Sam Weaver
An open letter to ancient alien theorists*
By Sam Weaver
October 23, 2013

I greatly appreciate your willingness to think outside the box. I applaud your ability to reject certain aspects of conventional wisdom (CW) and group think. [See also here.] In my rather humble opinion, any rejection of modern "conventional wisdom" is a good thing. I am moved by your passion, your attention to detail and your dedicated research. However, your view "outside the box" comes from the fundamental perspective of modern CW. You are looking outside the box with a distorted lens. Not to mention, you all are beginning, it seems to little old me, to be assuming the characteristic of group think.

What is this primary perspective – this distorted lens – of modern CW? It is naturalism and relativism. Only the natural, physical universe (or set of universes) exists. The spiritual realm is a myth – mere superstitious legend. Angels, demons and miracles do not – indeed, cannot – exist. God only exists in the hearts and minds of men – primarily slack-jawed, snaggletoothed, uneducated men; found mostly in the ample rural areas of the American South and some dying parts of merry old England; although they remain abundant in the great nation-island of Australia. [Yes, I know that your guru pays lip service to God; but he does so mostly as a concept – a concept that can be good under some, if not many, circumstances.] In other words, man created God for man's benefit, not the other way around. Truth is only true if it can be proven empirically – by observable means. [For example, because tangible Sumerian cuneiform texts predate the latest known (tangible) Mosaic texts, the latter must have been "borrowed" from the former. Just because the original writings of Adam, Seth, Noah, etc. – from which Moses gleaned (IMHO) true history – no longer are known to man (or science), does not mean that they never existed! In fact, countless clues in the writings of Moses point to their validity – if one is willing to see them!] Concepts of good and evil, of right and wrong, are merely opinions. These are all among the biggest of the Big Lie(s) (i.e., modern "conventional wisdom").

Most of you have studied – and are very familiar with – the book of Genesis. You've studied it from this CW perspective. You are all rational and intelligent enough to know that Darwinian (CW) "theology" cannot clearly explain the existence of mankind. I strongly urge all of you; please study Genesis from a spiritual perspective! Please have a truly open mind, and consider at least the possibility that God as Supernatural Creator, Author of Law and Redeemer does, indeed exist, and that the Bible is, indeed His written Word. Consider the possibility that angels and demons exist. Do this, and your questions will all be answered and everything will become "crystal" clear!! Even, perhaps, the bit about the crystal skulls!

NOTE: I cannot – and do not – claim to know exactly who – or what – the Nephilim were (are). I believe they were supernatural (not extra-terrestrial – natural or physical) beings. I assume that if (when) they descend(ed) into the natural (physical; ethereal) realm, they just might (have) use(d) material means (i.e., craft) and emulate(d) physical bodies. Especially if their aim was to deceive – to convince humans that the spiritual world does not exist; or that they were gods (or masters) over men! I guarantee that if you study every word and phrase of Genesis from a spiritual viewpoint, all will become quite clear!

I have so much more to say, but time and space are finite (natural, physical). I invite – even urge – further discussion! I will end this missive with a comment (please correct me if I am wrong) and a question.

You assume (correctly, in my opinion) that (Darwinian) evolution does not – cannot – adequately explain the existence of modern humans and you believe (incorrectly, IMO) that modern humans were created or genetically modified by ancient aliens.

Where did these aliens come from? I don't mean from what constellation or planet – I mean by what process?! Evolution? Millions, if not billions of years? Does time negate logic? Time cannot negate Truth!!

*In 1970, a documentary was produced based upon the book "Chariots of the Gods" by Erich Von Däniken. Both the book and the documentary proposed the idea that Earth was (at least in ancient times if not continuously) visited by beings from other solar systems far, far away in outer space. Cultures all over the world were greatly influenced by these visitations. A very popular series on The History Channel, Ancient Aliens, is dedicated to the propagation of this "theory." This is an open letter to the followers and promoters of this "Ancient Alien Theory." I would be honored by any feedback from anyone who would like to discuss this hypothesis.

© Sam Weaver


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Sam Weaver

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