Kurt Kondrich
Prenatal disability profiling
By Kurt Kondrich
June 1, 2010

Since passage of the new Arizona immigration law to curb the flow of illegal aliens into this country, there has been a lot of talk about "profiling."

Profiling can be defined as targeting an individual for criminal activity based upon race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.

Many people across this nation decry this procedure as outrageous and unacceptable.

There is a targeted group of unborn children who are profiled and targeted daily, and none of them have engaged in any type of criminal activity. Their only crime is they do not meet the standards of perfection and beauty a lost culture has deemed necessary to enter this world.

The extra chromosome they carry is being genetically profiled, and their unique, angelic traits do not allow the majority of them to secure "entry" into this world.

When a person is profiled and identified as an illegal alien, the most severe penalty can be deportation.

When a child is prenatally profiled and identified as having Down syndrome, the penalty in 90% percent-plus of the cases is termination.

In all my years as a Police Officer, I cannot recall a criminal case involving an individual with Down syndrome, and I often think how better off our society would be if these terminated "profiled" individuals had been granted citizenship. It is frightening how silent the outcry is for this form of profiling, and my prayer is that this nation and world will wake up soon and recognize the true injustice of "Prenatal Disability Profiling."

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