Victor Sharpe
Joe Biden: Oh, what a tangled web he weaves
His Middle East visit alienated every major player
By Victor Sharpe
July 21, 2022

It was oh, so predictable that Joe Biden’s disastrous visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia would not augur well for peace. Instead, Biden exacerbated the ever tense situation by continuing to unearth the rotting corpse of the failed and so-called ‘Two-State-Solution. He encouraged fraudulent claims of Palestinian sovereignty over the eastern half of Israel’s ancient and ancestral 3,000 years old Jewish capital: Jerusalem.

The Biden regime clearly wishes to perpetuate the so-called status quo in the city by giving millions of dollars of American taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority, (PA) a terrorist organization, even as it incites more violence and is directly responsible for the killing and maiming of Israeli men, women, and children on an almost daily basis. This is Biden’s hideous stain upon America, for it is those U.S. dollars that provide the Palestinian Arab terror boss, Mahmoud Abbas, with the means to continue paying $400 million per year in lifetime pensions (at five times the rate of an average Palestinian worker) in his murderous policy known as Pay to Slay.”

All the terrorists whom Abbas sends to kill Israeli civilians are paid a generous pension if they are jailed by Israel. If they are killed while in the execution of their campaign of carnage, then the money goes to their families. This is how American taxpayer money is being used.

The policies of Pres. Biden, and his leftovers from the Obama regime, are intended to extend and exacerbate the conflict by the Arabs against the Jewish state. There are several groups that support these policies besides the PA, they include Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, whose only purpose for existence is to continue the attempted destruction of the reborn Jewish homeland. The groups also include the American ‘progressive’ left, which wants the USA and Israel to cease as entities to accomplish their leftist/globalist agenda, as well as the old/new communist alliance of Russia/China.

The president spent almost a week in the Middle East, during a period of critical regional importance, and managed to depart having alienated nearly every major player – along with taking home empty his begging bowl for Saudi oil. The insanity, of course, being Biden’s destruction of America’s own vast oil, coal, and natural gas supplies.

Biden’s venomous remarks at the Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem were the most hostile towards Israel made by any sitting U.S. president. Biden’s visit in the eastern suburbs of Jerusalem was a deliberate and hurtful stop during his visit to the Jewish state. It signaled an about-face on America’s long-standing support for an undivided Jerusalem. Not only did Biden refuse to permit Israeli officials to accompany him on his visit to the Jerusalem hospital, but his team shamefully removed the Israeli flag from Biden’s limousine, even refusing to permit Israeli reporters to participate in the press pool.

Inherent in this insult is the egregiously false idea that Jews have no history in their Biblical, ancient, and historic homeland and no national rights as the indigenous people of the land of Israel. This was an attack upon reality and upon Judeo-Christian faith. Biden has thus become complicit in the Palestinian Arab lawfare against Israel and tragically chose to betray the Bible as history.

Iran is now nearing the breakout point in acquiring nuclear weapons. Israeli leaders were eager to speak face to face with their American counterparts about applying more muscle into forcing Iran to back down. The Saudis expected a shift in U.S. policy on Iran. Riyadh was signaling a willingness to turn over a new leaf in the US-Saudi relationship and moving quickly to establish deeper public relations with Israel. Biden nixed all of that.

Nobody was pleased by the outcome of the disastrous visit.

Here’s your oil, Joe!! You’ve been canned.

The idea of a Muslim Arab state called Palestine only came into existence when the USSR, under Khrushchev, wanted a foothold in the Middle East during the 1960’s. Most people are totally unaware that in the 1960s and 1970s, the Soviets were in the business of creating “liberation organizations” for various entities, including one for the non-state of ‘Palestine’ in 1964. This information comes from the book, “Soviet Russia, The Creator of the PLO and the Palestinian People,” by Wallace Edward Brand.

In the 1970s the Soviet Union’s apparatchiks created both “The Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia,” that bombed US airline offices in Europe and ‘The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine’ that bombed Israeli civilians. Palestinian arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat and his PLO, was by far the most enduring terrorist success for Nikita Khrushchev.

In the PLO Charter preamble, Khrushchev helped create the fake phrase, “Palestinian Arab People,” to deliberately exclude the existing and enduring Jewish population which had retained a constant presence in geographical non-state ‘Palestine’ since post-Biblical times and was the majority population in Jerusalem from as early as 1845.

Israel’s secret agreement with Azerbaijan to remove the Iranian nuclear weapons threat to America and Israel was sabotaged by the Obama-Biden administration. An Israeli preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would have made the world safe from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s genocidal threats. Azerbaijan would have allowed Israeli warplanes to refuel during attacks on the Iranian nuclear weapons facilities. But Obama-Biden sabotaged that.

Iran’s goal is the destruction of America which it calls the Great Satan and Israel which it calls the Little Satan. This plays into the mad mullah’s belief that total cataclysmic war will usher in the Shiite Muslim messiah – the 12th Imam. Yet the Obama-Biden solution was to appease Iran by letting the Islamic Republic increase its destructive might and produce nuclear weapons capability. The present Biden regime, with its Obama era handlers in control, is pursuing the same malign policy that is perilous to America, Israel and what is left of the Free World.

In May 2018, Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the terrible Iran deal, and imposed crippling sanctions on the ayatollahs.

Biden upon taking office reportedly invited Russians to adjudicate a new deal, which now likely leads to Iranian nuclear weapons within mere weeks. Obama had previously invited Russians into the Middle East after a 40-year hiatus and as a prelude to his disastrous 2015 Iranian deal. Biden may well trump that disaster by enabling Vladimir Putin to become the nuclear protector of the old Obama goal of an Iran-Hezbollah-Muslim Brotherhood Middle East. Meanwhile Putin has just visited Iran. An ominous development.

Biden’s scheme includes a radical transformation of the region, in favor of the ayatollahs, to make Iran the regional superpower in the Middle East; disfavoring America’s traditional allies: Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Arab monarchies.

Oh, what a tangled web President Biden weaves.

© Victor Sharpe


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