Michael Webster
U.S. Mexican border: attention concerned citizens
By Michael Webster
May 7, 2010

The border between Mexico and the United States spans four U.S. states, six Mexican states, and has over twenty commercial railroad crossings.

According to the Concerned Citizens they want to alert you to a new citizen activist opportunity to help observe and report the daily invasion across our southern border with Mexico.

This is not a Minuteman or extremist group sponsored event — just a call to action by a group of "Concerned Citizens."

If you and or your group is interested you can contact them through e-mail: wibcom@aol.com

Concerned Citizens report that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and the other race baiting, ethnocentric anarchists want the people of America to believe the border is under "operational control." Nothing could be further from the truth says an organizer with the new group of "Concerned Citizens" and they say they are ready to deploy, to video tape and educate Americans about the real threat to National Security and our public safety.

"Concerned Citizens" want a full blown showing of people who can come out and enjoy our federal lands. This will be people coming together to help AZ Governor Jan Brewer and the people of Arizona to bring attention to the need for National Guard on our southern border.

The group is in support of Jan Brewer signing SB1070 and say they want to help educate the public. they say "It's time to bring back the" Minuteman Type Lines"

The group points out that there are 30 miles of area in a straight line that they want to cover. Which make it perfect for a "Line"

What action? They say that there propose is doing what they do best..... "DETERRENCE BY PRESENCE"

They intend to kick off the program ASAP and operate it for at least 2-3 weeks.

The locations of deployment is: Interstate 8, 45 miles south of downtown Phoenix where they expect to place multiple base camps at major choke points.

To all Concerned Citizens who may be interested in participating, or if you got an invite to the I-8 opp or have committed to getting involved you need to be clear on a few things, according to organizers.

1. This "IS NOT" a Simcox/MCDC,PBA,BPOX or any of the many other groups event!! Those groups/people were only asked to use there contact lists to get the word out, PERIOD!! Leave the politics at home.....

2. This I-8 corridor is very active and "VERY DANGEROUS," there is a very good chance you will see "ARMED DRUG LOADS"!! This opp "IS NOT" for 1st timers,we expect you to be ready and at the top of your game with all the necessary gear for this type of opp and for being self sufficient for desert camping!

3. With that said, the biggest thing we can do on this opp is to be seen by the public on I-8 so we will post on every mile marker (that's were all the action is anyway) for a 30 mi. stretch. We will provide maps/intel/phone numbers on site as needed, there should be 2 vehicles & 4 people min. per mi. marker for safety.

To the Concerned Citizens that have already committed to working working I-8 Thank You for supporting Arizona.

We will be getting kicked off on the 15th and run as long as we have people.

Location will be given after you confirm that you are still interested, I had over three hundred e-mails sorry it took so long to back to you all.


What should you bring with you!


The well-equipped person shall have with them a minimum of:

1. Long Pants

2. Long Sleeved Shirt

3. Clean Socks

4. T-shirt

5. Hat

6. Light Jacket or Sweatshirt

7. Windbreaker

8. Rain Gear

9. Sturdy Shoes or Boots


11.Sun Block

12.Sun Glasses

13.Water Containers, Water and Snacks

14.Insect Repellant




18.FRS Radio(s)

19.Spare Batteries

20.Cell Phone & Car Charger

21.Video Camera, Still (digital) Camera and or Audio Recorder

22.Flashlight and Extra Batteries

23. Bed roll

Nice to Have:

1. Spotting Scope

2. Digital Video Camera

3. Night Vision Equipment

4. Blanket and Ground Pad 5. Hydration Drinks

5. Re-hydration Fluid, such as Pedialite

6. Personal First-Aid Kit

7. Sense of Humor

Extra handy to have:

1. Thermo Camera

2. Infrared Detection Devices

3. Motion Sensor

Nearest re-supply: Gila Bend or Casa Grande

Participation: concerned citizens

Organization: concerned citizens of the USCD

Responsible Party: yourself

Facilities: none (desert camping — BLM land- no permit required)

Weather: Hi- 90, Lo-50

SOP: detect, report & observe

"Concerned Citizens" continue to do the job the Federal Government won't do by securing the border south of Phoenix along Interstate 8. Let's show them how it COULD be done if Congress put Troops on the border.

How do we do that? Detect report & observe. Eyes and ears. Local law enforcement in the area "gets it." This area is extremely active. No apprehensions, citizen's arrests or high speed chases on I-8 (nothing wrong with "leaving the light on" for them at night).

The area south of Interstate 8 between Gila Bend (Junction 85 & I-8) and Casa Grande (Junction I-8 & I-10) is a major smuggling corridor.....drugs, IAs, weapons..... We've seen it all. This is approximately a 60 mile stretch, but not all that distance is active with smuggling. The traffic comes up through the Tohono D' O'dham Reservation day and night.

The fact that load vehicles use I-8 to enter this area, pick up their loads and leave the area makes them vulnerable to detection. Load areas on I-8 are typically one of the following: dirt roads, major washes and/or mile markers. Mile markers are used a "waypoints" by the load vehicles, so this also makes them vulnerable to detection.

Bottom line, if we had enough dedicated individuals "camped out" on the entire known active load up points on I-8, we could effectively shut this area down. A lot of recon has been completed in this area so we know this is doable.... just a matter of enough dedicated individuals.

This IS a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area and is potentially very dangerous so participating individuals who need to be prepared to defend themselves.

This is just one group's idea of something to do to make a difference and make a statement. Pass this around and see what interest there is in doing something like this.

At a white house Cinco de Mayo celebration, President Obama says comprehensive immigration reform is needed to stop the flow of illegal border crossers, "make no mistake, our immigration system is broken and that means responsibility from our government to secure our borders is something we have done and continue to do."

But many argue the government is not doing its job when it comes to securing the border especially with surveillance pictures snapped in March of heavily armed drug runners in a remote desert area near Casa Grande.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says it's a known corridor for drug and human smuggling and it's same area where Deputy Louis Puroll was shot on Friday during a gun battle with six smugglers, "he unloaded upon the suspects that were firing on him that were trying to kill him."

Puroll was shot in the side and he believes he shot one of the suspects. Sheriff Babue says this latest round of border violence underscores the dangers his deputies face every day, "literally what it appears to be squad size elements using para military tactics that are either escorting largely drug loads or illegals."

United States Civil Defense

United States Civil Defense Association. Nations have had to rely on volunteers in times of crisis throughout history. It is the citizen that supports ...


U.S. Border Security Part 1:



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