calls the conservative Establishment "Lost Souls" and uses as Exhibit One: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who along with most of the Washington, D.C. Republican Establishment considers to be too cloistered and detached from the typical voter to know or even sincerely care what issues are important to We the People. Nolte condemns the Establishment Conservative class as lost souls who have sold out to K Street's failed crony capitalism and crony socialism and have forsaken any understanding with or affinity with Main Street, which is the domain of We the People.

Establishment conservatives are careerists. They're entire careers are so bound up and gorging themselves at the Washington, DC trough for so long, these conservative apparatchiks have nothing but utter contempt for We the People – our concerns and our demands about bringing America back in line with our original constitutional Republic. These conservative hypocrites are in dire fear of being truly accountable to We the People beyond hypocritical lipservice. Even the Socialist- Progressive Left realizes that Trump will restore this constitutional balance which has been severely deconstructed and perverted since the Civil War era (1860s).

Notle's second example is called, "The Lucrative Business of the Fox News Gravy Train." This is probably the most revelatory part of his article for this analysis exposes something I hadn't considered until recently about my own ideological allies – the Machiavellian motives of the conservative right including as Rush Limbaugh contended on his radio show last week (1/28) that Trump has the unique gift of exposing pseudo conservatives. "Many on the Right are defending Fox News for their own mercenary purposes. Fox News puts them on the talking head payroll, gives them exposure, sells their books, promotes their radio shows, and allows them to feel like they are part of an Exclusive Green Room Club," Nolte writes. "The promise of the warm bath of Belonging is how many news outlets, not just Fox, convince conservatives to sell out their own." The apotheosis of Donald Trump has revealed a litany of conservative cowards and GOP establishment hypocrites on our side which belie the fact that they are just as corrupt, evil and Machiavellian as the pols of the Socialist-Progressive Left.

In America the Cowardly Conservatives for the past 40 or 50 years have been the High Priests of the Cult of Reagan and the Cult of Conservatism shrine. It is these self-appointed narcissists from past Republican administrations, the Think Tanks, Talkradio, Fox News, National Review, Weekly Standard, Commentary, and even a few in the Academy, are all deathly afraid of losing their servile but lucrative niche they've carved out largely riding Ronald Reagan's coat tails.

Everything these conservative idolaters say or write about for 40 or 50 years is always the same – Reagan, Reagan, Reagan! – Buckley, Buckley, Buckley! Every slogan, belies the fact that these two men are idols to the conservative apparatchiks who despise Trump as "not conservative enough." As Savage says, "Purists vs. Pragmatists: Adapt or Die... You can't win a general election with a purist philosophy." Savage is right, these jealous, obsessed conservatives love having a measure of fake power, but no real actual political power. In other words they are wordsmiths and theorists nothing more. That's why they are intimidated by Trump. He is the American Prometheus. Trump is a Man-of-Action.

American Prometheus: Trump is breaking Socialist slave chains with the sheer power of his will.

Trump's political instincts exposes conservative apparatchiks

The subheading "Pure Politics" was Nolte's third bullet point: "Although what Fox News is guilty of is objectively indefensible, some on the Right are simply using Trump's withdrawal from the debate to their own political advantage. To hell with principle, anything that hurts Trump is okay with them," Nolte writes.

In a recent essay I wrote about an especially astute commentator ("Smoothsailing") who posted some interesting remarks on conservative self-interest leading to conservative hypocrisy and shibboleth legalism in a forum on FreeRepublic.com regarding National Review's Manifesto against Trump. This statement below generated some interesting replies exposing the conservative apparatchik's obsession, envy and jealously against Trump:
    "If you observe closely what you will see that much of the vitriol and hatred coming Trumps way originate with warmongering, open borders neocons. They hate Trump because he doesn't have to come to them on bended knee to drink out of their trough and beg them for money, and support. He routinely ridicules the media where much of the neocon power is based. They are concerned that Trump may not listen to them when they start to howl for another war or amnesty or whatever else their pet destructive policy is at the moment."
I must confess my own lack of vision in that as much as I've written about politics for over three decades, until the apotheosis of Trump as the leading Republican presidential candidate in June 2015, I was admittedly blind to how Machiavellian, petty, envious, jealous, and hateful conservatives can be to their own presidential frontrunner, against their own ideological allies. The Democrats are much smarter and more political astute than the Republicans. Perhaps that's why the Republicans have always been known as "the Stupid Party" and the Democrats "the Evil Party."

Aristotelian Logic in 2016 Presidential Election

Last Thursday radio legend Dr. Michael Savage mentioned that his life, his worldview is governed by Aristotelian Logic. I hadn't heard that term since college so I went to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and found this section titled: The Subject of Logic: "Syllogisms"
    All Aristotle's logic revolves around one notion: the deduction (sullogismos). A thorough explanation of what a deduction is, and what they are composed of, will necessarily lead us through the whole of his theory. What, then, is a deduction? Aristotle says:

    A deduction is speech (logos) in which, certain things having been supposed, something different from those supposed results of necessity because of their being so. (Prior AnalyticsI.2, 24b18 – 20)

    Each of the "things supposed" is a premise (protasis) of the argument, and what "results of necessity" is the conclusion (sumperasma).

