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November 7, 2011
JANET LEVY Currently an estimated 2.6 million observant Muslims reside in the United States. Many live their lives according to sharia law, the moral and religious code of the Islamic faith... (more)

November 7, 2011
WES VERNON, RA ANALYST For years, the government has been lying to us by low-balling inflation. Oh, but don't worry, you'll be OK. Just don't eat anything or drive anywhere -- or fly anywhere. Just stay home and starve... (more)

November 7, 2011
JAMES R. EDWARDS, JR. The Obama Justice Department has launched yet another outrageous lawsuit against a state acting within its broad police powers, this time drawing a bead on South Carolina over its immigration law... (more)

November 7, 2011
JOSEPH FARAH "He's clearly a citizen of the United States." "We've seen his birth certificate." "Without question, Barack Obama was born in the U.S." "Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and that settles it." "It's nuttiness and counterproductive to question the president's eligibility for office"... (more)

November 6, 2011
WASHINGTON EXAMINER It sounds a bit like Big Brother: Police can place a GPS device on your car to follow all of your movements, for any length of time. The Supreme Court on Tuesday is scheduled to hear arguments about whether investigators need to get a warrant before doing so... (more)

November 6, 2011
ROBERT KNIGHT "In God We Trust" is the national motto, even though Barack Obama told a Jakarta, Indonesia, audience last November that our national motto is "E Pluribus Unum" ( "Out of many, one"). At least President Obama got the translation right. Al Gore once said that it meant "Out of one, many." Perhaps he was employing the same math formulas that work so well in his global-warming calculations... (more)

November 6, 2011
KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ As November broke, I received an e-mail from Planned Parenthood. There were three words in the subject line: "Every. Single. Day." In the name of Cecile Richards, PP's president, the fundraising e-mail from the alleged standard-bearer for women's health -- which also happens to perform the most abortions of any organization in the United States -- continued... (more)

November 5, 2011
WASHINGTON TIMES Remember when Sarah Palin was accused of promoting "Tea Party violence" because she used an ad graphic depicting crosshairs on a map of the United States? On Wednesday, the Occupy Wall Street movement declared a general strike in Oakland, Calif.... (more)

November 5, 2011
FOX NEWS Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says responsibility for the Occupy Wall Street movement rests squarely on the shoulders of President Obama. "This is a very dangerous movement, and it's ironic it's happening under a president who promised to unify us," Giuliani said... (more)

November 5, 2011
NEWSMAX Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for president, told The Hill Thursday that he opposes the Republican resolution that would reaffirm "In God We Trust" as the country's motto. The resolution passed the House easily Wednesday, with only nine "no" votes. Paul was absent for the vote. But he said the bill was superfluous... (more)

November 5, 2011
NEWSMAX If a dozen swing states really do hold the keys to the White House, a new USA Today and Gallup poll finds that voters in those states may be a tough sell on a second term for President Barack Obama... (more)

November 5, 2011
RICH LOWRY Even before some of them girded themselves for combat with police, donning masks and wielding black shields emblazoned with skeletons, the "Occupy" protesters in Oakland, Calif., engaged in a willfully destructive act. They shut down the fifth-busiest container port in America. Why would anyone acting in the name of people harmed by the Great Recession interrupt the flow of commerce, especially at a hub employing dockworkers and truckers?... (more)

November 4, 2011
NEWSMAX Federal unionized employees rallied in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Washington. The workers participated in a rally at Lafayette Square across from the White House Thursday, The Washington Post reported... (more)

November 4, 2011
BLOOMBERG NEWS A chorus of "amens" filled the statehouse in Jackson, Mis., on Halloween night. About 75 people were gathered for a briefing by backers of a ballot initiative that would make the state the first in the U.S. to ban abortion by declaring that life begins at conception... (more)

November 4, 2011
NEWSMAX Businessman Herman Cain's supporters are sticking with him despite allegations that he harassed female staffers while head of the National Restaurant Association. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has Cain and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney essentially tied... (more)

November 3, 2011
ASSOCIATED PRESS Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann says the Wall Street protesters need to stop blaming capitalism and instead should focus their frustration against Washington. The congresswoman from Minnesota on Thursday told students at Iowa State University that the Occupy Wall Street activists are wrongly blaming job creators... (more)

November 3, 2011
CNSNEWS.COM Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said on Thursday that the Obama administration's immigration polices are contrary to the rule of law... (more)

November 3, 2011
WAYNE LAPIERRE The fight for 2012 is a fight for our country, our values and our freedom, and if the National Rifle Association (NRA) has anything to say about it, Barack Obama won't get a second term. Mark these words - the NRA and America's gun owners will have plenty to say about it. President Obama doesn't want to hear that... (more)

November 3, 2011
NEWSMAX Nine years ago when Mitt Romney was running for governor of Massachusetts he told abortion rights activists that not only would he protect state abortion laws but should he win he could use the position as a platform to soften Republican opposition to abortion. "You need someone like me in Washington," he told them according to The Washington Post... (more)

November 3, 2011
PHIL KERPEN One of the largest landslide elections in the history of the United States took place one year ago today. Free-market Republicans, riding a wave of public anger at bailouts, stimulus, and big-government programs, swept into power... (more)

November 2, 2011
ANN COULTER By spending the last three decades leveling accusations of "racism" every 10 seconds, liberals have made it virtually impossible for Americans to recognize real racism -- for example, the racism constantly spewed at black conservatives. In the last year alone, a short list of the things liberals have labeled "racist" include... (more)

November 2, 2011
FORBES Was the recent attack on Herman Cain's presidential campaign a professional hit job? Absolutely, says Herman Cain. And he says he knows just where to look for the guy who did it: At 815 Slaters Lane in Alexandria, Virginia, a low-slung former warehouse in the shadow of a coal plant... (more)

November 2, 2011
REUTERS Israel test-fired a missile from a military base on Wednesday, two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of the "direct and heavy threat" posed by Iran's nuclear program. The noon launch near Tel Aviv, which had not been announced in advance, coincided with a week-long surge of speculation in local media that Netanyahu was working to secure cabinet consensus for an attack on Israel's arch-foe... (more)

November 2, 2011
AUDREY HUDSON House Republicans appear determined to help President Obama keep his promise to conduct the most open and transparent administration in history, even if they have to subpoena his subordinates every step of the way... (more)

November 2, 2011
EMILY MILLER The president drove to Washington's Key Bridge Wednesday to plead once more for higher taxes to pay for infrastructure stimulus. Infrastructure here, of course, means trains and transit, not roads and bridges. The Republican Study Committee (RSC) countered with an alternative jobs bill that focuses on fostering a healthy economic climate for the private sector... (more)


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