Curtis Dahlgren
Forty-three kings and then came disaster!
By Curtis Dahlgren
May 23, 2015

"We wrestle against wicked spirits in high places." – Saul of Tarsus

MEMORIAL DAY is a time to remember those who went before us. My subject today is the 43 kings of Israel and Israel-Judah, the big question being: "Does history repeat itself?"

SAUL ruled Israel for 40 years. David ruled for 40 years. Solomon for 40 years. Then the nation was divided literally in two. David's line came to rule – loosely speaking – the southern kingdom of Judah.

The northern ten tribes seceded – over taxation – and formed the House of Israel. Their first king set up not one but two golden calves. No matter the original intent, their little rebellion came to involve more spiritual nihilism (paganism) than "Independence." Of their 20 kings from 920 BC to 722 BC, Hoshea and Jehu were rated "Mostly bad" and the other 18 were rated just plain "BAD." The significance of 722 is the year the "North" was taken into captivity.

As an exercise of history, there are all kinds of parallels one might draw between modern America and the Children of Israel. As for the "40 year" thing, it was exactly 40 years from "the summer of love" – Woodstock – and 2009, the inauguration of Barack Hussein Oboma. Are we going into the Promised Land? Or back into the Wilderness? Or back into Pharaoh's Egypt? I hope not, but just asking.

As for those kings of Israel (united tribes), then Judah, plus the northern House of Israel, we need to talk about that. David was rated "Good" and his predecessor was rated "Mostly bad." Solomon the successor was rated "Mostly good," but it was mostly all down hill from there. Seven kings of Judah were rated "Good," one was rated "Mostly good," but 12 were rated just plain "BAD." [1] This gets interesting:

Having the 7 good kings helped Judah survive until 586 BC before their captivity after the rule of Zedekiah – the 43rd and final king (20 kings of the "South," 20 kings of the North, plus the first 3 kings of the combined 12 tribes.

There must be a lesson in their somewhere for America. Some people say "All politicians are alike, so it doesn't matter who wins." But how can a Christian or any other religious person (or even atheist) possibly say "At this point in time, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ANYWAY?"

I don't make predictions; I'm just saying. They say that history at least rhymes! What do you think? I'm just asking.

Because it APPEARS that the world is going to Hell sans the hand-basket.

My previous column was about Baltimore, baseball, and Babe Ruth. The only thing I'd like to add to it is that extremely progressive liberals aren't exactly excited about baseball. I've been wondering what the reasons are, and I think I KNOW:

- The word "OUT!" sounds so exclusionary.

"Strike three" sounds too judgmental!

Even Ted Williams failed to get a hit at least 60 percent of the time; that's not fair!

- Ted who?

Pitchers are very deceitful; they are trying to fool the batter.

- Baseball jocks are domestic abusers, child abusers, bullies – and they spit a lot.

- And baseball is boring.

Compared to what? Soccer? They're crazy about soccer and soccer is B-O-R-I-N-G !
[and rhymes with "sock her"]

PPS: At least Baltimore and the Middle East aren't "boring" since the Liberals took over, eh?

[1] "The Adventure Bible; New International Version" from Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids MI

© Curtis Dahlgren


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