    The core of this definition is the notion of "resulting of necessity" (ex anankês sumbainein). This corresponds to a modern notion of logical consequence: X results of necessity from Y and Z if it would be impossible for X to be false when Y and Z are true. We could therefore take this to be a general definition of "valid argument."
These ideas cited above by Aristotle are a magisterial and significant to civilization as any artistic masterpiece conceived by Michelangelo. Why isn't Aristotelian logic taught in America's public schools anymore? While I don't have any independent information to affirm this assertion, using the Aristotelian mode of logic one could safely deduce that the issues facing schools today – shootings, stabbings, gang banging, disrespect to teachers, failing SAT scores, teenage pregnancies, rampant student violence, drugs, etc. is vastly different from let's say America's public school problems in the 1950s – students chewing gum, running in the halls, not pulling up their bobby socks, and the real incorrigible students getting caught smoking cigarettes in the bathroom or under the bleachers.

Here, my deductive reasoning is born of personal experience since my first job out of college was as a teacher in the Detroit Public Schools (1983-92). It was a baptism by fire. In 1992, I left the public schools forever and went to law school after one 8th grade student threatened to kill me. Why? Because I asked him to please stop taking when I was trying to teach the class. Before that threat a 7th grade girl I was taking to the office after breaking up an after school fight, pulled away from me and sucker punched me right in the mouth.

At a later hearing with the principal, the girl and her parent (no father), her relatives, the cowardly principal in front of everyone put the onus on me, a freshman teacher straight out of college, to determine whether she should be suspended or expelled. I chose the latter. Teaching in the Detroit Public Schools often times was like teaching in a zoo and I was born, raised and educated in Detroit. All of the students were bad, but the 20-25% who really wanted to improve their life through education were always threatened and attacked by the other students who came to school to terrorize and torture others.

Aristotelian Logic – Assume Aristotle's 'resulting necessity' or X results of necessity from Y and Z if it would be impossible for X to be false when Y and Z are true:
  • Major Premise – X = 100 years of Socialist-Progressive hegemony over all America's Institutions;

  • Minor Premise – Y and Z = War through compromise to combat Socialism with Morality, Conservatism and Capitalism;

  • Conclusion (Thesis) – The deconstruction of America's Judeo-Christians traditions and institutions is the fault of X, Y, and Z.
In many respects the cloistered Conservative Gatekeepers are stuck in the 1950s, stuck in their cold, void paneled libraries of their Tudor mansions – locked inside the cold crucible of their own irrelevance and obsolescence, totally oblivious to the presence of the most dynamic political Revolutionary in modern times, Mr. Donald J. Trump – a bona fide political genius. Therefore, instead of praising the Lord for sending us a Samson, for sending U.S. a Prometheus, or a David who is slaying Institutional Goliaths before our very eyes, these bitter, irrelevant Conservative apparatchiks can only in the words of Bill Buckley, "... eschew the recital of our credenda" and like a gang of monkeys, ape the servile words of Slaves –
  • "You can't do that!"

  • "We can't do that!"

  • "The Republicans won't do that!"

  • "America can't do that."

  • "The Democrats won't let you do that."

  • "The Supreme Court will overrule that."

  • "Trump's plan [deporting 11 million illegal aliens] wouldn't survive its first contact with reality."
These are the words failed ideas of bound for years under the chains of Socialism slavery. Most of the writers of the National Review Manifesto went to Ivy League schools; so did I (Harvard), so did Trump (University of Pennsylvania). The critical and distinct difference between Trump and this self-appointed oligarchy of conservative apparatchiks relentlessly taking cheap shots at Trump is that while studying at the Ivy League schools, Trump didn't allow the poison of Socialism and Progressivism to infect his soul, his worldview, nor pervert his understanding of the constitutional Framers, Natural Law, Original Intent in order to exchange his coveted Ivy League education for the Judas price of 30 pieces of silver from the Progressive Establishment.

Self-righteous, conservative apparatchiks are always purists and thus are often useful idiots who propagate these three existential tyrannies: 1) An exalted, coveted position in society [i.e., the Academy, Think Tanks, inside a president's administration, a judge, regular appearances on TV, Radio or other media to hawk their worthless books]; 2) To continue to be the overseers (or pallbearers) of the Reagan Revolution or Conservatism; and 3) To function as what Lenin called Useful Idiots" or Judas whenever God would send U.S. a savior to deliver America from the Socialist slave chains and Evolution Atheism that has vexed our society and bound We the People since the Civil War. Remember Dr. Michael Savage warning in the epigram: Purists vs. Pragmatists: Adapt or Die... You can't win a general election with a purist philosophy.

George Orwell (1903-50), the great English literary figure, could have been writing about these irrelevant conservatives, these doctrinaire Legalists, these appeasement apparatchiks attacking Trump both in Europe and in America – The more people chant about their freedom and how free they are, the more loudly I hear their chains rattling.

Book Notice

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Invitation for manuscripts

I am starting a new a program on my blog dedicated to giving young conservatives (ages 14-35) a regular place to display and publish their ideas called Socrates Corner. If you know of any young person who wants to publish their ideas on any subject, have them send their essay manuscripts to my email at ewashington@wnd.com.

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