Matt C. Abbott
Latin Mass rising?; Blasphemous 'Black Jesus'; Planned Parenthood's evil
By Matt C. Abbott
August 10, 2014

The Washington Post ran a Religion News Service story on Aug. 6:
    But more than a year into Francis' reign, the Tridentine Mass, as it is sometimes called, appears to be alive and well. Decades after the Catholic Church moved away from celebrating Mass in Latin, a throwback movement is growing, in many cases with young people leading the charge....

    Mary Kraychy of the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei, a nonprofit based in Glenview, Ill., that promotes the Latin Mass, said she's seen a slow but steady rise in the practice, with more than 400 churches offering the liturgy today.... Kraychy described it as a 'youth movement,' with much of the enthusiasm for the rite espoused by those who are too young to remember the Second Vatican Council.
A (small) sign of hope for the Church in the U.S., it appears.

From WND:
    Jesus as a modern-day black man may be a curious theme for a television comedy, but when Time Warner's Cartoon Network made their 'Black Jesus' a dope-smoking, heavy-drinking, frequent dropper of 'f'-bombs, some labeled it 'blasphemy'....

    In fact, the trailer for the program shows 'Black Jesus,' when confronted by his pals for smoking up all their marijuana, defending himself by declaring, 'You do realize I died for your [expletive redacted] sins, right?'
Look, I get the whole "trying to meet people where they're at" argument, but please – this type of show is disgusting! I wonder when (ahem) Hollywood will produce a 'Black Muhammad' show featuring a "dope-smoking, heavy-drinking" so-called prophet of Islam?

From a Life Dynamics report on child predators:
    For several years Life Dynamics has been conducting an investigation into the issue of teen pregnancy. What we have found can only be described as sickening. Underage girls, some as young as 10 years old, are being sexually exploited by adult men in numbers that are unprecedented in American history....

    By almost any standard, our country is experiencing an epidemic of child sexual abuse. In this report you will see that the driving force behind this tragedy is the fact that men who prey on underage girls have powerful national organizations that are willing to harbor them. Our investigation has uncovered irrefutable evidence that both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation – often operating on taxpayer dollars – knowingly conceal these crimes while aiding and abetting the sexual predators who commit them.
Click here to read Life Dynamics' report in its entirety.

And yet another sickening news item involving Planned Parenthood (from
    An abortion industry worker left her job at a Planned Parenthood facility – and eventually brought four of her colleagues out of the abortion industry with her – shortly after she witnessed a woman abort her quadruplets. Most of them were delivered stillborn as she sat on the toilet or stumbled through the hallway, writhing in pain. Two of the 'perfectly formed' boys had their arms 'wrapped around each other,' according to an e-mail she sent pro-life advocate Abby Johnson.
To think that in some states, if a pregnant woman is murdered, the perpetrator is (rightly) charged with more than one homicide. Yet if a pregnant woman goes to an abortion facility, she can have her baby – or, in the aforementioned case, four babies – killed by an abortionist, and it's perfectly legal.

God help us all.

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