Curtis Dahlgren
The Year the Weather Was "Normal" [GUESS WHAT YEAR?]
By Curtis Dahlgren
April 6, 2013

"Under normal conditions, a lot of the sun's energy gets used to evaporate water from the soil or form plants . . . but when there's no water to evaporate, all that energy goes into heating the ground and consequently heating the air."National Geographic, Sept. 2012

IF YOU'RE SUCH AN EXPERT ON CLIMATE, tell me if you can, which year was earth's ideal year, its optimum year, its Eden?? And – what's the ideal mean temperature (most people think that the year they were born was "normal," or the bench-mark, eh?).

In the words of our great 'scientists,' mankind's history timeline of existence is like a needle in a haystack, yet these same "experts" claim to be able to predict the earth's mean-temperature in 2099. They claim to be objective, "fair," and apolitical (yet their proposals are ALL political).

Worldwide climate is such a complex topic, but they over-simplify. They extrapolate. They INFER (for a political cause). And they PROVE NOTHING.

Herbert Marcuse said that morality means nothing in a revolutionary cause other than if you believe your ends are moral, then you should use any means to win. The morality is in the winning. Marcuse insisted "There should only be tolerance for the Left, never for the Right."

As someone once said, "You can shear a sheep every year, but you can only skin him once."

Nevertheless, the Left presses on – "forward" – with its plans for energy taxes, carbon taxes, higher state gasoline taxes, etc. etc. Did you know that one of the biggest contributing producers of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is termites?

If you can figure out a way to tax termites, I say have at it! Knock yourself out! Oh – and stop breathing out all that CO2!

as the Gipper used to say, there are simple answers. Spring is a time of new beginnings, so I want to repost the first column I wrote at RenewAmerica.

Is it kosher to be a realist?

By Curtis Dahlgren

Never mind, for the moment, why my opinions are so "opinionated," or whether I have my own 'skeletons.' "The world is full of fools," someone once said, "and he who would not see it should live alone and smash his mirror." The question really is, who's the biggest Pharisee, the biggest hypocrite?

The people who don't want to hear pessimistic warnings are the first ones who want to know if there's a traffic cop ahead (they may even have their own radar detector). When someone flashes his headlights at you, do you immediately accuse him of INTOLERANCE? Do you try to psychoanalyze the guy? No! So, who's the biggest hypocrite?

Paradoxically, the people who say that public servants "are ALL alike," and, "they're ALL crooks" are the same people who want politicians to micromanage our local affairs and personal lives more and more from far-off Washington DC.

The people who were first in line to promote the sexual "revolution" of the 60's and 70's are the same people who are now acting like fascists and "thought police" on selected issues.

The people who have always condemned our "Euro-centric" Western-Civ now want America to be 'more like Europe' in many matters, including health insurance and morality.

The people who call the wolf ENDANGERED are the same people who call an unborn child UNWANTED.

The people who call "barbaric" the painless execution of a perpetrator of a cruel murder are the same people who think the dismemberment of an unborn baby is of the realm of "progressivism" and "enlightenment."

The people who are always crying "Separation of church and state" are the same people who try to impose the agenda of THEIR religion in the name of "Mother Nature."

The same people who favor billions of dollars spent on light rail, etc. (public transportation) are the same people who won't even let their kids ride home on the public school bus, circling the school with minivans.

The people who screamed about "book burners" are the same people who want to ban "Huckleberry Finn" and any book even slightly critical of Darwinism.

The people who send others to "sensitivity classes" are the same people who wouldn't hesitate to tell a young biology student, "When are you going to quit believing that crap your parents teach you?"

The very same people who took the Reds away from Marge Schott and sent John Rocker to psychiatric treatment – for their "insensitive speech" – are the people who just yawn when Ted Turner says Christianity is a religion for weak people or when Alec Baldwin says! we should attack a congressman's family physically for the way he does his job. In that case, it was just a joke (maybe even a funny one).

The people who want "federal aid" for anti-Christian "art" are the same people who think a kid drawing a picture of Christ in a public school is guilty of "hatred" or "harassment."

The people who lampooned Ozzie and Harriet and the "Norman Rockwell America" are the same people who now want to "keep it country" and save the "grandfather trees" (but "tear down all the dams").

The people who complain when a politician mentions God's name are the same people who lobby for "Deep Ecology" in the name of THEIR god, Mother Earth, "the Great Mother of the gods."

The people who used the "RIGHT TO PRIVACY" to institutionalize abortion are the same people who claim OSHA has the right to inspect your home if you work out of your home.

The same people who teach that the human spirit and human nature are basically good are the same people who teach that Man is nothing but an animal and is free to behave like an animal if he so desires.

The people who used to ridicule a marriage license as nothing more than a "piece of paper" are the same ones who now hail it as the Holy Grail for gays!

The very same people who had a habit of saying "Stay out of my bedroom" are now trying to impose external rules on private organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Christian schools and camps. Excuse me? I DON'T THINK SO!

Webster says that one of the definitions of the word "bull" is "a ludicrous or self-contradictory statement, nonsense"! These promulgators of psychobabble teach that religion is a form of mental illness, and yet these very same people hold all these ludicrous and self-contradicting ideologies.

The only thing these people are consistent about is that while they are selective as to which of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution they believe in, they're also selective as to which of the Ten Commandments they observe. When living in Lala land, words are subjective, so the word "unconstitutional" never matters unless their agenda can be promoted by its invocation. And any attempt to define "sin" equates with hatred. This false premise I reject utterly, and I say beware: such outlandish split-personalities are not fit to hold offices of public power.

When they speak of "tolerance," what they really mean to say is, "YOU must tolerate US – OR ELSE!" So, who are the biggest hypocrites, and why do we bow to their every wish? And, is it kosher to be a pessimist? Yes, unless you LIKE having your head in the sand.

America, no more bull; please phone home!

P.S. Two of my friends were discussing that column, and one of them said, "That guy hates everybody, doesn't he?"

I just hate it when people miss the point. The point of that column was the self-contradictory "thinking" on the Left – the cognitive disconance. The point goes right over some heads like a boomerang. Some of the young don't even know what "LEFT" means in political or practical terms.

Oh, well, more to come (if we survive the North Korean "attack" – North Korea being a classic example of the Left, i.e., famine and starvation). Pretty soon we'll be standing in line for food, too. Also waiting in line for a doctor!

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in southern Wisconsin, and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton... (more)


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