Ronald R. Cherry
Racial supremacy
By Ronald R. Cherry
July 9, 2020

Racial supremacy is an ancient scourge upon the human race, disgustingly displayed during World War II in the form of Nazi Aryan racial supremacy in Europe, and Japanese racial supremacy in Asia, as well as the White racial supremacy in Apartheid South Africa, all examples of actual government authorized racism. Racial Supremacy is not only un-American, it is evil, but we only hear from American Socialist Intellectuals and University Professors, and the Socialist mass media, about the insignificant White version in the United States called Systemic Racism, which has no representation in any branch of Local, State or Federal government, and thus no significant power or influence on American society. Watch the embedded videos in this article to get a handle on Black Supremacy. Personal racism can live in the hearts of bad and evil people, but systemic racism can't actually exist in the United States with enforcement of our Declaration of Independence (equal rights) and our 14th amendment (equal law).

Some young Americans appear to be un-washing their brains of this Big Lie:

But we are not out of the woods; the brainwashing propaganda remains relentless:

To end the evil of Marxist racial class struggle now plaguing the United States and put a stop to the anti-American counter-revolution, I propose a peaceful solution, an anti-Socialist, anti-Marxist, anti-Fascist, anti-Supremacist Article V Constitutional Amendment, and also urge all Americans to search their hearts, understanding that Red, Yellow, Black and White, we are all precious in the sight of God.

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