Arlen Williams
Obama's intentional destruction of America
By Arlen Williams
March 4, 2009

On Monday 3/2, Jim Cramer plead to the as yet unsubstantiated Obama "administration" to realize they are destroying the free American economy. He refers to his prior comment that Obama is Leninist.

"I just want some sign that Obama realizes, the market is totally falling apart, and that his agenda has a big hand in that happening."

Cramer speaks of "government mandated wealth destruction" and describes it in commendable detail. But still, does he recognize that the destruction of a free United States of America is exactly and intentionally what the movement to which Obama gives a face, is bringing about? Apparently, not.

Do you realize it, yet? If not, please read the following, layed out for you:

And did the White House regime respond with empathy for Americans' loss their life savings? No. See for yourself. Listen to the self-contradiction in the words. Listen to the stone cold Marxofascist determination toward "change," away from free enterprise and toward the socialist two-class system, between those words.

Move over, Rush. Give Jim room. Make room for all, once called those who gain the "American dream."
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