Kurt Kondrich
Contract to kill
By Kurt Kondrich
October 13, 2010

This month in Canada, a surrogate mother was urged to abort the baby she was carrying by the couple she was contracted to, because prenatal reports showed the child likely had Down syndrome (http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2010/oct/10100612.html).

The surrogate mother and couple signed an agreement saying "the parents would not be responsible for the child should the woman carry the pregnancy to term against the parents' wishes." The surrogate, who is a mother of two children initially disagreed with the contracted parents but eventually decided to abort. This basically made the legal agreement between the surrogate mother and couple a "contract to kill."

One can conclude that the couple was not satisfied with the miracle being woven in the womb (Psalm 139, Verse 13) of the surrogate and they opted to terminate and "try again" in hopes of receiving an undamaged product that meets the standards of perfection from a misguided world.

My wife and I had no prenatal testing while my beautiful daughter Chloe was being woven in my wife's womb, and when Chloe arrived in this world with a diagnosis of Down syndrome, she was and still is the image of perfection. In the eternal view, Chloe is not corruptible, and a pastor once asked me, "How does it feel to know with absolute certainty that Chloe has already made it to Heaven?"

When an advanced, educated society removes God from its foundation and fabric and legalizes the killing of its most precious resource (human life), then a slippery slope will quickly turn into an iceberg. With over 90% of children who receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis being eliminated, I would argue that, like the Titanic, our culture has hit the iceberg and is sinking very rapidly.

What if the couple only wanted a baby boy and decided to abort all unborn baby girls? Would there be an outcry from women's advocacy groups? With rapid advances in genetic and prenatal testing, it is critical that this silent eugenic movement against children with Down syndrome be exposed.

All surrogate contracts need to contain a "life" clause that guarantees the unborn child will not be terminated, and the value of the person in the womb should always be assessed in the contract as priceless. These legal arrangements become "killer contracts" if contracted parents exercise their option to terminate when the child does not meet the flawed requirements of a Godless society.

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