Timothy Buchanan
Yes, America, we were conned and here’s how
By Timothy Buchanan
January 16, 2021

In 2016, Hillary Clinton came to the conclusion that most Americans are stupid and would end up electing her president that year. Fortunately, she was wrong about latter. Sadly, she was right about the former and in more ways than we’d like to believe.

Access to an abundance of information has not made the average man on the street better informed. On the contrary, it has made him gullible and eager to accept pre-packaged and processed falsehoods rather than hunting and gathering reliable raw data for himself.

The wide variety of opinions regarding the integrity of the November election proves the premise. Many in Congress and elsewhere are all too eager to accept a catastrophic national fraud under the guise of high-minded precepts like unity. Some, sounding like unscrupulous trial lawyers defending an accused rapist, blame the victims. In this case, the rape victims are President Trump and his patriot supporters.

Massive national conspiracies like stolen elections are difficult to manage because of the high number of participants involved, any of whom could be potential witnesses. Therefore, if news media accomplices are able to mock the crime as untenable, two obstructions are achieved. First, the motivation to conduct tedious and thorough investigations is squelched and second, the pool of potential jury members (U.S. citizens) is prejudiced, making indictments and convictions unlikely.

Since November, independent groups of volunteers from the defense industry, state and federal government agencies, and private sector businesses in several states have combed through mountains of information, reports, and raw election data where election anomalies and outright voter fraud have long been suspected. The Commonwealth of Virginia is one.

The results identify numerous faults either created by election law or the outright failure of individuals to enforce existing election safeguards. In addition, questionable pauses in vote-counting and actual reversals of vote tallies have been reported that cannot easily be explained away as innocent mistakes.

Without risking the exposure or compromise of on-going investigations, several broad areas of concern have been identified that cast serious doubts on the integrity of our election systems. Some of these have been previously exposed and dismissed by biased organizations that are committed to quell credible suspicions. But evidence is quickly mounting that will ultimately swamp efforts to cover them up.

Voter registration roles- In many states, voter registration roles are not routinely purged of deceased voters. Judicial Watch has filed lawsuits in some states demanding that they follow their own laws.

Registration of illegal voters- Through the “Motor-Voter Act” of 1993, applicants for state drivers licenses can register to vote at the local DMV office. In Virginia and other states, DMV officials are not obligated to determine U.S. citizenship or voter eligibility. As more and more states move to permit illegal aliens to obtain regular drivers’ licenses, this is becoming a major problem.

Failure to require positive identification- the Democrat-controlled General Assembly in Virginia has removed the photo-ID requirement to vote, making fraud easier. North Carolina’s photo-ID law was struck-down by a federal court judge. Other states have no requirement beyond the appearance of a person’s name in a voter registration database.

Absentee voting- Under the guise of COVID-19 precautions, the usual requirements to vote absentee were dropped in most states. In Virginia, multiple absentee ballots were sent to residents. In many cases, they were never requested.

Excessive votes- In several Virginia precincts, the number of recorded votes exceeded the number of eligible voters. This is not a simple mistake or reporting error.

Lack of signature validation- Absentee ballots are required to be signature-verified. Signature samples demonstrate that this check is not being properly performed.

Vote-Counting pauses- Ever since the presidential election of 2000, unexplainable late-night counting pauses have occurred. Last November, counting stopped simultaneously in several swing states at precisely the same minute. In Georgia, the halt was blamed on a water main break. In Pennsylvania, counting was stopped and observers sent home without explanation.

Prior to the pause, President Donald Trump was leading in all of the swing states and several others. When counting resumed, Joe Biden was leading and vote tallies for President Trump actually declined in some precincts.

Dominion voting equipment has been called into question, and now, answers may be forthcoming. Several Dominion employees and associates have given sworn depositions explaining how the election was stolen through an elaborate scheme that assigns ballots to registered voters who did not usually vote. In other words, their names were electronically forged onto ballots through the Dominion system. In Virginia and most other states, registered voters can determine from the election board, if ballots were assigned to them. This can be done in-person or on-line.

Election fraud is perhaps the most serious and dangerous breach of the public trust. Voter fraud strips eligible citizens of their Constitutional right to affect the direction of their country. Any registered voter who did not cast a ballot in the November election is encouraged to determine if a ballot was submitted on his/her behalf illegally.

The November 2020 election results certified by Congress are unreliable. And while some fraud will always be present, systematic election anomalies such as these cannot be tolerated and must be prosecuted for the sake of both political parties and the people of the United States.

© Timothy Buchanan


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Timothy Buchanan

Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran, a former defense contractor and broadcast engineer. He's the author of two published books and a regular contributor to BarbWire.com. Timothy and his wife live among the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.


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