Curtis Dahlgren
The Day After: Weep with those who weep; laugh with those who laugh
By Curtis Dahlgren
September 3, 2017

"Weep not for the dead, but weep sorely for the living." – Jeremiah

NOW CAN WE GET SOME REAL NEWS? Robert E. Lee made some serious mistakes, but he knew when to repent and concede. After hurricane Harvey, some people don't know whether to blame the Russians or God ("Can't He see?"). That's just the problem; He sees everything! He has graciously allowed us a "time out" from politics, sin, and ourselves.

POOR GEORGE. Poor George $oro$. He had to pay for the KKK and the anarchists too, and the bus they came in on, and now they're both off the front page anyway! Could we please just get some perspective and unity in these United States now?

I was just reading a book about the Civil War before Harvey hit, and the Summer of '17 reminded me of 1860. The South's biggest mistake was "following their heart" and not reading the census (the North had most of the manpower 18-45, not to mention most of the iron and the lead). And their first big mistake was trying to force slavery on Kansas in the first place. That cost them the support of the northern Democrats. Sounds like the election of 2016. A case of emotion over logic and statistics.

There are four kinds of people in the country: Those who watch things happen; those who make things happen; the former President who says "YOU didn't make that happen!"; and Hillary Clinton, who says "What happened?" (and "What difference does it make?"). Well, what "happened" in Houston 'taint funny McGee. And Irma may still be coming (and I don't mean Bombeck).

As someone said, "God used more ink on the trials of Job than the glories of Solomon." For good reason. Job was a better man after going through the fiery trials, including a storm, than he was before. The other day I asked a well-educated man if he had ever read the book of Job, and, of course, he said no.

BY THE WAY, this is always the scariest time of the year, not for hurricanes, but because it's back to school time. I usually repost my annual "College Orientation Week" column, but this year there's just been too much news. WAY too much, if you count the covering up of the Robert E. Lee statue (what? you've never seen a naked horse before or what?).

The other story has been the media yapping at the President's heels like so many Chihuahuas. Greg Gutfeld says "How can the President govern if the media won't let go, like a dog with a bone?" Or like a monkey with his fist in a jar of goodies, they don't realize that they'll be out of business if they don't let it go!

Abraham Lincoln said that he felt like a man walking across Niagara Falls on a tight rope, with midgets on both sides trying to shake the rope.

Well, that's the column for this week. It's not the column I intended to write, but like a bowel movement, sometimes you just have to wait and see how it comes out. Eh?

P.S. An aside: In his concordance, Cruden made a special notation regarding the word "weep."

"Weeping and other expressions of emotion, whether of joys or sorrows, were common among the people of the [Middle] East, contrary to the repression common in the West. The louder the wailing, the greater the grief. For that reason, men and women were hired to weep and wail at funerals."

I think they may still do that in the Middle East. Sometimes it's as fake and phony as the "confrontations" between demonstrators in face masks and gas masks (speaking of Soros, no pun intended). I don't think people will need to be hired to weep at the funerals in Texas (but how do you bury people when the cemetery is under water?). And speaking of under water, has anyone looked at the national debt clock lately? Don't weep for the dead; weep for the living.

PPS: I grew up in a "repressed" Protestant church and never went to a single sad funeral. The pastor was spiking the football for the deceased, and we could hardly wait for the sermon to end so we could get to the pot luck, at which afterwards my aunts and uncles and cousins all laughed and laughed about memories of the recently departed.

By the way, will there be a pot luck for the Gulf coast or more hurricanes to come? It's like we shall see what we shall see, you know? And remember, God does see!

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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