Michael Oberndorf
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By Michael Oberndorf
February 3, 2020

There used to be a cliché, "Don't believe everything you read." It was meant to make people question the veracity (a word that means "truth" that is much to difficult to be taught in schools anymore) of the articles and writers thereof, that appeared in newspapers, and occasionally in books. It was great advice, but clearly has been forgotten by many in our Electronic Age.

People who attended government run public schools, and a lot of private ones, too, over the last 40 years or so, have not been educated, but have been steadily fed an ever-increasing diet of leftist propaganda. By the time they graduate from high school, fully half of them cannot actually read enough to fill out a job application or do basic addition and subtraction. That is, if they actually made it to graduation. If we had some ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had some eggs. And flat out forget any knowledge of history and the workings of society and government. But how could we expect them to know any of this brain-bending stuff, when the "change agents" posing as "educators" never taught it to them.

Thus, we see videos of "Man on the Street" interviews with Fox's "Watters' World" (https://www.foxnews.com/shows/watters-world), and Kaitlin Bennett's "Liberty Hangout" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMb7c66tJ7Si8IrWHOgAPg?feature=em-uploademail) where random people are unable to answer the simplest of questions. For example, how can you possibly not know when the War of 1812 was, or who won the Civil War, just to cite a couple?

Yet they ardently believe every lie and slander regarding President Trump and his supporters, that we are all racists, Nazis, homophobes, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Funny, though, they can't cite a single example as proof. And when pressed they call the interviewer names and walk away. This is bad enough, but you get the exact same sort of thing from Democrats in Congress. Great examples are Mazie Hirono, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, The Squat, Jerrold Nadler, and the leader of this troop of loonies, Adam Schiff.

How is it, then, that there's no hue and cry, no overwhelming public demand that our schools be overhauled and the child abusers running them be held accountable? And where are the masses marching on the Capitol with torches and pitchforks, determined to end the verbal abuse, the libel and slander heaped upon us by OUR elected officials? Simple answer: people who get their news from the "mainstream" don't know any of this is happening.

The vast majority of liberals/leftists/Democrats/progressives/socialists/communists/anarchists are uninformed and knee-jerk. They get all of their information from TV news or newspapers like the NY Times or the Washington Post, or leftist propaganda sites like Slate, Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, Mother Jones, or Politico. As noted above, it seems none of them remember, if they ever knew it to begin with, that you should not believe everything you read/see/hear in the media. Critical thinking is not a skill these people have been taught. Though they mouth phrases like "question authority," they rarely do it, especially if it is leftist authority.

To anyone who follows current events and the coverage of them, it has become obvious over the past 20 years that the media is not "biased." It is completely committed to undermining free, capitalist, constitutional American and Western culture and political institutions. It is clearly committed to replacing it with globalist, collectivist totalitarianism, kept in place by force of arms, if necessary. And one of its main tools to accomplish this is cover-up and misdirection: obfuscation.

Virtually everything, repeat: EVERYTHING, that the gang mentioned above, and all the traitorous conspirators in the "Russia collusion" frame-up attempt, up to and including Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, have accused Donald Trump and We, the People, his supporters, of are things that have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are guilty of. EVERYTHING.

The radical, seditious media have covered up these facts, and enabled the leftists, both the cynical traitors and the useful idiots, to lie, smear, and slander 24/7, with not a hint that none of what they claim is true. Thus, we find the angry, deluded, endlessly frustrated Democrat base in a constant state of hysterical uproar, but not able to say about what, specifically. And the more deranged they get, the more – to use an ever-so-elegant phase uttered by the ever-so-articulate B. Hussein Obama – wee weed up they get, and resort to violence at every opportunity.

Clearly, this must be stopped. The Republicans in Congress must get some damn backbone, get their heads out of the sand and their butts, and publicly condemn this. They must demand, repeat: DEMAND, that ALL of these people be held responsible for their seditious and traitorous actions. And We, the People, need to vote, not just for the same career incumbents who sell us out election after election, but for citizen representatives – dare I say it? – like Donald J. Trump, who truly love America, love the American people, and keep their promises. Let's clean house and keep America great!

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Michael Oberndorf

The son of a German immigrant, Michael Oberndorf is an archaeologist by profession, with a BA from Metropolitan State College of Denver, and an MA from Leicester University, in England. He's also the Chairman of the Freedom21 Legislative Committee. Over the years, he has lived and worked all over the country, and traveled in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. He sincerely believes in the old saying, "America, love it or leave it." Michael can be reached at: moberndorf@yahoo.com


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