Timothy Buchanan
What freedom?
By Timothy Buchanan
July 16, 2023

The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted. Psalm 12:8

The decaying effects of the Biden administration and Democrat control of Congress are too numerous to catalogue. But one may be as close as your neighborhood library.

While many were distracted by COVID-19, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and a myriad of other real and imaginary issues, an insidious movement began with hardly any notice. Under the guidance of the taxpayer-funded American Library Association (A.L.A.) and with willing cooperation of local library directors, the shelves of some public libraries were being filled with sexually explicit and pornographic books, DVDs and “graphic novels” (comic books).

Material that would be deemed unsuitable for publication in Playboy magazine, is now available in your local library for children from birth to 18-years-old. When discovered, these books get a pass because although they depict pornography and sex acts, they do so in an LGBTQ context. They find defenders among the most unlikely supporters—single mothers and professing Christians.

The books being injected into public and school libraries are not about advocacy but persuasion. In many cases, they present gender lies and how-to instructions, cause young children to doubt their essential nature, and promote the rainbow life and gender ambiguity. In short, they groom children preparing them for abuse by broken adults.

When church and civic leaders warned of the dangers of lesbian and homosexual activists, many refused to hear. When courageous pastors and bishops alerted of the threats posed by the LGBTQ agenda and the cost our society would ultimately pay, they were ignored, condemned, and accused of hate. When “gays” and lesbians claimed that they were born with their aberrant proclivities, many chose to believe them. When LGBTQ activists invaded churches, they found open arms and empty heads. None dared warn them of their need of forgiveness or the benefit of repentance.

Now, all of the prior warnings have been validated. A June 24th article in the New York Post, reported participants in New York’s annual Drag March chanting, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.” Still, many refuse to acknowledge that war has clearly been declared on the innocence of children. One strategic practice is the distribution of sexually explicit books for kids that promote biologically false “genders.”

Being You: A First Conversation About Gender, is recommended for children between 2 and 5-years-old. In it, the author states, “Some babies grow up into a different gender than the one that grown-ups called them. There are lots of genders that people grow into. Some people are girls. Some people are boys. Some people are neither. Some people are both.”

Why is this happening? Psychologists tell us that a child’s moral code is firmly set by about age six. So, if a child is to be coerced into accepting distorted family and gender roles, he/she must be reached early. This may also explain the Left’s relentless push for federally-funded “Universal pre-K.” The reason that the destructive LGBTQ campaign has largely escaped push-back must certainly be that compliant Christians are more afraid of Satan’s lies than the consequences of ignoring God’s truth.

Truth is the line of demarcation between good and evil, and most of western civilization has lost the ability or the willingness to distinguish between them.

The grand ideal of freedom has been stripped of its meaning and purpose in the minds of many Americans. Freedom was once generally understood as the God-given right to live, to worship, to prosper, and to build healthy societies. But somewhere along the way to today, the noble principle degenerated into a license to do wickedly. As a result, liberty is being snatched away from the righteous and recklessly awarded to the reprobate.

Now, our federal and state governments compel evil and prohibit good. Christians are forced to fund abortion and the radical LGBTQ insurgency through taxation. We corrupt the minds of children through media, science lies, and the miserable pagan religion of evolution.

It’s worth asking, Where is the Church? American Christendom is divided over essential and trivial doctrines, ritualistic distinctives, and preferences of music styles. Meanwhile, evil triumphs. Few are the faithful guarding the gates.

“As goes the Church, so goes the nation.” America’s failures can rightly be laid at the threshold of the Church. Week by week, pews are warmed by the proud unredeemed who freely preach strange doctrines that embolden the sinner and weaken the faith of the saint. We are reaping a bumper harvest of decades of ignorance and faithlessness.

Where is reason for hope? If God’s people will courageously stand for what is right and against what is evil, He will restore this land. If Christians will commit ourselves to making disciples of Christ rather than disciples of denominations, America will be a nation worthy to enjoy freedom once again.

If the Church will not stand united in defense of children, for what will it ever stand? Now is the time to ask, “If not me, Whom? If not now, When?”

© Timothy Buchanan


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Timothy Buchanan

Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran, a former defense contractor and broadcast engineer. He's the author of two published books and a regular contributor to BarbWire.com. Timothy and his wife live among the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.


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