Bryan Fischer
Iraqis know our departure means a Muslim bloodbath
By Bryan Fischer
September 5, 2010

Here's something you wouldn't expect unless you were an Islamorealist (as opposed to an Islamophobe):

President Obama's surrender in Iraq is more popular in America than in Iraq.

According to the latest CBS poll, about 70% of Americans support the president's decision to concede and pull our combat troops out of Iraq.

You know who wants our troops to stay? The Iraqis! Nearly 60% of them, according a poll conducted by an Iraqi company, don't think our troops ought to pull out.

From Ryan Mauro's piece at Pajamas Media:

    According to the latest CBS poll [1], nearly 70 percent of Americans approve of President Obama's decision to withdraw all combat troops from Iraq. In a remarkable turnaround, the Iraqis are the bigger opponents of the president's plan. Iraqis want American soldiers to stay in their country more than Americans do.

    A new poll [2] by an Iraqi company found that nearly 60 percent feel it is the wrong time for U.S. soldiers to leave and 53 percent oppose President Obama's ending of the combat mission. A little more than half believe the withdrawal will hurt the country and only one-fourth view the development positively. And in a statistic that is sure to bother those that boast of Obama's worldwide popularity, nearly 42 percent feel the president does not care about the situation in Iraq.

How can this be? How is it possible that the Muslims in Iraq long for a Christian army to stay in their land? Simple. They know that Islam is a violent, bloodthirsty religion and that their nation will lapse into uncontrollable chaos once Christian America is no longer projecting force there.

In other words, the Iraqis are Islamorealists. They know instinctively, confirmed by long years of experience, that it is impossible to build or sustain a democratic form of government in an Islamic land. Islam is about domination, control, and tyranny. While Christianity expands through persuasion, Islam — each variant of it — expands at the point of a sword.

There is no such thing as "We the People" in an Islamic country. It is "I the Prophet" everywhere. The Prophet and his Qur'an excercises controlling power, not a democratically elected government or democratically adopted constitution.

Iraqis feel that President Obama has abandoned them to Iran, and indeed he has. It is inevitable that the Persians in Iran will take advantage of the societal meltdown that will follow our departure to establish as much control as possible in the land of their Arab neighbors.

Obama's falling poll numbers in Muslim lands will rapidly drop into the basement, since most Muslims don't want an empowered Iran any more than smart thinking Americans do. Ceding Iraq to Iran will not make the president any friends in the rest of the Islamic world.

Iran's Ahmadinejad believes that Allah has called him to create worldwide instability in order to prepare the way for the 12th Imam. He'll start in Iraq, then direct his attention to Israel, then to the U.S. Iraq is simply the first domino to fall, and Iraqi Muslims know that if they do not have a Christian army to protect them, they will soon see the disappearance of any semblance of freedom.

Is Islam a religion of violence and war while Christianity is a religion of peace and stability? CBS asked the Iraqis, and they just gave us the answer.

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