Ronald R. Cherry
You are not permitted to defend yourself
By Ronald R. Cherry
January 2, 2020

Under tyrannical government, such as Socialist, Communist, or Nazi, you are not permitted to keep and bear arms in self-defense, unless of course you are an insider. From their Ivory Tower, tyrants look down at the little people with contempt, viewing your freedom to act in self-defense as disgusting and irrational. Serfs are not permitted to defend themselves, their family, or their neighbors, because self-defense is the most critical aspect of human freedom, second only to freedom in speaking without fear, freedom which serfs do not possess.

"He who attempts to get another man into his absolute power does thereby put himself into a state of war with him; it being to be understood as a declaration of a design upon his life. For I have reason to conclude that he who would get me into his power without my consent would use me as he pleased when he had got me there, and destroy me too when he had a fancy to it; for nobody can desire to have me in his absolute power unless it be to compel me by force to that which is against the right of my freedom... To be free from such force is the only security of my preservation, and reason bids me look on him as an enemy to my preservation who would take away that freedom which is the fence to it." John Locke

We should never refer only to man's natural right to life or only to man's natural right to self-defense; we should always refer to the individual's natural right to life and self-defense; the two natural rights are inseparable and are thus one natural human right. Our Declaration of Independence makes it clear that all individuals naturally possess a God-given right to life and liberty, realizing that without our natural right to freely act in self-defense, i.e., without our natural right to liberty, human life is vulnerable to the tyrannical actions of evil people. Removal of your natural right to self-defense carries the effect of canceling your natural right to life. The Communist Constitution of the Soviet Union granted Russian serfs a right to "inviolability of the person," but did not grant them a right to keep and bear arms in self-defense, opening the door for government murder of 20 million innocent Russian civilians. Our 2nd Amendment, on the other hand, acknowledges and protects our natural God-given right to life and self-defense, but unlike that of the Marxists, does not grant it.

Outlawing single shot semi-automatic handguns, or rifles such as the AR-15, would take away one's freedom, and therefore one's security of preservation, by keeping them out of the hands of good guys defending their homes, families and neighbors, but not from the hands of evil men. Outlawing all guns creates a so-called "gun-free zone," an Orwellian expression for "kill zone" where good guys aren't allowed by law to have guns, disgustingly handing bad guys a murderous advantage. In reality there is no such thing as a "gun-free zone" because bad guys will bring them in anyway. There is no such thing as banning or outlawing AR-15s, or any other gun, from the possession of murderers or Islamic jihadists; they will have them despite gun control laws, but you will not. You might actually need an AR-15 if your home were assaulted by a gang instead of a single criminal.

An AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is an assault weapon in the hands of an Islamic jihadist or murderer, and so is a handgun, knife, machete, broken bottle or bomb, but in the hands of a good man defending himself, his family, his property or his neighbor, the AR-15 is a defense weapon. An evil man turns a defense weapon into an assault weapon, and a good man turns an assault weapon into a defense weapon – same weapon – different men. Do not refer to AR-15s as "assault weapons"; good people should refer to them, in our hands, as defense weapons.

The first attempt at people control via gun control in America occurred on April 19, 1775, at Lexington, Massachusetts. 700 British Redcoats demanded the assembled American men to "Throw down your arms! Ye villains, ye rebels." Freedom loving American Minutemen did not throw down their arms, sending a message to the freedom hating British tyrants to come and get them. Muskets in the hands of our Forefather Patriots were defense weapons; the same muskets in the hands of British soldiers were assault weapons.

The only people who should be outlawed from gun possession are Islamic jihadists, violent felony criminals, illegal aliens, those suffering from psychosis with hallucinations, and anyone threatening or inciting murder; that way, good guys would still have their guns, including the AR-15, as per our Bill of Rights. The real goal of so-called "gun control" laws is to disarm and thereby control the American people, possibly using the techniques of calculated anarchy, an essential step in the establishment of totalitarian government, and as recent history proves it ends in death by gun control.

Ronald R. Cherry, MD
Author of Restoring the American Mind

© Ronald R. Cherry


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Ronald R. Cherry

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