Joan Swirsky
Heads up, Jewish Americans末Democrats are your enemies!
By Joan Swirsky
July 13, 2020

Montana has about 1,400 Jews, Mississippi about 1,500, South Dakota 250. If I lived in any one of those beautiful states, I would not be writing this article. But I live in New York末home to about 1.8 million Jews末so the politics of being Jewish affects me and my family in a very existential末life and death末way.

The tangible reality for me is quite simple, as it should be for all Jews, given the fact that in a world of about eight billion people, we Jews are a miniscule 15 million, only about six million in the United States, eight million in Israel, and another one million around the world. That is equivalent to the proverbial drop in the ocean末making us particularly vulnerable targets of the politics of division and hate.


If we Jews and our supporters don稚 aggressively address the pandemic of anti-Semitism that is galloping around the globe and exploding here in America末rampant on college campuses, aided and abetted by a craven media that gives credibility to career hate-mongers like Louis Farrakhan and his ilk, and even contaminating the hallowed halls of the U.S. Congress, with more floridly hate-Jews/hate-Israel Democrats than ever before in history末then we know from our tragic history that annihilation could be right around the corner.

Sadly, the Democrat Party of old末of JFK, Senator Henry 鉄coop Jackson, Senator and VP Walter Mondale, et al.末has vanished, replaced by Democrats like 鍍he Squad who spew their poisonous hatred of Jews and Israel from the House of Representatives itself. Then there are those who remain thunderously silent末including elected Democrat Jews like Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Eliot Engel, Adam Schiff, and Richard Blumenthal, as well as Democrat Reps. from Long Island末which has a huge Jewish population末Tom Suozzi and Kathleen Rice.

Don稚 be fooled by the boilerplate, politically correct press releases written by their aides. Once these statements are made public, these cowards go back to cowering before the radical leftists who now call the shots in the Democrat Party, most prominently the racists who continue to vent their anti-Semitic bile to this day.


Shockingly, most of the Jewish organizations that once supported and defended Jews in America have abandoned those roles, having caved to their biggest donors conversion to a new religion called 鉄ocial Justice. These are the quislings who 途each out to末in essence, endorse末groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others that wantonly attack synagogues, Jewish businesses, and ordinary Jewish citizens in their neighborhoods, and that brazenly promote the Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) movement to destroy Israel through economic strangulation.

For instance, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), founded in 1913, aggressively and successfully fulfilled its mission to 都top the defamation of the Jewish people until 102 years after its founding when, in 2015, Jonathan Greenblatt became the ADL痴 national director and CEO. Greenblatt worked for three far-left regimes antagonistic to Israel末the Clinton Administration, the Obama fiasco, and the George Soros-funded Aspen Institute. Now, Mr. Greenblatt sounds deranged when he states that 登nly a small number of the Black Lives Matter anarchy group don稚 like Jews, when he knows full well末and Americans can see with their own eyes末that it is one of the most rabidly Jew- and Israel-loathing groups in the world!

According to columnist and author Rabbi Aryeh Spero, the ADL under Greenblatt 塗as betrayed its original mission of fighting anti-Semites by forging a new partnership with one of America痴 most notorious anti-Semites, Al Sharpton.

But the ADL is only one example out of nearly a dozen that I place in the category of turncoats against the Jewish people. [More on this in a future article].


I have always felt safe in America, protected by the powerful principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, by the always-reliable police and fire departments in every community I致e lived, and by local, state, and national leaders of both political parties who fought to preserve our country's extraordinary way of life through its bedrock foundations of God, family, freedom, and safety.

But with the recent emergence of well-organized, heavily financed Jew-hating, Christian-hating, America-hating 鼎ancel Culture, what can people do to stem the fundamental transformation of America? Yes, they can call or write a letter or e-mail to their elected representative, for which they値l get back a form letter written by an intern.

But a sure-fire cure for this downward plunge into the lower depths of our body politic is to vote out every Democrat running for office. Not one of these America-loathing, anarchist-supporting people is worthy of representing either their constituents or America itself.

Just ask them. They will tell you that they 都upport the terrorism末which they call 菟rotests薄釦hat we致e been witnessing for the last several weeks, that they want to raise your taxes, cut funding to the police and military that protect you and your children, institute the socialized medicine and education that have failed in every country they致e ever been instituted, and enact the Big Government programs that 菟rotect you from cradle to grave.

November 3, 2020, could change your life forever. If you believe in self-preservation, be smart!

© Joan Swirsky


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Joan Swirsky

Joan Swirsky ( is a New York-based journalist and author who wrote for the NY Times for over 20 years. She has been writing columns on conservative issues for various internet sites for the past 30 years. She can be reached at


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