Michael Webster
BP oil spill planet killer
By Michael Webster
June 15, 2010

Millions of listeners heard on the popular Coast to Coast Am radio show recently that the BP oil spill is a planet killer. Talk show host Ian Punnett welcomed two guests, Jim Bell during the second hour and Minister Lindsey Williams in the 3rd hour, for a discussion on the Gulf oil crisis as well as alternative energy. In the second hour, Minister Lindsey Williams, who once served as a chaplain for the oil companies operating in Alaska, shared what he claimed to be the "real story" behind the Gulf oil crisis. He explained that, in the 1970's, Russia drilled over 40,000 feet into the ground and discovered abiotic oil, i.e. oil which replenishes itself via an as-yet-unknown natural chemical process. The off-shore drilling done by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, Williams said, was their attempt to create a similar super-deep well and access this same abiotic oil. However, according to his sources, BP insiders and U.S. Government officials the pressure from this pocket of abiotic oil in the Gulf was so great that it burst all the safety valves on the floating platform.

Williams went on to allege that oil industry insiders believe that the only method to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf is via a nuclear device and even that has potential for catastrophic results. Bell, who rejoined the conversation in the fourth hour, agreed with Williams about the potential danger of using a nuke to thwart the spill because it could "pop the bubble" and cause all of the underground oil to emerge simultaneously. On the potential long term effects of the crisis if the flow of oil is not stopped, Bell speculated that it could reach Europe within three years through the Gulf Stream. Additionally, Williams observed that the overwhelming amount of dangerous gasses, which are also being released from the disaster, could be swept along the East Coast should a hurricane arrive in the Gulf. Williams stated that those same dangerous pollutants are in the air in alarming amounts and getting more dangerous everyday. He further indicated that the oil pressure coming up the oil deep water pipe was running between 20,000 and 70,000 PSI. Last night on the Coast to coast Am show Science Advisor Richard C. Hoagland commented on the oil spill in the Gulf. He warned listeners that an even worse catastrophe could be looming if a giant gas bubble that has formed at the site of the leak on the ocean floor should blow. Hoagland said the pressure in the pipe is 100,000 or more lbs of pressure per squire inch or PSI. Both agreed that BP nor anyone else knows how to shop this amount of pressure coming from the largest and deepest underwater oil well on earth.

Williams said "that the dangers from this run away well is a planet killer and we may not be able to stop it." Mankind could be doomed.

Bell, who calls himself an "ecological designer," blamed the oil spill on a corporate culture which focuses on making a profit by way of "taking short cuts" that, ultimately, result in situations such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico. He put forward the notion that the ideal scenario to break free of corporate controlled energy is to aggressively pursue efficient solutions which would make the transition away from oil easier and faster. Using solar power as an example, he theorized that, with good leadership, it would take about 40 years for such a transition to take place.

According to writer Jose Lugo in the movie Armageddon, there was a scene where Steve Buscemi who played the part of a reluctant-hero-astronaut and while sitting and waiting for liftoff, he uttered a profound philosophical statement;

"Hey Harry, you know we're sitting on 4 million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder, makes you feel good doesn't it"?

In the movie, this statement was made by an oil drilling roughneck to other roughnecks; but it says so much about the oil business and today's corporate culture. It's the reckless, do it quick, cheap and dirty routine.

Lugo went on to say that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster is a case in point. The disaster started with an explosion that nobody was ready for. Then the oil companies (BP and Transatlantic) discovered that they had absolutely "NO PLANS" to handle the unfolding disaster, they had to think things up as they went along. They had only one shut off station in one location, that malfunctioned! Reckless, quick, cheap and dirty!

Williams said that the amount of oil gushing from the well is much greater than BP and the amount the Government is reporting as only one million gallons a day. Both guests surmised that the more accurate amount gushing from the well is in the millions of barrels. Why didn't they have shut off valves along the pipe line? They did but all the system was overwhelmed by the great pressure of the blow out.

But the most anguishing question remains, "Why didn't they have a back-up plan?" Things happen in the ocean — hurricanes, sinking ships, equipment breakdowns, Murphy's Law etc.. Why didn't they have plans for these possible disasters? Because no commercial company has ever drilled that deep before this is a super-deep well with a mile of sea water on top of it. The pressures alone at those depths are enormous and may have contributed to the failures.

During the program it come out that there are multiple holes in the pipe and that more oil is gushing from fissures as far away from the well head as 20 miles.

Hoagland said that at the sea bed at the well for miles around it is a bubble and it is growing, believed to be pressure from a huge natural gas build up that could blow at any time and kill many there and in the general area working to stop the rush of the largest out of control oil leak that man has ever known.

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