Arlen Williams admits his aim of Marxist financial market 'control'
By Arlen Williams
April 18, 2010

Come read an email from "Organizing for America," the Democratic National Committee, and Barack Obama. In it you will see a confession: their new financial regulatory initiative seeks to "control" the entire derivatives market.

In other words, admits their aim is Marxist. Feel free to read the entire email, to find the key phrase. Or, below that, I show the phrase, with closing comments.

    Subject: A presidential veto
    Saturday, April 17, 2010 11:42 PM
    From: "Mitch Stewart,"
    To: "Arlen Williams"

    Arlen —

    President Obama means business.

    He's committed his administration to reining in Wall Street and creating the strongest consumer protections in history. And on Friday he made it clear that we can't allow another devastating financial crisis — so he'll veto any reform bill that doesn't bring the derivatives market under control.

    But the Senate could begin debate as soon as this week, and Republican leaders are teaming up with Wall Street lobbyists to defeat the bill — so the President needs your help to show that the American people stand with him on Wall Street reform:



    P.S. — Don't miss the President's message from Friday below.

    — Original Message —
    From: Barack Obama
    Subject: Wall Street reform

    Friend —

    It has now been well over a year since the near collapse of our entire financial system that cost the nation more than 8 million jobs. To this day, hard-working families struggle to make ends meet.

    We've made strides — businesses are starting to hire, Americans are finding jobs, and neighbors who had given up looking are returning to the job market with new hope. But the flaws in our financial system that led to this crisis remain unresolved.

    Wall Street titans still recklessly speculate with borrowed money. Big banks and credit card companies stack the deck to earn millions while far too many middle-class families, who have done everything right, can barely pay their bills or save for a better future.

    We cannot delay action any longer. It is time to hold the big banks accountable to the people they serve, establish the strongest consumer protections in our nation's history — and ensure that taxpayers will never again be forced to bail out big banks because they are "too big to fail."

    That is what Wall Street reform will achieve, why I am so committed to making it happen, and why I'm asking for your help today.

    Please stand with me to show your support for Wall Street reform.

    We know that without enforceable, commonsense rules to check abuse and protect families, markets are not truly free. Wall Street reform will foster a strong and vibrant financial sector so that businesses can get loans; families can afford mortgages; entrepreneurs can find the capital to start a new company, sell a new product, or offer a new service.

    Consumer financial protections are currently spread across seven different government agencies. Wall Street reform will create one single Consumer Financial Protection Agency — tasked with preventing predatory practices and making sure you get the clear information, not fine print, needed to avoid ballooning mortgage payments or credit card rate hikes.

    Reform will provide crucial new oversight, give shareholders a say on salaries and bonuses, and create new tools to break up failing financial firms so that taxpayers aren't forced into another unfair bailout. And reform will keep our economy secure by ensuring that no single firm can bring down the whole financial system.

    With so much at stake, it is not surprising that allies of the big banks and Wall Street lenders have already launched a multi-million-dollar ad campaign to fight these changes. Arm-twisting lobbyists are already storming Capitol Hill, seeking to undermine the strong bipartisan foundation of reform with loopholes and exemptions for the most egregious abusers of consumers.

    I won't accept anything short of the full protection that our citizens deserve and our economy needs. It's a fight worth having, and it is a fight we can win — if we stand up and speak out together.

    So I'm asking you to join me, starting today, by adding your name as a strong supporter of Wall Street reform:

    Thank you,

    President Barack Obama

    Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee — 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Did you notice the confession? It comes before the deceptive, slipstream propaganda of Barack Obama's "PS." It is not just that he labels opposition, in true Marxofascist agitprop, as coming from "big banks and Wall Street lenders," in Obama's terms, out to protect "egregious abusers of consumers."

No. It lays wide open for all to read, in the third sentence of this email. I will emphasize the words: "And on Friday he made it clear that we can't allow another devastating financial crisis — so he'll veto any reform bill that doesn't bring the derivatives market under control."

To control a market under government is the essential nature of Communism. It could be regarded as even more extreme than Fascism. And now, you have seen it from the perpetrators, themselves.

What is a clearer admission of Barack Obama's Marxism than this?

The governmental control involved in this legislation is currently being explained by others. In this humble article, the admission by Obama's personnel is left to speak for itself. Someone who believes in American political philosophy does not speak of "bringing" a market "under control." The most severe word is "regulation," which is far different. Authentic American regulation seeks to allow the market to function freely by preventing it from being controlled, or grossly manipulated or dominated.

Feel very free to show this to your neighbors, the media, and your members of Congress. — AW

© Arlen Williams


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