Gina Miller
Pro-homosexual 'reverend' shows profound scriptural ignorance
By Gina Miller
April 9, 2013

It comes as no surprise to see the deep Scriptural ignorance in our world today. After all, many people have turned away from the solid foundation of truth found in God's Word. Many people, even some who claim to be Christian, rarely even open a Bible, much less study one. But, when a man comes in the name of Jesus and goes on national radio and denies Jesus' knowledge and teachings, it is a chilling thing to hear.

On Saturday afternoon, I heard a rerun segment of Sean Hannity's nationally syndicated radio show on which he had two guests taking opposites sides of the marriage issue. The man who was asserting that homosexuals should be allowed to "marry" was "Reverend" Oliver White of the Grace Community United Church of Christ in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. White recently lost his church building and most of his congregation because he chose to support the radical homosexual movement's war to redefine marriage.

Audio of portions of the exchanges between Hannity, CNS News' Terry Jeffrey and Mr. White are posted on Breitbart's Big Journalism website.

Mr. White made a boatload of outrageous statements, but one in particular stands out for its shocking claims about Jesus. After telling Mr. Jeffrey that he believes God endowed people of the same sex with the "right" to be married, Mr. Jeffrey then asked him if he disagrees with Jesus' teachings about marriage being between a man and a woman, and Mr. White dropped this profoundly ignorant, blasphemous statement:

"I don't disagree with Jesus Christ, but what I do say, that if Jesus were alive today, I think that he would be more inclined to say, 'You know, I didn't know it all'. ...I believe that the Jesus who also said 'love your neighbor as yourself' would not discriminate against a person on the basis of their sexual orientation."

This is breathtaking. "If Jesus were alive today"? Did Mr. White miss the parts of the Bible that declare Jesus is very much alive and well today?

Did Mr. White miss the declaration that all things were made through Jesus? Does Mr. White foolishly believe that the God of all creation would say, "I didn't know it all"?!

How did Mr. White miss the part of God's Word – ALL of which is Jesus' Word – where Jesus, who is God, says that he does not change his mind, that he is the same yesterday, today and forever?

Is Mr. White so truly ignorant as to think that Jesus is unaware of the state of America today, that Jesus did not see today's America from before the dawn of time?

Does Mr. White really fool himself into believing that God's Word (of which Jesus is the embodiment) that describes all manner of sexual sins, including homosexuality, would prescribe homosexuals – who define themselves by their sin – a "right" to "marry"?

As for whether or not Jesus would discriminate based on "sexual orientation," is Mr. White unaware of the ultimate Day of Discrimination when Jesus will separate his sheep from Satan's goats?

The fact is that God hates sin, and encouraging your neighbor in his sin is not loving him as yourself. God tells us to reprove the works of darkness, not give them a thumbs-up!

This man, Oliver White, is treading on very dangerous ground. He is declaring himself to be a teacher of God's Word standing in the name of Jesus, but he is a devilish liar. As the Bible tells us in James 3, those who presume to be teachers will be held to a higher standard. Those who deceive and lead many astray, while posing as messengers of Christ, will receive greater condemnation.

I have no doubt that our nation is falling under the weight of its collective sins. America is reaping what it has sown, and false teachers like Mr. White are flourishing with their poisonous messages in this time of great apostasy and rampant Biblical illiteracy. Even though there is a gigantic amount of Scriptural ignorance out there, we should not leave such a glaring example as this one unchallenged. It's not as though Mr. White is just some run-of-the-mill commentator; he presents himself as a Christian minister. That makes his slanderous words against the Lord much more egregious.

With our Supreme Court one breath away from lawlessly, senselessly and impossibly redefining marriage to accommodate those who define themselves by their sexual sin, it is as important as ever to boldly speak the truth to such gruesome lies as those spoken by "Reverend" Oliver White.

© Gina Miller


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