Barbara Kralis
We, The People
By Barbara Kralis
July 1, 2015

On Saturday, July 4th, 'We, The People of the United States' will celebrate 239 years of the birth of our once great democratic nation. Sadly, the SCOTUS Obergefell v. Hodges decision on sodomy will impact the nation, eventually the universe, more than any other bad SCOTUS decision – even more than Roe v. Wade in l973, even more than the SCOTUS decision of Dred Scott of 1857 promoting slavery.

Not much to celebrate after all, is there.

On June 26, 2015, five dictatorial justices of the Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] decided to overturn our nation's constitutional laws of governance by forcing our 50 states to accept and implement sodomite marriage.

Since the recent infamous day of June 26, 2015, we see overwhelming confusion coming from the liberal media's support of the sodomy decision. If one was not properly keeping up with and studying the ever-changing events of our nation, ignorant people might wrongly think the SCOTUS decision was a good decision. Christians have to duty to teach the ignorant the Truth. In the Catholic Church, it is called a 'Spiritual Work of Mercy.'

In addition, most all media sources have reported scathing and unworthy commentaries against dissenting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's glorious dissent against the SCOTUS' sodomy decision. In truth, Justice Scalia's dissent well represents our nation's highest virtues and constitutional intents.

Justice Scalia's dissent is most important to read. In his short and inspiring dissent, Justice Scalia explains the importance of The People's rights and duty to impeach federal justices who are acting unconstitutionally and who are impoverished in their thinking.

U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who worked as a law clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist in l996, reiterated Scalia's words on FOX NEWS recently. Senator Cruz told Sean Hannity's audience on June 29th that according to the U.S. Constitution, 'We, The People' [that's you and me] possess the right and duty to impeach/remove misbehaving federal justices of the Supreme Court through Congressional impeachment, and it is an important part of our U.S. constitutional 'checks and balances and self-rule.'

You and I, since we are 'We, The People,' must help others understand how important it is to defend our democracy and Constitution. And, currently there is no way better to do this than to actually read Justice Scalia's short but glorious dissent and then clearly explain to those who are likely very confused by all of the media attacks against Justice Scalia's dissent why the SCOTUS July 26, 2015, decision is unconstitutional and against democracy.

The media is reporting that most Americans support the SCOTUS' sodomy decision. The media is wrong. Most Americans do not support it. It was the decision of 5 pro-sodomy Justices to impose judicial dictatorship to undermine and overthrow our Constitution and the state's right for liberty against oppression.

It is our Christian duty to help others who are confused and ignorant to understand why the SCOTUS decision on sodomy was an abomination. Read the Scalia dissent. Then, teach others who are still capable of rational thought WHY the SCOTUS decision was wrong and unconstitutional.

© Barbara Kralis


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Barbara Kralis

Barbara Kralis, the article's author, writes for various Christian and conservative publications. Her columns have been featured at, Catholic World Report, Catholic World News, Alliance Defense Fund, Intellectual Conservative,,, Catholic, The Wanderer newspaper, New Oxford Review, Phil Brennan's WOW, MichNews, ChronWatch, North Carolina Conservative, Catholic Citizens, Illinois Family Institute, and others. She and her husband, Mitch, live in the great State of Texas. She can be reached at:


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